Friday, June 22, 2007

Hospital Bound...For the Long Haul :(

The nurse just confirmed that I, in fact, have gestational diabetes. We are still awaiting the 24 hour urine protein results.


Whelp, many of you have heard by now...Suz was admitted to the hospital yesterday. My blood pressure (BP) at the doctor's office was 147/78 (which is extremely high for me...even while pregnant with quads). Oh yeah, that plus the fact that I had protein in my urine are beginning signs of PREECLAMPSIA (you might have heard it referred to as toxemia or pregnancy induced hypertension). And, I also had glucose (sugar) in my urine as well, which is a sign of GESTATIONAL DIABETES.

So, as I write this post, I am battling to keep this nasty orange Glucola down and not vomit. That's right folks, I'm in the middle of another Glucose Tolerance Test! YIPPEE!! My face is white as a ghost and I've got a cool compress on my forehead (mother's cure for everything! "You're tired (or fill in the blank with your personal favorite)? oh, sweetie, let's stick a cool compress on your face")

My BP has been going down ever since yesterday fact, this morning it was 85/45! Which is crazy low! The nurse taking care of me said, "I wouldn't be surprised if Dr. Tabor was trying to find anything to get you in here so he could keep a close eye on you!" Apparently, when all of Tabor's mother's of multiples reach their 24th/viability week, they seem to magically appear in the hospital for one reason or another. And you know what? I DO NOT MIND A BIT! So, this is where I stay until the Lord decides that its time for my babies to enter the world (which we are PRAYING is at LEAST 4 more weeks, when I hit week 28-- it is ridiculous how much their odds of survival and quality of life go up in those 4 weeks!)

Guess what, Tabor also has two other sets of Triplet mothers on this very same floor. One of the mother's has the exact same due date as my quads! Crazy! So now Tabor has all his little chicks in a row, where he can check on us everyday. ;) I'm in GREAT hands!

Whelp, thanks so much for your prayers! Btw, I had gained five pounds since last week! That's a record for me and the babes! I will update you as soon as possible regarding my glucose test and the 24 hour protein analysis on my urine. Throughout all of this, my little babies are fighters! They are still doing is just my body that is trying so hard to carry these is really feeling over worked! I take comfort and peace in knowing that my babies are body, I can deal with...but thank GOD I'm not in here b/c there is a problem with one of the babies! ;)

(Another side note: I miss my little baby girl dog like crazy! I was NOT expecting to be admitted yesterday, so I never really got to tell her bye! :( I'm sure all you dog lovers understand!)


GlitteryKitchenTable said...

Well, I'm sorry you are having to go through all those tests again! But, it is good that you are there where the doctor can keep a close eye on you. I totally understand about not being able to say bye to the dog! You are in my prayers!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad that you are in such good care! We hope and pray that this new condition which you have just developed does not worsen and that you and the babies stay healthy and continue to grow! Keep smiling girl and we'll keep praying!
Love you,

Marie said...

Continually praying for you and the little ones. I am glad that you are in a place where the doctors and nurses can keep a close eye on you. I will be praying bout your protein and glucose tests.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you're in the hospial, but I'm relieved at the same time. At least you are under 24/7 care and they can monitor you and those precious babies! I'm so glad you have such a wonderful doctor. That makes all the difference in the world. Can you imagine going through this not being able to trust your doctor? You are blessed to have a doctor that is caring for you so well. Take care and stock up on more magazines and crosswords! Love, Shauri

Casey's trio said...


Thanks for the update! So glad you are under such great care. Dr. Tabor sounds like an amazing physician. I know your body is doing all it can to provide for your babies and I will keep your health and theirs in my prayers. So glad you have internet access:) We would be crazy sick with worry if you weren't able to update us!
glad to hear the BP has come down and I sure hope you pass the glucose test...
I'm sure you will have lots of love from visitors and hopefully some food from home in lieu of the hospital food every once in awhile!
I'm sure Shiloh misses you just as much.


nurse jen said...

Bless your heart! Hang in there!! I know many of our OB's place our multiple Mamas on our High Risk floor at 24 weeks, as well. I think they like to have their "duckies in a row", as well!! :) You have an amazing outlook on things, Suzanne. Hang in there and know that you, your husband and the quads are in my prayers in Ohio! BTW, maybe your husband can sneak Shiloh in LATE one night... I would chart it as "pet therapy"!! ;) I grew up with a sweet little Beagle named Betsy. I miss her!! They are great companions!!
BTW, I am glad your hospital must have Wi-Fi! We had it installed a couple years ago and the parents have raved about it!! Look forward to hearing how you are doing....


Corrie said...

You've been on my mind since I read Lauren's comment yesterday that you had been admitted to the hospital!
I am SO glad you are under their constant care now. I completely understand that you miss Baby Shi! Cool things are...Dogs don't have a concept of time and dogs never hold grudges! She'll just be thrilled to see you the next time she sees you again! Promise!
You take care of yourself and keep your adoring fans posted on how you and the babes are doing!

Claremont First Ward said...

I'm glad to hear that you and the babies are in such good hands. Here's hoping for an uneventful hospital stay that lasts at least 4 weeks longer. What is your delivery goal, anyway? 32 weeks?

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Hi Suzanne,
I too have been lurking since reading your friends message about being admitted to the hospital. It sounds like things are going well and Dr. Tabor has things under control. I was also trying to figure out how Joe could bring you a bag of goodies from home and have Shiloh tucked inside! Maybe late at night no one would notice! And, I have read that there are dogs who visit patients in nursing homes and such who help relax the patients and in some cases help blood pressure too. It would be fun for you anyhow! I will be out of town this week and probably not able to access your blog. I sent you my phone numbers via email. PLease keep in touch and maybe after next week I can pop down and say hello to you! Keep up the good work! Oh! And don't forget that you can actually order food from the public cafeteria when nothing else sounds good. Let me know if you need books or movies to occupy your time!

Sunni Len said...

Just wanted to say I am so glad you are under watchful eyes. I know that hospital stays are less than fun, but I know that there is no better place to be at this point I love ya and if you get bored or lonely you can always send me a message I am around most of the time. Love YA

Lindsey Eason said...

I agree with Shauri and am relieved to know you're in the hospital - although I know you weren't really looking forward to the inevitable. The doctors and nurses should wheel all you moms of multiples in to one room so you can talk about all your babies - that might help the time pass by faster! :)

Lauren said...

So glad that you were able to update us! I know you miss Shiloh - but maybe the nurses can put you on a gurney and take you outside once a week -- that way you can get fresh air AND Joe can bring Shiloh up to see you. Just a thought.
I was in the hospital at 29weeks with my singleton and stayed there on Mag for 6 weeks before he blessed us with his presence. My field trips outside for 15 min. made all the difference in the world.
email me with questions, etc.

Anonymous said...

Just started reading yor blog very recently, but I find it absolutley inspiring! Will pray for you, that your babies will be staying where they are for another 4-6 weeks!
Hang in there and the VERY best wishes from Germany.

MichelleAnn said...

I too was hospitalized (2 hours from home leaving a 2 1/2 year old behind) on complete bedrest with my twins from 25 weeks until their birth at 33 weeks, 5 days. My cervical length had shrunk to .5cm and then my water broke at 27 weeks. Definitely see if they will let you go outside. Also, while I was there, a 4th year resident started a support group for mom's on bed rest. We met once a week to talk (with a doctor and nurse present-they were not allowed to reveal anything about our conditions due to hippa laws so we had to tell what we wanted others to know, but they would answer questions). I really looked forward to those visits (and my big ultrasounds because I got out of my room!). They even got another multiple mother together with me in my room a couple of times so we could watch movies (laying down of course!!). Good luck!!

Page said...

Just think, when you leave the hospital again it will be with four little ones! I'm so glad you are where they can keep an eye on you at all times and pray that this time goes by quickly for you! I imagine it must be pretty uncomfortable at this point, but they all say it will all be worth it, so I'm sure it will! Oh, and I can totally relate to missing the doggy...every time I go on vacation a have a "mini-meltdown" telling them goodbye!

Anonymous said...

I would miss my dog like CRAZY, but that's because she's the only one in my life who snorts for joy when I come home. Even if I've only been gone 5 minutes.

The Manning Family said...

Sorry to hear that you've gone to the hospital so soon, but it sounds like you are in terrific hands should you need anything. I'm glad that you're able to keep us all updated on all your news. Know that prayes are being lifted up for you in Mississippi. I pray God continues to watch over you and your precious bundles from now until 28 weeks---and then some! :) Take care!

Love and hugs from MS,
Brooke :)

Audrey T said...

I know that you're in good hands at the hospital, and I figured out how to get Shiloh there for a visit!

Joe can bring her in a rolling suitcase - it's perfectly normal to have a suitcase at the hospital so no one will bat an eye. And if someone says there are no dogs allowed, tell them Joe's training her to be a seeing eye dog for a small child. Who can argue with that?

Do you know the Serenity prayer? I love that word, and that's my prayer for you right now.

Kim said...

Bless your heart! I know its not the greatest place to be, but it is the best place for right now. Keep us posted on the little ones progress and keep on keepin' on. You are gonna be just fine!!! My prayers are with you all.

Anonymous said...

My cousin was put on bedrest about 5 weeks ago with her blood pressure at 160/97 (i can't believe they didn't admit her), but she wasn't spilling protein. She had also gained 10 lbs of fluid in a weeks time. Anyway, about 4 weeks later there was protein in your urine, so the doctor said it was time to deliver since she was only a week and a half away from her due date. And we welcomed a healthy baby girl Tuesday evening. I know you will be in great hands in the hospital and I know it will be hard too. Praying for you and the babies.


Quad Squad! said...

Maybe you'll get lucky and they'll keep you for a little while and then let you go back home. It was around 24 weeks that I went into the hospital for a week, but then they freed me! You're in my prayers!

Amanda's News said...

I know you are in good hands! It is nice to know that they are there for you and can monitor you 24/7. Although it must be hard being away from your precious pup (talking about the dog, not Joe:)) We are praying hard for you for another four weeks with babies in the womb.

Unknown said...

We are all praying for you. My best friend that lives in Ft. Worth just informed me you are in her hospital. I know you'll be taken care of by their staff. Again we are praying for you and the babies. God bless and keep you. *I cry every time I leave my baby dog don't feel bad!

Anonymous said...

Suz & Joe,
I am a stranger coming out of stalking on the news of gestational diabetes. I stumbled on your blog from who knows where when you first announced the quads and have been praying for you ever since.
This is the verse I have prayed on for you:
God the Lord created the heavens and stretched them out.
He created the earth and everything in it.
He gives breath to everyone,
life to everyone who walks the earth.
And it is he who says,
"I the LORD have called YOU to demonstrate MY righteousness.
I will take you by the hand and guard you..."
Isiah 42:5-6
Emily in NC

Dallas said...

Is the girl you are talking about with triplets, Amy Ice? My mom has a good friend who is in the hospital right now, on bedrest with her triplet boys. I know that we (her and I) are about the same in our pregnancy and I know that her doc is Dr. Tabor. Let me know! That would be a small world! You are in our prayers!

Unsinkable Kristen said...

Dave & I will be praying for you and the babies!

Suzanne said...

hey dallas! i'm not sure...i didn't ask the names for HIPPA violation staff cannot disclose information about patients to other patients..but i'm curious! i guarantee she is one of the moms on this floor if her dr. is tabor, she is carrying triplets, and she is due around the time we are! crazy small world!!

Deanna said...

Sorry to hear your in the hospital. But you are in excellent hands. I will continue to pray for you and the babies. Be sure to get a snack from the snack cart everyday when she comes by!! She always has something good on it. At least she did 4 years ago when I was there. Also, if you like Mexican Food there is a really good Mexican food place not to far from the hospital on 8th. It is called Mexican Inn, I always had my husband or my dad bring that too me at least once a week while I was there with my quads. Again you are in my prayers and I will continue to check your blog for updates. BTW you look so cute with your belly. I wish I would have looked that good carrying my quads. They just made my stomach FAT!!

asplashofsunshine said...

The best hands are a nurses hands. It must be difficult to be in a cramped room away from your doggy though. She'll understand! Try to reflect throughout the day and treasure all of the sweet moments while the babies are still all yours. They love their Mommy and from the looks of it, the whole world does too! KEEP SMILIN'!

beth ewing said...

ok i've been lurking for awhile but the gestational diabetes brought me out of the woodwork. man girl, God is giving it all to you. He obviously believes you are a strong woman that can handle it. i had GD with my son and i'll be honest that it wasn't fun. i was able to control it with diet so no shots....but i did have to prick my finger 4 times a day for 12 weeks. you get used to it though. hang in there. there are so many people praying for you and those babies. that has to inspire you to keep going.

Anonymous said...

Suzann - I have enjoyed keeping up with you through your blog. What a precious keepsake this will be for your kids!
I go to N Davis and our family has been praying for you and the babies. We met Joe a few weeks ago and discussed the "car situation" with him. Hopefully we can get you guys a few connections. My husband went to ACU with your brother and they were in Galaxy together. They also used to work together at the Harding Group.
N Davis is looking forward to helping out in any way we can! I hope to come visit in the hospital next week! What can I bring you???
Carrie F.

Anonymous said...

I was on the same floor as you almost 5 months ago now!! I wish I could remember some of the nurses' names off hand, but for most of my visit I was in "Mag World!" (Magnesium Sulfate made me so loopy!) But they were all so good to me. I remember their faces. Let me know if you want a visitor, as I would love to see you and your precious tummy. I know the Mexican Inn that Deanna mentioned very well (They did our Rehearsal Dinner even), so I'd be happy to bring some!

Praying for all 6 of you,

-Amber S.

Nate, Maurine, Hannah, and Monroe said...

Suz- I am sorry I won't be able to hug your baby belly. : ) - But I know you are in good hands in the hospital. I will for sure have to visit after the little ones arrive. We're going to Louisiana instead- and Mammaw and Pappaw are sure excited! You are always in our thoughts and prayers. Love Mo


hope you have a great stay!4 weeks will pass before you know it!

Michael and Hannah said...

Hey Suzanne - I've been reading your blog for months, but I've never left a comment because I didn't think you'd remember me. I was a few years ahead of you at HU... I was Whitney Leach's roommate, and I remember you from the whole pledge process. Also, you just have one of those great smiles and vibrant spirits that you don't forget! But I've become so attached to you and your little babies in the past few months, that now I feel like I'm stalking you! I pray for you guys every night and am always eager for an update. I figured it was time to let you know I'm checking in with you, even if you don't know who I am. I have shared your blog with friends, and we've all marveled at your AMAZING spirit and Godly attitude. We may not know you that well, but we're all proud of you! -Hannah (Rhodes) Rogers

Suzanne said...

hannah, of course i remember u! thank you so much for your prayers and encouragement!!! always great to hear from a fellow HU alum! ;) hope all is well with you!!!

Amber said...

I know this is an old post, but I've been reading up on your blog about what happened when you were at the stage I am at now (22 weeks). It's good to know that Tabor likes to admit mothers of multiples at 24 weeks....I should brace myself! When I was in last week, he put me on home bed rest and I said something about trying to put off hospital bed rest and he sort of rolled his eyes telling me it was happening. At least I know I'm in good hands!

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