Thursday, October 18, 2007

More pics

These two darlings are having surgery next Wednesday to correct bilateral inguinal hernias. I had the same surgery when I was 3 months old! I'm a surgical nurse...but its going to be a whole different story when MY LITTLE BABY BOYS are the ones on the table! YIKES!

Miss Priss is finally getting to be weaned out of her harness for several hours during the day! "Woo Hoo"

Shiloh has become increasingly maternalistic with the quads...its too cute! She even brings her toys to the babies and will place them on top of the babies and look at them like, "okay...throw it!"

Grandpa Steece...proud of his grandchildren!

The Steece crew

Lori with Ben, Me with was so great to have Lori come from Houston to love on my babies! Miss you, woman!

Grandma Steece with Ben...Kate has been such a huge help this week!

Grandpa Steece with Ethan, feeding an infant for the first time in 21 years...what a pro!

Sometimes, you have to learn how to make up for only having two hands instead of four! Yes, I have fed all four babies at is VERY difficult and only done if absolutely necessary! ;)

I have so many pictures of Joe like this...with a child or two sleeping on him while he naps! Sav on his chest, Ben between his legs

Andrew on the chest, Shiloh between the legs...

I tell you what...we are for SURE multi-taskers!

Super excited about this coming up Sunday through nursing buddies from across the United States! are coming to love on my babies! Every year five of my closest nursing buds get together for a reunion. Last year we were in St. Louis, MO...(by the way...having five registered nurses under your roof at one time is a good thing!)

my, my, things change within a year!


Anonymous said...

What precious children!!! :D Grandpa Steece looks so proud :)

Anonymous said...

You are also so lucky to have such a great network of friends! I think I'd be paranoid to have people around them (afraid babies would get sick) but I'm sure they'll be okay!

tleaf10 said...

I like the "A" and "E" tags on the boys. That's funny!

Audrey T said...

I love the Joe pictures. We seem to have plenty of those sleeping with Daddy pictures too. Isn't it just so sweet?

And I can't believe how well Shiloh is interacting with the babies (albeit one way right now). Lucy and Desi are not so interested in Sam.

The Nanny said...

Those pictures are too cute, especially the ones with Daddy and the babies!

Anonymous said...

Precious baby pictures! Looks like you are all just having fun playing "house"! I know it's a lot of work, fun work! Loving the blog, thanks for posting! Enjoy your company this weekend too....more help! Your friend in East Texas.

G24 said...
She has some really cut onsies that can be customized for the babies.

My little guy had the hernia repair along with some other stuff. poor guys.

Your babies are so cute! Thank you for sharing!

Blessings to you and your family always!

Deanna said...

Sorry that Ethan and Andrew are having surgery. As you know it is really a common surgery for preemies. I had two that had the exact same surgery at 10 weeks and the other at 3 months. You guys will be in my prayers. Everyone looks like they are doing great. And how lucky you are to have 5 nurses under one room. You might actually get some sleep. Those pics of Joe are too funny. You sleep when you can, not matter where it is.


Laura said...

Precious pictures! Loving your blog! I am so glad you keep us updated. By the way you just look absolutely amazing, you are super woman!

Chris said...

I have to agree with everyone look amazing! All the pics are really cute but I love the one of Shiloh with her "litter". SOOOO SWEET!!!!!!

Good Luck to E & A on surgery! They have prayers coming their way from Atlanta!

Aggiema (Michelle) said...

Thanks for posting all the cute pictures. I never get tired of looking at the little Aggies! We have several really cute pictures of my husband with our baby daughter on his chest and the dog on his legs with them all snoozing away too! Even after almost 10 years they are still great pictures! Have fun with your friends and I will be praying for the twins surgery. Blessings from some fellow Ags (class of 88)

Courtney said...

oh, I am so glad you updated with pictures! i kept scrolling down never wanting it to end. They are doing so well! That is so great that Savannah will be able to wean off of the harness. You are a PRO! I can't imagine. You and Joe are doing such a wonderful job! Enjoy your time with your Nursing Friends!!! That will be awesome.

Brittney said...

Hey Suzanne,

This is Brittney (Allison) Patterson...from Harding. (I married Seth Patterson) I have been following your blog for a while and just love seeing the updates on your four precious babies! You seem to have it all together with these four...and I know how hard it is with just one! I just wanted to drop in and say hi since I have been stalking your blog all year!


Anonymous said...

I am so darned impressed how you can keep up with your blog! I love looking for your updates! You are just such an amazing person with a beautiful family! What a great blessing you've been given! Can't wait to see holiday pictures from your family. What is the crew going to be for Halloween??

Unknown said...

I have been absent from blogworld for a while, and just got caught up on your posts. I'm glad that Sav is dongin well now, and I will be praying for the boy's surgery. I love the pic of Shiloh with the babies, that is priceless! I hope that ya'll are doing good, and getting some rest!
Let us know whenever you can about the surgeries!
God Bless!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

My boy twin had the bilateral inguinal hernia repairs done too. It was hard to let them go with the surgical team - but the surgery was quick and the recovery - though we did stay at the hospital overnight (preemie precaution) - his recovery was truly un-remarkable. None-the-less, I will say some prayers, and add the boys to my church prayer list.

Blessings to the Steece Family!

Jamie Pugh

Amanda said...

My little boy (age 3) has had tubes put in his ears when he was 10 months old and I had a hard time letting him go for that surgery...I can't even imagine a hernia surgery. You will all be in my prayers on Wednesday.

Jilliebean said...

Hi Suzanne! You don't know me, but I look at your blog every day and keep track of your beautiful babies. I have a friend who has twins and she uses these cool contraptions to feed her babies (she also has another boy, 12 months older, so she has her hands full too!. I can find out where she got them and let you know if you'd like.

Jilliebean said...

I think you need a couple of these!

Mama B said...

The babies look wonderful!!! Good luck with the surgeries.

Page said...

Thanks for the updates! I love the pic of Shiloh and the babies... Sounds like you've got an extra "mom"! So cute!

Tracy said...

Love all the pics....Savannah is SOOO pretty!!! Good thing she has 3 brothers that will keep the boys away :)

They are all so cute.

I hope all goes well with A&E's surgery!

I am so impressed with you by the way...seeing you feed all 4 babies at once and still smiling. You're doing great! Hopefully you are getting a decent amount of sleep here and there!

beth ewing said...

i love the shiloh pics. our dog was the same way. and even though our 16 month old son torments her to death now, she still loves him. shiloh is going to have so much fun when they get older.

i have to say you make having quads look like a piece of cake. you guys just look like you're have a blast. i'm about to start the lowest dose of clomid here soon and i'll admit your story freaked me out at first but you make it look like so much fun that i'm willing to take the risk.

Kelly said...

PLEASE describe/explain how you can feed all four babies at once! I am in awe and have trouble with a newborn and a 2 1/2 year old!

Anonymous said...

You know what must be so fun about your house? Everyone who comes for a visit, gets a baby to hold. :) "come in, have something to drink and a baby to hold". When someone has one baby, everyone has to fight over who gets to hold the new baby. Not at your house...everyone gets a chance.
You have the most gorgeous babies. Their skin is such a pretty color.
I read the story about Savannah and let me just gave her life and you saved her life. You're a mom! That's what we do and we'd give our life for any of our children. You're doing awesome and you look fantastic!
A Frisco fan!

Anonymous said...

YEAH!!!! So glad my girl gets to come out of her harness for a couple of hours a day! I'm sure she feels naked without it, but what a relief to take it off. I will talk with you next week. Give lots of kisses for me.

Hope you have fun with your girls from nursing school next week. Lots of love


Anonymous said...

They are just soooo adorable. How cute!!! One of my kids had it done and it was fairly quick and fast recovery. We were in the hospital a few hours total.

Good luck!
Mommy of five

Anonymous said...

I have a 5mo old and have been keeping up with your story! I just love seeing updates!!

I saw the pictures of you feeding all the babes and I was wondering if you had heard of or tried the Podee Hands-Free Bottles?? I'm about to try it with mine.

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