Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Okay, I have been working with a blogger buddy for a while now to create a new look for my blog. Everything needs an update once in a while! I'm sooooooo excited! I can't wait to give you the name of the talented young lady helping me, but you will have to wait. She is amazing!

In the meantime...pleeeease help me find a new name for the blog! It has gone through, "life through my eyes" to "life through our eyes" to "the life of suz".... It is time for a new title! FUN and CREATIVE!

Here is the awesome new header! (yes,Ben is the naked baby dancing with a rattle) I just thought it would be fun for one of my blogger buddies to name my blog page for me! Leave me your most creative & original titles and I will pick from your suggestions! Maybe I'll pick my top three favorites and YOU can decide! Can't wait! ;)


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Nicki W. said...

yay! i love that header! i am impressed!! i think i may get to see you on saturday!?! i will be all stinky from my class, but i would love to see you anyway!!


Nancy Hood said...

I still like the original! so I vote for that :) ~Nancy in Alabama

Anonymous said...

And then there were 6...

Anonymous said...

"Blessings are what we have...
Ben, Drew, Ethan and Sav...."

Rachel said...

Life on Steece Street!
You never know what will happen next.....

(I've been following your blog since the quads were born. It is so fun to see them grow and how God is blessing your lives!)

annalee said...

"four times the fun"

Anonymous said...

"Counting our blessings"

"Counting our blessings:

Anonymous said...

"Raising 4 the Steece day at a time"

annalee said...

"cruising fourward through life"

Janet said...

OK I have been reading your wonderful blog religiously since last spring when you were so generously sharing your road to quad parenthood with all of us fans. Although I haven't commented online, believe me you are a topic of conversation almost daily between my daughter & me (as well as tons of our friends we have introduced to you!). But I just couldn't resist jumping in now that you've added a little competition. I love your style. You never fail to bring a smile to my face. I vote YES on the darling new blog header and I would call it:

Steece Style....With Love & Laughter

Because we never know what we'll find when we click on "Suz" ......but it will be fresh, new and fun.
Thanks, congratulations and keep it coming...we love it.

Sunni at The Flying Mum said...

Quad with the Steece Family

The Petro Family said...

The Steece Blog...4 Guys, 2 Gals and a Dog!

Anonymous said...

Gosh I'll have to think about this one! I love the new header idea! Your sweet babies are going to be so grateful that their amazing mommy took time to do all of this for them. Your patience and grace is uncanny!

Anonymous said...

The Queen (and King?) of SEBA

That's my vote.

Or maybe ...

Four score and a lifetime to go?

All the ones that come to my head are even cornier ...

Anonymous said...

Steece Land, USA

Anonymous said...

How about "Steece Circus!"

I love your blog!

Honeycutt Family said...

I'm not very creative myself, so I will vote for 2 already mentioned:

Quad Squad

Four Times the Fun



OHhhh FUN! I am excited to think of a name....I'm sure I will post more but here's my first list...

1.A little piece of Steece
2.4 blessings( and Shilo)
3.Joe,Suz and the fantastic 4
4.Live,Laugh,Love with the Steece's
5.Our 3 sons + Miss Priss= BLISS

Hilary said...

Wow, I absolutely love the new header! I can't wait until you reveal who made this for you because I create headers/layouts myself and I love meeting others who love to do the same. As of right now, I can't think of anything very original but I'll keep thinking and will post back if I come up with anything.


OOOOO, I just thought of another one. You know how people are always mentioning how GREAT you look..(yes, I am one of them!:) How about:

"Here's a story..of a lovely lady..

Anonymous said...


Harris Boys said...

Love the new header...I'm not creative either so I vote for

5.Our 3 sons + Miss Priss= BLISS

when I read that I lol. Have fun deciding. I really enjoy reading your blog. We have something in common. I also have an Andrew and Ethan.

Anonymous said...

quads r us

Anonymous said...

How about "Joe and Suz's BASE". (Benjamin, Andrew, Savannah & Ethan) Or "God's Quads--Life With The Steece's" I'm not good at this, but maybe someone will think of something clever and catchy!

Barb in ID

Anonymous said...

forty fingers
forty toes

Tabaitha said...

1. The Steece Fleet
2. Quads in the City
3. Steece Inc.

Anonymous said...

steece quads - a series of surprises!

Anonymous said...

fantastic four

Anonymous said...

In light of your suburban post - how about:

1. Locked in at 6! (Course that wouldn't work if you had more kids...... :-)~ Hee hee)

Someone else is using Quad Squad

2. A day in the life of the Steece's 4 Ring Circus!

3. Building Memories - quads at a time

4. Joe and Me, Ben, Sav, Drew and E!

5. Shiloh and humans

My creative juices just ran out......

Bethany said...

The Blessed Quads
Steece Island
Life in the Quad Lane

Anonymous said...

Living 4 the Lord

Allison said...

Four is More to Love.

And Jennisa is doing my blog too! I'm so excited! :)

TulsaTwinMom said...

How about FOURtunate?

Anonymous said...

Can I add to someone else's?

Building Memories, 4 babies at a time

4 score and just a few months ago...

Blessings Fourfold

Anonymous said...

How about -

Final Score:
boys 4
girls 2

Bella and her Mama said...

how about
"4 the LOVE!!!"
i say that all the time when i'm excited or being dramatic... all which applies to your blog.
long time lurker... found you through the harris quads in TN- i'm their pediatric nurse practitioner...
good luck! can't wait to vote!

Anonymous said...

The Steece's 4 pieces....
Living in Quadrupletville...


Anonymous said...

How about:

Life with the Awesome Foursome!!

mary said...

Hi Suz,

I am Janet's daughter (she commented a few dozen people ago:) She had to call me to warn me she commented on this post b/c she knew I would make fun of her for being so cheesy. We LOVE your blog and are serious blog followers on lots of different blogs, but your is by far our fav! We are in Menlo Park, California. I have a 5 month old, MaryFrances or "Francie" who was born in September so I loved following you and your cuties when I was pregnant too, I called my mom up from the pool on summer vacation when you had the babies! I have a blog too at :) I think Jannie (my mom's) "Steece Style w Love and Laughter" is pretty good :) love the new look.

Jennifer said...

I have been checking in on your adventures for a while now and I have to smile every time I see a picture of one of your sweet children. They are all so precious and uniqe. What a blessing!!!! So I thought a title could be "FOURever blessed!" or something along that idea. If i think up a beetter way of using FOURever I will suggest another title :)

Anonymous said...

i love STEECE STREET.....

cheers leonie

Anonymous said...

Hi, how about:
-go 4th and multiply...


-multiple-city (multiplicity)

This may be to long, but I've always loved this phrase: The difficult we can do right away, the impossible takes a little longer...

-4 the life of me/us

or just:

-Is this 4 real?

-4 ever yours

-4 the world to see

-Go 4 it!

-We were waiting 4 you...

-Are these 4 me?

mom of 3

Rachel Inbar said...

How about -

Suz & the gang

or Suz'n'Joe - Life with quads

Mabesy-Babesy's Mama said...

I have been reading your blog since you were about 12 weeks with the quads. I don't comment muc but I can't resist adding my 2 cents here. How about:
Quadtastic! Steece Style

Anonymous said...

I really liked

4 guys 2 girls and a dog

...might be a bit long for blogspot url though.

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of
and then there were 6

Anonymous said...

I'm a fan of
and then there were 6

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

The Steece Family:
Quadrupole the love,
Quadrupole the kisses,
Quadrupole the fun!

Crystal said...

I am not very creative... but I LOVE the new look!!

Anonymous said...

I was going to say 4 blessings and a Pup or Shiloh but someone above had already suggested that so I am going to say... I really like that one! XOXO

Unknown said...

The Steece Piece

Hi! Love your blog...I have twins and one of mine wore the cranial band about the same time yours did....she got it on one week b4 yours and off one week after yours. LOVE her little round head and can't wait to see the pics of your 4. :)

Anonymous said...

chaos & love

The Comerfords said...

How about: Welcome to Steeceville! Or maybe: Life as a Steece, full of love and peace!

I live in Houston and I read your blog all the time when my baby is napping. Thanks for all the encouragement and fun stories!

Baylee's Mommy said...

I like Mom of 3's suggestion..
Are these 4 me? and
Is this 4 real?

Maureen said...

"The Quad Shop"
At the corner of 4th and Steece St.

"Specializing in priceless gifts from God"

Miriam said...

The love the previous suggestion of "4 the love"!

Tiffany Norris said...

The creative juices aren't flowing for me this morning, but I really liked...
Steece's Pieces
And then there were six
Shiloh & humans
Can't wait to see the final verdict!

*kt* said...

I'm a fan of Steece Street!

And is there any tips or anyone that can do headers for other bloggers, like me??? I LOVE the new header!

Kim said...

Love it!

Molly Woodall said...

I love the "Quad Squad".
Hope your week is better!

Anonymous said...

Suz & Joe W/ 4 to grow! =)

Anonymous said...

My favorites:

Joe and Suz's BASE". (Benjamin, Andrew, Savannah & Ethan)

4 the Love

Those two are great!

Holloway Family said...

How about the Real Fantastic 4. I have been following your blog since about June or July of last year. I just love seeing all the pics of the babies and i do hope that they make the calendar next year with the bands on. Too cute!

1A said...

Going with "BASE" ... how about ...

Steece Grand Slam ... four years, four babies and the bases are loaded.

Although, I love Steece's Pieces. That one cracks me up.

Rachel said...

okay how about "All Mine" or "All Ours" it's kind of short and sweet. i'm not very good at this but you are definitely getting some good suggestions.

Nicole said...

hey suz, i've been reading your blog for a little while now and i love it! i think you need to go with a name that fits your fantastic sense of humor. i mean, gotta have one when raising 4 babies at once!

How about something like: "I love my, really I do"


"Steece Family- Living though laughter"


"Quad Squad = 4 of EVERYTHING!"

Anonymous said...

4 of a kind or 2 pairs, it's still a full house for us.......

Anne said...

Love, Laughter, and Lots of diapers!

Anonymous said...

Suz & Joe with 4 to grow. Too cute!!

Anonymous said...

Sunny Side Up, With Four Good "Aggies"!

Aggies instead of eggs!

You guys are brillant, I'm sure you get my drift!

Anonymous said...

Oops, I meant BRILLIANT!

stephanie h said...

Love your blog! You have gotten some great suggestions so far. I am not the most creative out there but here are few I thought of. :)

How about...

"Spending time with The Steeces"

"The Steece's stuff"

"Super Steeces!"

Anonymous said...'ve got some great choices here!! Tough creativity only goes as far as hair bows!! Sorry :-(

I think FOURever blessed is fabulous. But I also like Our 3 sons + Miss Priss= BLISS. Good luck deciding!

nurse ashlie

Anonymous said...

how about...

We met, we married and 4ward on we go....down STEECE STREET.


Stephanie said...

My vote goes for

-Fourever Blessed
-Steece's Pieces
-Our 3 sons + Miss Priss =Bliss

I'm sure you will come up w/ something great!

Anonymous said...

Hi again,
How about:

-works 4 us


-worked 4 us?

-stay 4 a while

-look no 4ther

-shiloh's siblings

-set 4 life...

-instant family, just add water

-try this on 4 size

-honey, I xeroxed our kid

-yes, they're all ours

-four aces

-grand central station

-overachievers anonymous

-the best kind of crazy

-i just work here...

Can you tell I'm on maternety leave with a singleton? :)

Mother of 3

Anonymous said...

How about:

Shiloh+4-to-grow=the Steeces

(I don't know about blog rules...can you use symbols?)

Anonymous said...

babes, bottles + burps
love X 4
3 knights + a princess
kisses, barks + blessings

Love the blog! I've been reading for awhile now...

Courtney said...

Steece 4 Told
Life 4 Told
Blessings 4 Told
4 Told
Heart Fullll, Life Blessssed

Bree said...

I love
Life in the Quad Lane
Go 4th and multiply
Overachievers anonymous
The best kind of crazy

Here are mine:
-Prayed for one, Blessed with four
-Miracle on Steece Street
-Un4gettable Fun
-Worth the stretch marks (hee hee)
-Quads and a dog
-Sav, Ben, E, and Drew, bet I get less sleep than you!
-Making the world a better place, four babies at a time.
-Couldn't ask for more...seriously!

Okay hope you like at least one. I am enjoying the blog!


Anonymous said...

Ok, just one more


-you asked 4 it...

and there's

-always room 4 more

and your kids are definately

-4 keeps

I'll stop now :)

Mom of 3

Anonymous said...

I gotta say, the eyes on the cartoon babies are a bit freaky looking....maybe a teensy bit smaller? They're scaring me.

Anonymous said...

Not very creative myself - but all the quad blogs say that everyone says to them out in public "oh your hands sure are full" so maybe something with that... like

My Hands ARE 4x full.. of love

Hands/Hearts/House FULL of love

Hands Full of Love

YES..My hands ARE full!

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog and have loved reading about your journey to becoming instant parents of 4! Your babies are beautiful!

How about...

1,2,3,4...could we love them anymore?

...and they came 2 by 2

Shiloh's army

Here we come!

Here comes the fun! (like the 'here comes the sun' song)

How'd we get so lucky?

Thanks for letting us play!

Anonymous said...

Ok my thoughts on names and yes some are probably silly.
1) The Poop: On Steece Street
2) Joe, Suz, and Shiloh plus Four
3) Joy Times Four
4) Quads plus one! Meet the Steece Seven
5) The Steece Scoop
6) Barks & Babies: The Steece Squad

I can't wait to see the new name and look!

Laura said...

Cruising "four"ward through life is cute!

There are a lot of cute ones here. I loved your story of locking your little kiddos in the car. Nice it was at home though. That happened to me once at the mall (3 little ones inside). Thankfully my toddler was able to unbuckle and get out of his seat and open the door. The only time he ever figured it all out. He was only two! I think its was divine intervention from my desperate prayers.

Anonymous said...

The Steece Six-pack

Keeping Up With Quads

Chasing Quads

Quadruple the trouble, quadrouple the fun!

or if the above is too long: (Quadrouple the trouble, quadruple the fun)

I also like Steece Street!

Anonymous said...

4 the 1st time...


Blessings All Mine said...

Oh, I'm lovin' "Shiloh's Army."

Maybe "FOUR real?!?!?!"

I'm sure with four kids, you've heard people ask, "Do you know what causes that?" could name it:

"We know what caused this..." or "All our fault..." JK. HAHAHA.

Blessings All Mine said...

Oh, I'm lovin' "Shiloh's Army."

Maybe "FOUR real?!?!?!"

I'm sure with four kids, you've heard people ask, "Do you know what causes that?" could name it:

"We know what caused this..." or "All our fault..." JK. HAHAHA.

Anonymous said...

special delivery - it's 4 you!


Blessings All Mine said...

Oh....came up with another one...

"Name Them One by One.." (from the hymn "Count Your Blessings")

Anonymous said...

Longtime reader, firstime comment-er

I loved the forty fingers/forty toes one :) And the four of a kind/two pair/full house one

My thought

"...And baby makes seven"

angie said...

My votes are:

Life 4 Told
Go 4th & Multiply
4 Keeps
Quadruple the Fun

My addition:
4ever Ours

Angie in NC

Anonymous said...

From the 4ground
FOUReign affairs
The Steece FOURmation

Well, I hope you like them. Choices are running low afer 100 comments! I couldn't beleive how many so early! I hope it isn't too hard for you to pick. Your babies are darling, and I enjoy your blog.

Kim in TX

Ginny said...

First, the new header is ADORABLE!

Having read many of the suggestions above, I have to say I really like the "Steece Street..." suggestion. But, here are a couple more!

Multiple Madness!
Multiple Mayhem!

Ashley said...

I found your blog a while back and have enjoyed keeping up with the quads!! You're babies are adorable!!!!

I'm not creative but I like:
The Steece Fourmation...considering you are a fan of A & M football (I'm a jayhawk).
Miracle on Steece Street!

Can't wait to find out which ones you like.

Suz said...

Hey Suz! I'm Suz too & that's just one of the many reasons I love reading your blog. :) I love the new header. It's too cute.
My favorites of the list above are BASE and 40 fingers/40 toes. Good luck deciding!
(the other) Suz

Anonymous said...

"Never A Dull Moment With God's Quads"


"Never A Dull Moment-3 Aggies and A Cheerleader"


"3 Gents & Miss Priss"


"The Steece MagnifiQuads"


Williams' bunch said...

I'm not very creative ....what about Steece Quads-three men and a little lady.

Anonymous said...

How 'bout:

Love You Four-Ever

We Three Kings....and little Miss Priss

Lovin' Life on Steece Street

Simply Steece

To use their initials--

Bonding Everyday As Siblings

BTW--I LOVE your blog...thanks for letting us into your world!

Kelly said...

The Steece Six: All Because Two People Fell in Love

Anonymous said...

Quads, Blogs, and Shiloh the Dog

Steph said...

Quadruple the Fun! :)

TheBrantners said...

Double trouble
x 2 (Although this one might be better for their toddler years! =)

Or I also like the "Go 4th and multiply!"

You've got a tough decision missy! Their are lots of cute ones. Thanks for sharing your precious family with us!

-The Brantners

Anonymous said...

Our hearts are full,
Our home is full...
and their diapers are full!

Anonymous said...

3 Dudes and the Diva

All 4 Love

katesun said...

Girl Gone Quadchild

Anonymous said...

And Babies Make 6 ( or 7 counting Shiloh)

Leah said...

I do have a question. I want a header for my babies blog, but I don't know how to get one. Could you provide me with that information.

RG Mama said...

What about "QUADacious"?

Seems fitting since audacious can be defined as:

1 intrepidly daring : adventurous

2: marked by originality and verve

Anonymous said...

Hi, I read your blog.. its so cute and the babies are adorable! I dont know how you do it!

I have come up with a couple of ideas.. some are silly

Project Quads
Project Steece
Steeceme Street
Be Fruitful and Multiply

If I can come up with more, i will! :)


Cori said...

oh i have another,

Duck, Duck, Duck, Goose



Kevin and Christie said...

Suz and the crew

HW said...

I haven't read the other suggestions - but:
"Four better or Worse"

Anonymous said...

Love FOURever

Anonymous said...

Shiloh's 4 paws

Betsy McK said...

4 Ever Blessed
Quadruple The Blessings
Steece Street

Anonymous said...

Our Crazy Busy Life

Brittany Wardlow said...

something about a sunshine because you know mom has always called you sunshine:)

ok, so i know that won't work but if i think of something fabulous i'll letcha know!

Anonymous said...

Blessed 4 Sure

Steece BASE

8 Little Feet on Steece Street


Perfect Pair, Quad Pod, sweet dog
(joe + suz) (Babies) (shiloh)

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Well, I am not creative either - but you sure have a lot of blogger buddies who are wonderfully creative!

I vote for:

The Poop on Steece Street


Simply Steece

Although - playing on the quad thing just seems necessary!

Good luck with a tough decision!

Hilary said...

The only thing that I could come up with is: "The Story of Four Little Steeces". I almost posted "Quadruple The Blessings" but I realized that somebody above me already posted it.

Anonymous said...

The Life and Times of the Steece Quads
Quad Quips
Quadtumbling hahahah J/K
4 times blessed
3 boys and a chick the Steece Quads

Anonymous said...

I vote for:
And then there were 6
And baby makes 6
4ever blessed
Steeces Pieces
The real fantastic 4
4 real
3 dudes and a diva

Megan said...

"Runnin' After All Eight Feet on Steece Street"


"Sixty Fingers, Sixty Toes, Four Paws, and A lot of Love"

SG said...

O M GOSH125 comments! I have no idea if it has been suggested (and I ain't readin'125 comments to find out!) but I like something simple like...
The Quad Mom
The Steece life

with a subtitle like
" the life and times of the Steece family"

Anonymous said...

I think I may who it is and if I am right I am related to her. Looks like her work.
Life with 4 Little Aggies
Going crazy with Quads

Anonymous said...

40 Fingers, 40 Toes...How we do it, nobody knows!

Stormie's mommy said...

I like this one alot.

Our 3 sons + Miss Priss= BLISS

It is just too cute.
I have not thought of one myself though.
Can't wait to see the new look and more pictures!

Williams' bunch said...

The Steece Quads from Deep in the heart of Texas....of course, I don't know anything about Texas, so I don't know if you really are deep in the heart of Texas or not...just a thought!! :-)

These are the days of our lives...
All my children :-) (I'm really not in to soap operas)

Anonymous said...

I have been following your blog for awhile...I'm a friend of Rachelle's (wilkinson quintuplets)--I go twice a week and help her out while my kids are at school. I love reading about your beautiful family!
I like:
unFOURgettable...Our 3 sons + Miss Priss= BLISS
FOURever blessed

THere's lots of good ones!
Keep up the good work.

Lindsay said...

well i like

Final score
but you can't forget about shiloh. lots of cute ones people have come up with. i can't wait to find out your secret creative person. i need a creative one for ours...

good luck

Anonymous said...

Just a quick vote from a Harris nurse...

'Two was great.
Six was fate.'


Anonymous said...

I love Steece Grand Slam ... four years, four babies and the bases are loaded.

Anonymous said...

How about:
Steece Love and Happiness
(like peace, love, and happiness)

Elyse said...

Born Together..Friends Forever-Steece Quads!!!

Elyse said...

Born Together..Friends Forever-Steece Quads!!!

Elyse said...

Born Together..Friends Forever-Steece Quads!!!

Martha said...

Four Star Hotel

Have fun deciding!

Courtney said...

I haven't read all of the above, so forgive me for any repeats...

"Four" Crying Out Loud!

Hangin' on "Four" Dear Life

All "Four" Love

"Four" Real!?


Can't wait to hear the results! Love your blog!

asplashofsunshine said...

Holy cow, these people are creative! I'm just lookin' forward to new entries, and now we get a new look. YOU GO GIRL!

Goerlich Quadruplets said...

Since it would be difficult to narrow all of these great names down to only 3, I thought I'd post the winner....Quad Mama Drama.
No charge for this.
Love, Chris Goerlich

debi9kids said...

Wow! The header is FABULOUS!
This is long, but...
People who say they sleep like a baby, don't have four.

Courtney said...

Half a Dozen Steeces

Anonymous said...

Time 4 tots!

Anonymous said...

How about

Our family has grown by 8 feet
(and we couldn't be happier!)

Cori said...

someone said...

Steece, Love and Happiness...

that is too cute! :) good job.

Anonymous said...

4 once in my life


Anonymous said...

Couldn't ask 4 more...


Rhonda said...

I don't usually post comments. I love following your journey. Anyway here's my suggestion: "Three men and a lady"

Anonymous said...

iQuad nano :)
(isn't that cute?)

The Petro Family said...

I love the one above, but i have another...

4 Boys, 2 Babes, and a Beagle.

Anonymous said...

Suz's iQuad nano

Anonymous said...

Hey Suz!

I'm a long time reader first time commenter. This is SO fun! What a good idea to play Name that Blog! I LOVE someone else's idea of "iQuad nano"!! That is short and sweet. :) I also like "8 little Feet on Steece Street" cuz it's cute too and rhyme-y, but kinda long. Have fun deciding!


Anonymous said...

iQuad nano is TOO CUTE!!! It gets my vote.


Anonymous said...

And then there were 6

4 times the babies, 4 times the fun

Anonymous said...

The Dynamic Due-o times Two-o

Anonymous said...

I'm not feelin' the creativity today, but just wanted to say HI. It's been a LONG time since I've been on your blog and finally was able to catch up. Your cuties are getting SO BIG and cuter and cuter. And you, my dear, look F.I.N.E (as always). You and Joe are doing a great job...keep it up!

Shauna said...

I bet you didnt realize you would have HUNDREDS to chose from!!! Wow!
The header is really cute! I didnt even read through all of the entries because there are so many but I really like
"Couldnt Ask Four More" Cute!

Danielle said...

I love love love:
4 of a kind: 2 pair: Full house


It's sooo cute!

Ok. I'm done. (:

Anonymous said...

How about the Four-one-one on Steece Street.

Gen McNulty said...

My Goodness.. that was a lot of comments to get to the bottom of!!! Suz, you've got some creative readers out there. Well, I'm not creative at all (unless it comes to duck tape).. just a fellow quad mommy.. so here is my vote..

#1. Steece Street

It's sweet and simple. You have such a great take on life that your blog speaks for itself.

BTW.. LOVE the new header!!! SOOO darn cute!


Carol said...

Seven Pairs of Brown Eyes, Shiloh, too!

Anonymous said...

So "four"tunate

Life with the Steece blessings

God bless! Your little ones are beautiful:)

Andria said...


Anonymous said...

The Quad Squad

I love the new header!

The Binstock's said...

I'm not too creative but I was hoping you could tell me where I can find someone to make me a cute template.

Aimee said...

The Steece Quad Squad :o)

Lindsey Eason said...

geez luiz...there are some seriousely creative people out there!!! My vote is for:

Go 4th and Multiply OR 4 score and a lifetime ago....

How will you EVER choose?! good luck!

Anonymous said...

I vote for Life in the Quad lane. That one was cute. :) Good luck with your decision. I like the new header!

Anonymous said...

I like.........

Pump up the volume with 3 men and a little lady......

The Murray Crew said...

Suz...Like you'll pick mine outta all these choices, but just had to participate....

1. Let There Be STEECE on Earth
2. Just Steecin' (The Life and Laughs of the Steece Quads)
3. God BLESSED TX! (Multiple Times)
4. It Started with a KISS it Ended with THIS

That's all my rocket scientist mind can stir up at 10:30 on a Friday night. =)

Good Luck Players!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Hey Suz - McMoms used to have t-shirts that had [on the front of the shirt] a heart outlined in little hand/feet prints - and inside the heart it said "Yes My Hands Are Full"

and on the back of the shirt it said "But So Is My Heart!"

Maybe a play of words on that?

Anonymous said...

John & Suz: One Pink, Three Blues

Mandi said...
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Mandi said...

I am a fellow blog-stalker or huge fan of you guys, which ever you prefer to call me. I enjoy reading your posts so very much. I am a teacher, and my students saw me reading your blog one day at school. They ask from time to time "how are the quads doing?" Here's my suggest for your blog ,title: "Four-Real" "Our Life, Four-Real", or "Quad A Lot of Kids" (quite a lot of kids).
My husband insisted I include his suggestion of "Two by Four" (two for you and Joe and four for the quads).

Hope you enjoy the suggestions,
Mandi from AL

Anonymous said...

stories of 7 lucky Steece's

i definitely thought "steece, love and happiness" and "2 was great. six was fate" were REALLY cute

Anonymous said...

This isn't really a fully formed suggestion, jut a vague idea, but I noticed the children's initials (Ben, Andrew, Savannah, Ethan) spell out the word "BASE" so I wondered about something including the word "base" or "basement" or something like that?

Anonymous said...

I really like quad squad or
4 guys 2 girls and a dog!
Love your blog and we pray for your family daily!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Me again! I couldn't find a way of editing my other comment or I would have done that. What about "Touching Base", as that sort of means catching up or keeping in touch, sounds quite appropriate for a blog. That's what it means here anyway, perhaps it doesn't translate!

Caren said...

Hi Suz and Joe

We miss you at CT Dallas! It was always a joy to see your smiling face and all of the little ones! The photos of the babies in their bands are adorable ! Surely...with a prayer and keeping our finger crossed they will make the
09'calendar! If we have anything to say about it they WILL !
Give them all a hug and a kiss from us !


Carver-Family said...

I like these:

3 Boys + Miss Priss = BLISS
4 Boys, 2 Babes, and a Beagle
3 Men & a Lady
Shiloh's Army
Life is great-worth the wait
Counting our 4 Blessings

Anonymous said...

Steece's Pieces
Steece Love and Happiness
get my vote!!!

Anonymous said...

Ezekiel 34:26
there will be showers of blessing.

1 Corinthians 15:51
We will not all sleep, but we will all be changed

Anonymous said...

Pieces of Steeces:
A glimpse into the lives of...

Anonymous said...

3 Men and a Lady
Shiloh and the Humans
4 Real!?
7 Wonders of this World (cause all of you amaze me!)
We asked 4 it...
4 the Love...!

Amanda's News said...

Wow, I haven't been able to catch up on blogs in a while and you've posted about three-four new ones. Yes, I locked Thomas in the car and didn't have a spare key and waited like 30min for a locksmith to get him out.

POOOR SAV! I really feel for that girl going through all of that with a UTI. Glad she is doing better:)

Your new blog will look so cute with whatever name you choose. Love ya!

Anonymous said...

3 precious boys + 1 pretty princess +2 Parents + 1 Shiloh = The Steece family

Adventures raising quads and a dog!

Anonymous said...

How about . . .

Go FOURth and Conquer


Jenny said...

Y'all are the cutest!!!! I lvoe hte header and am just going to throw out what I have you listed as on my blog...The Aggie Quads. My hubby and I are HUGE Virginia Tech fans and think of our boys as lil' Hokies all the time. Just a thought! :-)

Anonymous said...

Our Trans4mation:

Anonymous said...

40 fingers...40 toes...
That's the life a Steece knows!

Chelsey said...

peek in to our chaos.


HOLY COW!!! You've had almost 200 suggestions!! How are you going to choose?? Just checking back in to see if you had narrowed it down at all. I don't know how you are going to do it..I still like my original one best(Our 3 sons + Miss Priss= BLISS) but thought I would add a few more..(just to make life easier on you:)

1.4 the love of God...
2.4 little branches...(from the Bible..He is the vine, we are the branches..)
3.4ever Steece's
4.4 our blessing's...

Okay, my creative juices have run out! Have fun picking only ONE!!:)

Anonymous said...

I vote "Go 4th and Multiply"

I think I cried laughing!! : P

Plus 3 said...

Hi! I love reading your blog! I'm a fellow Harding Alumni ('97) in DFW, and I have twins plus one--fourteen months apart! I enjoy the stories of other busy families who "have their hands full!" It's great to be able to relate to others!

I love many of the suggestions already but wanted to add my ideas anyway!

~From Him, Four Him

~Hearts 4 God

I can't wait to see the winner! I'm glad I don't have to decide!


Jennifer said...

You are so fun! Your life adventures make my life seem so simple and boring! Thanks for sharing your journey.
Here are a few that popped in my head...

Four to Adore

Quadruply Blessed

Blessed by Four from the Lord

I still think that you need to have your little "Life through the eyes of Suz" on there somewhere!!!!
Can't wait to see the finished product.

Anonymous said...

Organized chaos

what a difference a year makes

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