Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last Thursday we headed to the airport at 9am to catch our 11:30am flight to Memphis then on to Chicago. Well...that's at least what was SUPPOSED to happen. After a long night and crazy morning of thunder/lightening storms, about a buh-zillion flights were cancelled at DFW. We were among the lucky ones who could not get on another flight to Chicago until THE NEXT MORNING at 7am.


We waited for our luggage and headed home---until Conor McNulty hooked us up with his points at a nearby hotel--made the reservation for us and everything! (How cool is that guy?!?!) We were given strict orders from our amazing friends, who were already partying in Chicago, to NOT go home and to start our vacation at that very moment!

So that is exactly what Joe and I did---a little Thursday afternoon movie at the Studio Movie Grill in Arlington

Hit up Gloria's for some good food, good drinks, and great conversation with the hubster. (Trying our hardest not to get sad that we weren't with our friends as planned)

We called it a night around midnight to get ready for our 4am wake up call. This was the scene at the airport on Friday morning at 5am! All of these people were in ONE line, being helped by ONE, I repeat, ONE DELTA airline personnel. We waited for hours, and hours. Surprise surprise, our flight was delayed.

...and delayed some more...

We finally get to our layover in Cincinnati (or, "the 'natti" as Joe calls it) to waste away 4 hours at the airport Outback Steakhouse. We arrive at our gate to begin boarding and.....awesome. Flight delayed again.

Delirious by this point.


Losing our minds.

FINALLY. Our plane arrives.

And our buddies are all there to greet us and pick us up from O'Hare (over 24 hours later...which felt like TWO DAYS later!) Suz, Gen, Jen, Mari

Chatty Cathy over here, filling the guys in on our *AWESOME* airport adventures. Conor, Brad, Joe

Chris & Suz

Catching dinner with Mari, Chris, Conor

Joe, Suz, Gen (J-Jen was back at the condo, playing the role of nurse to poor Brad who finally caught the icky "Murray family stomach bug" that had been passed around all week---POOR GUY!)

Suz, Gen, Mari

Saturday morning brunch at Rockit Bar & Grill (awesome place!) Mari, Chris, Conor, Gen, Jen, Brad (feeling MUCH better), Suz, and Joe...."Hey babe---where is your Minnesota Twins gear? After all, they are playing the cubbies and aren't you a huge fan???"

That's more like it! Supportin' the "family fav" (Steeces are from Minnesota)

The dudes headed to Wrigley for the game...

...while the gals shopped & sipped on Ghiradelli cocoa.

Hanging with the boys after the game---the atmosphere was amazing! Reminded me of tailgating at Aggie games (times about a billion). LOVE it. Joe, Chris, Conor

Our last night (boo, we just got here?!)...the girls all ready to go out and catch a Bob Schneider show! (One of our favorite Texas-based musicians!!!) Suz, Murr, Mare, Gen

LOOOOOOOVE this pic of these two hotties! J-Jen and G-Gen--------savers of my sanity when I was pregnant with quadruplets. Seriously don't know what I would have done without their constant love and support. I love them SO much! To read about our first trip and the background of our friendship, click HERE.

Not to mention this sweet thang and navigator of our trip (Mari used to live in Chicago). LOVE Mari SO much. We each have 3 boys/1 girl quads born in August 2007---so, we completely understand what each other is going through at the exact same time! Love her.

These fantastic couples mean the world to Joe and me. Our hearts physically ache when we leave them. We connect on SO many different levels and have such an awesome dynamic--each person bringing something different to the table. When we get together, it recharges the soul and revitalizes our spirits---just to know others that share our same life experiences. I just cannot even explain it. Joe and I are better parents, spouses, and friends with you in our lives and we love you more than words could possibly say.

Gen and Conor McNulty

Mari and Chris Goerlich

Brad and Jen Murray

Suz and Joe Steece

Sunday morning we had MORE airline drama! (Seriously numb by the time we got home) But we were excited to be re-routed to MN for a layover!

Joe's family is from Minnesota and I've always wanted to visit---so, the airport will have to suffice until we can plan a real visit!

We had an awesome trip and already miss y'all somethin' awful. (We will actually be playing with the Goerlichs in July when they bring the entire family to stay with us for a weekend! CANNOT WAIT!) Thanks again to our wonderful families and friends who make getaways like this possible. We have been blessed with the most incredible support system that anyone could EVER ask for and we NEVER take you for granted!!!

Hugs all around!

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& Joe ;)


jenn said...

glad you guys were able to get together again this year...and hope you had a good time in chicago, we live about 5 hours south (by st louis) so we get to chicago often....who won the game? i am a CARDINALS fan so i like it anytime the cubs lose!

Mrs. H said...

I'm pretty sure my Mother in law was one of the MANY stranded at DFW on Thursday too! They were headed to VEgas!

You trip looked like tons of fun! You are very blessed to have wonderful friends and family!!!

Charity Donovan said...

So glad you kids finally made it!!!! Looks like you all had a blast!!! Makes me miss you girls like crazy!!!! Hugggggsss!!!!!

Rachel said...

Oh Suz! What fun you all had minus the airport drama.

Shosh said...

i live in chicago! hope you liked our little city! im sure youre not jealous of our weather though!

when i was reading your whole airport drama all i could think was....OMG what if they had had the KIDS WITH THEM? that would be a real nightmare!

Stephanie said...

Like I said before...the 8 of you are such incredible people! Just by the way you talk about eachother and the pics...it shows!!
How lucky that you all were able to get together again this year!
What a great weekend to look forward to every year!
Beautiful pics, beautiful pictures, beautiful friendships!!

Joni & Al said...

Loving the "vintage" 87 championship shirt! Greeting from MinneSOHtah!

Elyse said...

Glad you guys had a quad-rific reunion! You guys have a wonderful relationship and it shows :) Enjoy the HEAT and TX weather this week!
So glad you guys were able to go!

Happy Campers said...

Ooooookay. If you guys can find loving, trust-worthy people to watch a total of 16 kids, I *think* it's time I find someone to watch my son so Hubbs and I can have a date....

The Murray Crew said...

Told in true Steece fashion! LOVE YOU! Do you know how blessed I am to not only have you in my life, but to call you "friend"?! You and Joe are such an encouragement to us as a couple, and we enjoy every minute shared with y'all!

The Cochran Crew said...

I am SOOOO glad you all had fun!! I can't wait to meet Mari and J-Jen in person!!! I had so much fun with you and G-Gen I know they two of them are just as awesome! Luv ya, Chica!

Terri said...

So glad you guys were able to get together! Glad you had a great time and have such wonderful people in your life to share this experience with!

Misty said...

I'm so glad ya'll had fun! (and you got there & back safely!!!!)

Goerlich Quadruplets said...

Ah, shux! You are so good at detailing the trips - what a gem this will be to look back for years to come! That was a memorable trip 4 sure! Thank you for such sweet words - you and Joe amaze me at your constant whit, your fabulous dance moves, the way you compliment each other in everything that you do. It is so fun to spend time with both of you and get an awesome ab workout in the process. Love you guys! C U Soon!! -Mari

Kelli said...

What a fun time with great friends. I'm glad you have a blast...sorry about the airport drama.

jag said...

GOOD TIMES! This post was fantastic! I've said it before, I'll say it again, you are one sunny girl! You even managed to make the best out of being stuck! Love you girlie!

Anonymous said...

so jealous you got to catch joe schneider in Chi-caago with your fellow quad mamas.

Deanna said...

Glad you guys had fun after all the airport drama!! We are flying next week with the twins and leaving the little guys home with my sister. This will be their first time to fly so it will be an experience. I just hope we don't have flight issues. Everytime we fly to D.C. it always starts with delays after delays and then Andrew missing the flight on the way home!!

Unknown said...

what fun!! I was actually in Chicago this weekend too! Makes me wonder if I passed you all at some point (doubt it though..I'm sure I'd have recognized someone!! haha!)

Glad you all had a great time, despite all the travel headaches!

Joni said...

Glad you guys all had a great trip and made it safely there and back, despite the delays...BOO!...But if you guys come to MN there might have to be a "Steece-MN Reunion" up here so all your blog fans can meet you and your wonderful husband, and maybe lil' cutie patooties!? Can't wait until that trip. Glad you all had fun and enjoyed your trip!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little teary because you and Joe didn't get the whole weekend with your friends. Being stuck at the airport has to be one of the top 10 stressful things. But, I'm glad y'all made it there safe and had a wonderful time with your "family". You are all so lucky to have each other. It would be so nice if y'all could live closer to each other one day. Can you convince them all to move to Texas? I don't think you could have better friends and you can just tell in the pictures how much y'all care about each other. So glad y'all had fun! I know you're looking forward to the next get together.
Cathy in Frisco

Moni Graf said...

Drama Mama!! I cannot believe you and Joe had such an awful travel experience. Thankfully it all worked out and you even got a little "couple" time in Dallas.....SO awesome of the McNulty's to make you stay (that's what I call a friend!)

~Random sidenote warning~ The "Delirious by this point" pic of you and Joe......the twins look JUST LIKE YOU in this pic! Oh my gosh, those eyes.....

Loved hearing about and seeing all the awesomely beautiful pictures. Gorgeous!!!

Love ya!

We are the Smith Family said...

Love the adventure....thank you for sharing!!!

Candice said...

Looks like a blast...minus the whole airport fiasco.

Anonymous said...

I meant to mention something else. Suz..you look so different when you're not smiling. I'm so used to you have this big grin on your face, when I see you not smiling (pictures of you and Joe at airport) it doesn't even look like you. Just goes to show that you are hardly ever without that gorgeous smile!
Cathy in Frisco

Suzy said...

Wow, I cannot even imagine getting to the point where *anyone* feels comfortable with us leaving the kids with them all weekend! Looks like fun! And I'm glad the other girls forced you and Joe to not go home after your flight was delayed. :)

The McNulty Family said...

Oh Suz, how do i begin!?! This post was perfection. The airport pics break my heart but make me laugh at the same time. You DO always make the best out of the worst situations. I love you both (actually you 6) so dang much it hurts. You make this world a better place and my life is full of love and laughter with you in it. Mari was so right when she said "you and joe compliment each other so perfectly." It's true and inspirational!!! Alrighty, well.. my four monsters are "helping" me type so.. I'd better wrap it up. I love you with all my heart and can't wait til the day that we live next door to each other! Joe, have you started looking into jobs in Cali yet??? Ha ha ha.. ya, still dreaming! I love you!
Gen (with help from )Russ, Ally, Molly and Libs

Hannah said...

don't you just love traveling!! especially at airports during a storm!! ha ha. you def. need to take a family trip to MN. that's where i live and i love it!! ha ha. You def. need another trip like that again, and soon for all that you guys have to do!!

EWP said...

I'm so bummed I didn't know you would be in Chicago. I would've loved to meet you in person. I love your blog and it'd definitely make me feel less weird for reading it if we actually met. :) Maybe next time.

Big Sister said...

Hey Suz,
What are your plans to fly with the kids? You are getting pretty close to the 2 year mark where you are going to have to pay for all their tickets! Yikes. Just wondering if you and Joe had planned anything?
Glad you had a great trip.

Carrie said...

So I must admit I was the dorky kid that saw you guys on Addison walking back from the game that freaked out when I saw you guys! After reading your blog, it was like seeing a celebrity on the street!

Stephanie said...

I have been following your blog for a while now, and love to see what is going on in the world of the Steece's. Don't think I am weird, but the other day I went to a wedding shower and I swear it was at the end of your street, my Aunt lives there. When I drove past my eyes were drawn to a back of a white suburban with a quad stroller on it. (The house also looked a little like I have seen in your past posts). But anyways I was really excited! I have a 2 year old daughter and I always have a special place in my heart for your little princess. Well, sorry for the rambling, but I have been meaning to drop a little note on your blog. I am at theabbylives.blogspot.com if you want to leave me a message back. Have a blessed day!

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