Monday, November 30, 2009

Casey Gerwer's New Baby!!!

I am SO proud of my friend and fellow quad mom, Casey Gerwer!

She has put her creativity and drive to work and started an online business: Designed for Babies! TODAY is the grand launching of the website! (aka: her new baby!)

If you go to this website and click around---you just might recognize some of the models!!! (wink, wink) Yes folks, the Steece quads (including dear 'ole Mama) were honored to pose for some of Casey's awesome apparel!

See for yourself!

Check out their gear for Moms, Dads, babies, kiddos, expecting moms and grandparents! They also have custom diaper bags/handbags, developmental toys and much much more! (GREAT ideas for the holiday season!)

Casey will be adding more items to this easy-to-use site, so make sure and visit often!


HAPPY SHOPPING, Blogger Buddies! ;)

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Lulu said...

I was like FLIP NO WAY! then realised you weren't talking about a real baby.

Super cute site though!!

Paige said...

wow! I was thinking that woman is crazy to have another baby after 4 little ones!!! going to check out her store now!

Penny said...

I second Paige. lol

Kristin said...

I thought the same as the other ladies!! The site is awesome, and so easy to use! I may just have to get a shirt or two for my gorwing bump... :)

Dawn said...

Hey Suz-

Super cute site! Let you friend know if she'd set up a links page she'll bring in lots of traffic. She can always take a look at mine to find some linking partners.
Dawn-your personal bracelet designer :-)

The Budget Mommy: said...

I posted about it on my blog:

debi9kids said...

How fantastic! I somehow missed this post... heading over to check it out now.
Perfect for the holidays!

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