Monday, April 12, 2010

Egg Huntin'- Steece Style

We had a wonderful weekend in Austin where we celebrated a belated Easter and wedding shower for Dan and Dani! Here are some pics from the Easter festivities...

The kiddies found lots of goodies from Mr. Bunny (Ethan)

Sav went straight for her new pink dress---then on to the Dora bubbles!

Walkin' outside to do a little egg huntin' on Saturday morning

And there they go!

Drew ditches his basket...

...and naturally, Sav picked it up to double her numbers

Ethan, son, you're about to get that hand taken off! (What actually happened was: E was going for a PINK egg in the bushes...Sav saw it and flipped out- screaming that it was HER PINK EGG!...E told Sav it was okay and handed her one of HIS eggs to distract her...while she was busy opening the yellow egg, E snatched the pink egg and ran kid, heh)

Lots of pics of Savannah because she is the ONLY one who will actually stop and smile for Mama!

Sav and Mr. Bunny

Later that morning, we headed over to the Hills Country Club in our bright, Easter-egg-colored outfits from Grammy!

Suz and Sav---she might be the spittin' image of her Daddy, but she definitely has my face shape (even the same cheek dimple under our left eye)...the sweet little goob!

Uncle Dan and Little E

Benny boy

Grammy and Drew

My three little them!

Thank you for everything Grammy and Grampy!!! We LOVE you! I'll post the wedding shower pics next.

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Jenn K said...

The picture of the boys by the fence is pure adorableness. You have the cutest little boys ever.

So little guy NEVER stops for pictures when we are outside (must be a boy thing). I see Miss Thang likes to pose for the camera though:) Love the picture of Sav & her Mama, you are beautiful and so is therefore she looks like you :)

Love you!

Anonymous said...

I just love your blog and your little quads! Just adorable :)

Amy S. said...

What is it with girls and niece is the only girl in the fam and we have tons of cute pics of her because she is the only one that will are adorable!!! Good Luck with the potty training!!!

MEGAN said...

Just as fun reading about Easter #2 2010 as it was reading about their 1st Easter celebration of 2010! Glad Sav knows 'what color is hers!'

Stephanie said...

Ahh..those Stecces leave a smile on my face every time!!
Love the one of you and Sav!!
The one of the boys along the fence...ADORABLE!!!

Courtney K said...

Hi Suz! I live in Nashville, TN and I found your blog through my aunt in St. Louis who was pregnant with quads at the time, and ended up with triplets. That was way back when you were still on bedrest, before your quads were even born, and this is my first comment ever! I just wanted to say that I love your family, you have 4 adorable kids! Savannah during the Easter egg hunts crack me up!
I always look forward to seeing new blog posts, as your family just brightens my day!

vegas_dafna said...

Hi Suz...Your kids are beautiful! Just wanted to say hi, and that hopefully we'll get a chance to meet in person with all the quads :)
Mom to Jet, Sky, Aurelia, and Max 01/24/09

Anonymous said...

Savannah should turn pro in Easter Egg hunting, love it! Like others have said, love the pic of your boys coming down the steps. you take great pics too.

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