Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Playtime with the Goerlich Quads!

We made another trip to Houston for some fun with our Goerlich quad buddies! It had been January since we last partied and we were MORE than ready to get together again! Chris and Mari are the world's greatest hosts and we just love spending time with them.

Quad Mamacitas: Mari and Suz

Quad Daddy Dudes: Joe and Chris

Savannah giving hugs to her boyfriends (Finn)

This cracked me up---when Chris was trying to get Andrew to smile, he said: "show me your teeth"...a few minutes later, I used the same tactic on Ethan, with identical results. :)

Mari and the girls

Joe under attack! (Drew)

Me: "Ethan, show me your silly face!"
Ethan: (see below)

CG teaching the kids some good 'ole battin' practice (with Ben)

Savi fetching balls for Sophie (that Goerlich gal will be a pro-athlete one day, we are convinced!)

Ethan and Andrew- more interested in the tractor than swinging the bat...(sorry Joe!)

Me, Benny, and Savy

Joe and Mr. Sunshine (Drew)

Me and E (notice the cars?)

LOVE LOVE LOOOOOOVE this picture of Joe and his mini-me.

Drew chillaxin' on Dadda early Saturday morning

This is what relaxing actually looks like for us...hard to imagine, eh? Look at all of those kids!

Ben- too cool for school

Another lazy morning spent on the patio...LOVING this weather- before it gets scorching hot!

The Steeces actually went to our good friends' Crawfish Boil on Saturday afternoon..but alas, I have no pictures to document the occasion. Maybe it had something to do with tending to four toddlers the entire time? Shucks.

Thanks, Chris & Mari , for letting us crash at your place. Always such an amazing time with you guys. We love you so much!

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Tamara said...

Look at all that fun that was had! I love the pic of Ben in the sunglasses and Rice Krispies tee!

Charity Donovan said...

so fun! i LOVE the pic of Drew laying on Joe!!! Melt my heart! So glad you all get to see them so often & get your kiddos together! SO FUN!

Stephanie said...

I love that you remain so dedicated to spending time with eachother! Those 8 kiddos are very lucky to have you and the Goerlichs for parents!!!
Awesome pics..I'm enjoying this Houston weather too!!

emily bennett said...

Love how Andrew and Ethan did their identical "teeth showing". And how it was a mirror-identical move (Andrew right hand, Ethan left hand) just like they are mirror-identicals.

By the way, I don't know if that was the correct term for their identical-ness.

Been a reader since before they were born- they are PRECIOUS!

Charla (SHar-la) said...

That picture of Joe and Sav is unreal! They really are little twinkies, aren't they? Crazy! Looks like y'all had fun!

How awesome you guys have such great friends that you know can totally relate to you! What a blessing!

Welcome to the Shit Show! said...

They're all so cute! ALl EIGHT of them! And how stinkin' cute is that Rice Krispies shirt?! I heart that shirt!

Goerlich Quadruplets said...

Definitely an awesome weekend! What? No pic of Joe and I shirtless in the middle of the yard sitting side by side with pink cocktails in hand? Can't wait for the next gathering...

debi9kids said...

What a great time with friends!

I totally think that final picture does look relaxing! Where else can you feel more relaxed then with other parents who KNOW how to block out the noise? LOL

The Cochran Crew said...

Definitely an awesome weekend! What? No pic of Joe and I shirtless in the middle of the yard sitting side by side with pink cocktails in hand? Can't wait for the next gathering...
I'm assuming Chris wrote this. And I'm assuming I'm the reason this picture wasn't posted! HeHeHe!
Love you Suz and Mari! Love all the pics!

cat said...

Great to have friends in exactly the same circumstances.

Kate said...

Ok Suz...this comment has nothing to do with this particular post...SORRY! It's going back to one of your previous posts about the 3 day potty training. Just wanted you to know that we started it on Monday - now we are on day 4 and we are POTTY TRAINED! Well, at least my 3 yr. old is. :) The 17 month old has some time yet. Anyhow, just wanted to encourage you that this program WORKS! It's not for the faint-at-heart...but it WORKS nonetheless!!

BEST OF LUCK to you and your kiddos!!

Berg said...

Ben cracks me up in those sunglasses!

Heather said...

Just found your blog and love it! You have a beautiful family Suzanne and you are beautiful! Looks like a great time for all the kids!

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