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Deep Thoughts from Dada

Happy Mom’s Day Suz!

Ok, if you've ever seen a romantic comedy or "chick flick" you've likely waited for the happy ending...meaning the guy gets the girl after somehow screwing up earlier in the movie. Side note- Why does it always have to be the dude messing up? All right, all does sound about right. Any way, somewhere around the 10-15 minute mark before the movie ends, the guy makes up for his earlier screw up by setting his "Man Card" aside and laying on some all out sappy apology speech. That speech basically takes back his screw up, compliments the girl and his love for her endlessly. She cries, they both cry, the audience cries. They end up happily ever after, roll credits.

This guy knew exactly what he was doing...

So why have I rambled on for a paragraph to explain all that? Because this post is my attempt to replicate what Matthew McCaughney, James Marsden (yes, likely questionable that I know this guy's name) and John Cusack have done in those final 15 minutes of several movies. I'm not trying to apologize for anything (at least not today...I think), I’m just going to throw sappiness to an all new level...this is your pre-post warning to skip out until Suz comes back b/c this could be over the top. Edit that, it will be over the top.

The birthday girl and mom all in one!

First off, Happy Second 29th Birthday (I just celebrated my third and this is how I’m coping) and Happy Mothers day too, Sue. I decided to do this so I could win some ever valuable husband points, shower Suz with compliments, and tell her all the things I love about our kids. Things I have no doubt our little dudes have learned from her just being their Mom. This is also a great way for me to remember some of these things down the road…the days of "quad kids past" easily turn into a blur of random memories pretty easily.

These little guys love to sit still and take direction so well...

Suz has coined several nicknames for each of our and Suz do this with ourselves all the time. It's something I've always done growing up with two brothers and a Dad that was our third. We were always searching for that "cool" nickname so that when we all went “pro” in one of any sports, it would make us that much cooler. That really panned out for the 3 of us, huh?

So Pro-Football didn't workout, at 5'10"- corporate America was a better fit for Dada.

Anyway, now the kids are picking up on their nicknames and I love it every time one of them references their brother or sis with the idea why I think it's awesome, hilarious, or cool, but I do.

Household Nicknames:

The dudes calling out to "Savi" or "Savi Wavi." Not sure if this came from Sue or not, but she gets the credit...either way it just sounds funny to me.

Anyone calling out to Ben as Benny. This was Mom created and given notoriety with all the kids b/c of Benny the Bull on Dora.

Dora is always a life saver for at least 30 minutes...Where is it we were heading, Dora?? No worries, she'll tell you about 1,000 times in 2 minutes.

Anyone calling out the Ethan as E-bud.

Andrew is pretty much Drew to everyone, but the guy does love saying "Hey Bud" in just about any scenario, to any one.

Sayings they've picked up from Mom:

"That's so sweet" or "That was very sweet" after sharing or helping. It actually sounds like “That was Barry Sweed.” Not sure who Barry Sweed is, but I'm guessing he’s a wicked nice guy.

"Savi looks beautiful" or "Mommy looks very pretty" If Sav is on the receiving end of a compliment, and boy does she love compliments and/or attention, you just may get a "Thank You." Hey, we're working on it!

"Yes Momma" This typically follows an instruction that wasn't followed the first time, but now they'll catch themselves and use it on their own.

"Benny/Savi/Drew/Ethan, Whatcha doin?" This has caught on with everyone and it's just funny to see them wondering where someone is and what they're up to.

Telling themselves “Good Job” or “Good Helping”...we try to encourage all the good stuff and it's helped, but it's great watching them pick up their toys and tell themselves "Good Job."

"Hey guys" is what Sav now refers to her brothers. It's great...we were at the table eating and she said "I want to sit by the guys." So she picked up her plate and moved over by Ben and E. It was absolute greatness.

My bad, thought this pic was funny and Suz put them all in Aggie gear with me out of town...It's a Gig'em world!!!

Actions they've picked up from Mom:

Holding hands to walk across the street or when in crowds

Sharing their toys…Ok, sometimes

Giving each other hugs/kisses when someone gets an "ouchie"

Knowing when they've done something wrong and walking themselves to timeout

Just other random thoughts:

The kids LOVE to watch Dada mow…it's as if I'm the Michael Jordan of mowing lawns. They’re in awe of me and my ability to handle tight turns and edge curbs…I know it won't last so I'm soaking it up now.

So MJ hitting about 100 3's to win another NBA title isn't the same as me mowing the front AND back yard...just don't tell my kids that!

Suz and I catching ourselves using plural words to describe our some orphanage of almost 3yr's just something that shouldn't sound normal but does to us. A good example I've used before is when loading the car and saying "Suz, how many do you have in there?" How many, as in how many kids...we're a counting machine in this house that stops at four.

A Kid by Kid breakdown of stuff I want to remember:

E and Drew. Love their BIG smiles. Drews off the wall and outgoing personality. His ability to use mom and dad catchphrases correctly. He’s a repeater until he gets the phrase down and then he’ll use it on his own, just awesome. Loves to copy Dad’s mowing and vacuuming…E’s sensitive side and his “Awesome Car” phrase that greets me everyday after work…he also does a daily bird call with me after we brush teeth. No idea where I got it from, but he’s followed along ever since...working on adding flapping wings to this whole thing. These guys also love a good Aggie Yell and WHOOOOP to finish it off.

Ben. This guy loves to do funny faces and has great reaction faces to things going on around him. Its all over the top and sounds a lot like someone else I know. He has great friendships with Sav and the twins separately…its really neat to see and unlike any other in the house. I think he’s got a grown old man soul like his dad.

Sav. Her love for her Dad (on good days!), her big kid smarts, her smile, singing, hugs, waves, kisses…Ok, you get the point, she’s Daddy's only little girl. Loves to say “Dada sit down” when they're eating dinner and wants me to join them. Doesn’t mean she doesn't wear me and mom out sometimes, but its pretty easy for her to wipe it all away.

Love you, Suz, and riding shotgun on this ride with you

Thank you for doing what you do everyday and raising our kids the way that you have...all 5 of us are lucky and beyond blessed to have you. I'm proud to call you my wife and mother of my kids. I've told you this before and its a broken record by now, but I could not do what you do...I'm in awe of your abilities on a daily basis. The job you do is tough, sometimes its really tough and its ALWAYS exhausting, but you get up everyday and do it again. You have helped make this family what it is today and what it will be...I'm honored to be a part of it and ready for the rest of the ride!

Roll Credits...this sap-fest needs an ending.

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Anonymous said...

I'm a lurker, but wanted to say how very sweet this post was!


Jenn K said...

I love you, Suz...the very first quad momma I ever found. I remember feeling like I was the only one in the world that was ever pregnant with quads when we found out. I went home and googled "pregnant with quads" and there was your blog. I read the whole thing that night. You are such an inspiration to me and to so many. I love that God has picked our families for this, we would have never had the amazing friendships we have.

I love you! Happy Mother's Day!!

Joe - That was beautiful, you are such a good Daddy and Husband. You both are so blessed.

Love Being A Nonny said...

Sappy...yes. But PRECIOUS! She is blessed to have you! Happy Mother's Day to your wife!

Candice said...

How sweet of you! Happy Mothers Day Suz!!

Loni said...

Beautifully written - Happy Mother's Day Suz!

The Cochran Crew said...

Awesome job Jo-seef! Love your beautiful wife Suz and your whitty sense of humor!

The Cochran Crew said...

Awesome job Jo-seef! Love your beautiful wife Suz and your whitty sense of humor!

Adam and Julia said...

I love it! Way to go, Joe.

Mercy Langille said...

So sweet. Only a real dad could write something like that, so know that you are among the ranks of "real dads".

Stephanie said...

What a beautiful post!!
You guys are so adorable together and those 4 kiddos are blessed to have you as parents!
Happy Mothers Day SuZ!!!!

Elizabeth said...

Must give Joe props for this one! Way to go DUDE! Happy Mother's day SUZ! I love you sooo much!

Jessica aka Mommy said...

SO sweet! Happy Mother's Day, Suz! You've got a GREAT family!

Suzanne said...

I love this!! Super sappy and super sweet. It's just what EVERY mom needs to hear every once in awhile. It feels good to know that our Husbands see and know what's going on and appreciate it. So good job Joe!!! Major points scored. :)

Meredith said...

Great job, Dad! Suz and the kids are SUPER lucky to have you, too!

Jessica said...

so sweet, joe. happy mother's day, suz!

Becky said...

What a sweetpie that Joe is!!!

mmreeves said...

Ahhh Joe! You are so sweet to your hard workin wifey! Love ya lots!

Happy Mothers Day and 30th Suz!


Kari said...

Single girls heart is melting in Denver! Ha! Sappiness clearly is working!

What a blessed family you guys have! I love following the blog!!

Triple Threat said...

Amazing. Love your whole family =)

boysmum2 said...

I think you just earnt huge brownie points with that lot. Maybe you could write a book for the other guys to pick up tips from.

Jenny said...

I read your blog,... think your family is adorable! Thought you'd enjoy this article in today's Houston Chronicle.

A&M's first set of quad graduates.

Jenny said...

I follow your blog. Your family is adorable. Thought you would enjoy this article in today's Houston Chronicle. This family beat you to the punch....

A&M's first set of quads set to graduate.

Unknown said... had ME in tears by the time I was done reading that! What an awesome Mothers Day (& birthday) tribute!!

ok...I just had to add that the word verification for my comment was "belly!" haha!

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