Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Texting and Driving…Guilty as Charged

Um, so this week’s topic hit a little too close to home for dear ‘ole Mom. Do any of you text while you are driving???

Yes. Yes I do and it is SO dangerous. MUST STOP IMMEDIATELY.

Hop on over to LG’s Text Education, hosted by BlogHer to join in the conversation: “Teens and the Dangers of Texting and Driving”. (Each comment left on the posts that are listed will benefit the with a $0.50 donation up to $5,000!)


Speaking of driving dangerously…IMG_0654



does hitting the open road, at 3:20am, for a 15 hour car ride, with four 3-year-olds count? (as you can see, Ethan is NOT too happy with Mom snapping pictures in his face at 3am)




Yes folks, I do believe that we have lost our ever-luvin’ minds!



I absolutely cannot wait to blog about our amazing weekend, spent with the most incredible people that God has undoubtedly placed in our lives within the past 4 years!!!

Until I can get a post up and going  (hopefully tomorrow)…hop on over to my BFF- Mari’s blog to see what we have been up to!



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Unknown said...

Up here in Michigan it is illegal to text and drive. I'm not coordinated enough to do it, so I never have. There have been SO MANY accidents because of texting (although one could make a case that nearly anything can be distracting while driving....)

Anyways, keep the blog posts coming! I love them!

shelly said...

I still am in ancient times and refuse to have texting on my phone. I don't want it to be a temptation while driving and don't want to pay for a data plan either! Saving money more than one way :)

The McNulty Family said...

i love you! can't wait to read your post.

and ummm, next time you text me.. i'm gonna have to give you HELL if your driving! i'm just say'n!

miss you so much my heart hurts.
Gen and Savy's Cali crew!

The McNulty Family said...

ps: kinda unfair that you look SO pretty at 3:30am. it's a good thing i love you.. or i might have to HATE YOU!

;) xox

Mon said...

I don't agree with the anti-calling laws while driving, but texting is a nono. Those that get caught and fined totally deserve it. It's really dangerous. I have even seen parents driving with small kids AND texting !! I have also seen a guy cutting his apple with a knife while driving (and using the knife to navigate the apple to his mouth)

Catherine said...

Thank you for stopping!!! There are too many precious lives at stake both in your family and others too.

I was guilty of texting and driving a couple times until suddenly it hit me that this 'oh so important' text could mean someone could lose their life in the blink of an eye - some innocent person. I quickly realized that the text meant abaolutely nothing when I realized what I was risking. That was it for me...done, finished, complete.

I heard a great quote on Oprah once, 'Honk if you love Jesus! Text if you want to meet Him!'

Looking forward to hearing about your trip.

andrea said...

oh my graciouS i love that all Should get paid and be a commercial for puddle jumperS:):)

love it..

Stephanie said...!!!
I cant wait to hear your version of the trip! Its such a beautiful friendship that you all share.
I am so excited you FINALLY all got to get together and be one big happy family!!
Love you all and have prayed for each of you more times that I can count!!

LemNana said...

I am stunned you would endanger your four children and yourself by texting and driving. Would could be more important than the safety of your children? Shame on you.

Suzanne said...

dear lemnana,

wow. how true. thanks for the reminder b/c i hadn't thought about how dangerous texting and driving was.

i hope you continue to spray sunshine on every one else's day whom you come into contact with.

Kat said...

texting while driving is super dangerous! I try to leave my phone in the back seat so I wouldn't be tempted. I also saw the video on Mari's page - SOOOOO CUTE!

The Cochran Crew said...

Love your response to LemMama!! You rock honey! I'm gonna spread my Sunshine on you! I LOVE YOU!

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