Friday, October 29, 2010


Sorry for the title…I couldn’t help myself. That’s what we’ve been doing all week! Ha

So, last Saturday it was POURING down rain and ruined any chances of going to a pumpkin patch, etc…so, we decided on an indoor play area. Chuck-E-Cheese.


The kids loved it. Ben and Andrew watching Ethan bop the letters.



Isn’t she the cutest?



Ethan has some killer dance moves (middle) while Drew takes a turn at the bopper.




E has this one signature dance move that is hilarious. I could only catch the tail-end of it in this video clip…but he crouches down low with a wide stance, leans to one side and pops out his arm (like he is trying to pop his elbow). HILARIOUS. No idea where he came up with it.


Sister on the slide---loves to flash that smile for the camera.




“The Doctor” (Dan & Joe’s nickname for their brother Ed- the professional “back-cracker”. NERDS)



Yep- guessed who jumped right in and grabbed the steering wheel? The boys didn’t even fight her for it. Pretty easy to tell who calls the shots among them! Haha



Halloween sneak peek tomorrow!


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Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Are you all better now?!

<3 the pix.

"The doctor." MUST meet you!!

"The Craziness We Call Life"

Rachel @ Finding Joy said...

Love the title -- it's so true. I was just debating hosting a birthday party for my soon to be seven year old -- and the up-chuck fear got in the way.

Love the pictures as well.

Have a blessed Friday!

Gen McNulty said...

Laughed SO hard at your title! So not funny, but so appropriate.

Love you all and those killer dance moves.


went to Chuck-E-Cheese, came down with the up-chucks... Coincidence? I think not.:) LOVE those places, HATE the germs.

QuatroMama said...

Hope the UpChuckies are OUT of your casa for good. Hate how it takes sooooo long to get through everyone! Loved these pics and the priceless dancing video. Love you, Friend!

AmazingGreis said...

So cute...LOVE the rain boots!!!

Tamara said...

I love your kids, they are so darn cute! I love Sav's boots!

Miss G said...

We had the stomach bug around here too. No fun! We didn't even go to ChuckECheese.

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