Wednesday, October 19, 2011

It’s the Texas State Fair, Y’all!

The kids were SOOOO excited to experience the Texas State Fair last weekend!

(E, Sav, Drew, B)10 october 2011 071


We had been prepping them all week: “Okay guys, the fair is a lot of fun, but it is going to involve lots and lots of walking. If you start whining, we go home. Everyone will get to ride TWO rides…how many rides will you get to ride?…TWO! Yes! Good.”

(Umm, yah- for all 4 kids to ride ONE ride- it costs $16! OUCH)


But the kids did GREAT!!! We had a fantastic day and no one complained or threw a fit! (That is like world record breaking for the Steece quads! )


BIG TEX! The creepy, giant cowboy who sounds like the voice of the Whataburger commercials. (B, A, S, E)

10 october 2011 078



So proud of my little 42” kids!!! Their very first big kid roller coaster- and without parental accompaniment.

10 october 2011 07210 october 2011 073


Watching them grin from ear to ear on this ride, was my absolute favorite part of the day!

10 october 2011 07410 october 2011 077



Took a break for a little storytime in the shade…

10 october 2011 080



Watched the amazing Dog Show…

10 october 2011 084



Dad and Ebud

10 october 2011 083



Mama and her litter…yes, we are all in red. I don’t play around with huge crowds. WE WILL BE THAT FAMILY WHO ALL MATCH! as dorky as it looks. ;) (B, A, E, S)

10 october 2011 082



Tweedle love. Ethan and Andrew goofin’ around.

10 october 2011 085



Checking out the barnyard babies…oh, the similarities!

10 october 2011 086



Ben screamed: “Mom! Its my snot rod! Can I take a picture by my snot rod?!”

10 october 2011 087



One of Savannah’s favorite parts of the day---watching all of the dancers. She was taking notes for Halloween (hint, hint) as she watched this ensemble of precious kiddos.

10 october 2011 088



And to top the day off, the quads begged to ride the tallest ferris wheel in North America- The Texas Star. You can see Dad’s excitement as we waited to board our “cage-o-doom”. (Joe is terrified of heights and roller coasters. TERRRRIFIED.)

10 october 2011 091



But he was a GREAT sport! (even if he was seconds away from passing out) Dad put on a “good face” for the chitlins. Tee hee hee. I’m pretty sure the only time he looked up was for this picture. I love you, babe. SO much. (He’s gonna kill me for this)

10 october 2011 092



I think we have 4 out of 4 Steece Quads who will thoroughly enjoy riding roller coasters with Mama! Yaaay! My little thrill seekers. Makes me SO happy!!!

Ethan (left), Andrew (right)

10 october 2011 093



So kids, what was your favorite part of the day?

- Sav: “My favorite part was the dancers, and my favorite part was the ferris wheel…everything.”


- Ethan: “My favorite part was getting bigger to play the cars.”

(he took quite an interest in the fair games & prizes in the Midway)


- Andrew: “I watched the dog show and I ate cotton candy.”


- Ben: “The ferris wheel!”

File:Texas Star.jpg

(then they all chimed in and said: “I loooooved the ferris wheel!”)



- Suz: watching my babies beam with excitement as they rode the rides; NO tantrums!; and fried Autumn Pie (holy YUMMO)…



- Joe:  ”I got a kick out of watching the kids enjoy the whole day, the whole experience…oh, and not dying on the ferris wheel”


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Alissa said...

Love the pics!! Such big kids! I'm SO envious that you all are still wearing tees and shorts in October - enjoy that Texas weather!
~Alissa in chilly Montreal :o)

Andrea said...

We are heading to the NC state fair on Sunday with our four (non-quads) and we have the same speech before, no whining and 2 rides each. Hope they have as much fun as yours did!

Kelly said...

I love the Texas state fair but it's crazy that it costs so much to ride rides! Great idea having the whole crew wear the same color in those huge crowds!

Leslie said...

I've been reading your blog for a few oldest is the age of your kiddos. Anywho, we were at the fair, too....just posted some similar pics on my blog! My kids had fun, too. Everything's bigger in TEXAS!

Nicole Rodriguez said...

Don't you LOVE being a TEXAN?!?! Ahhh - The State Fair is only one of the many great things about TEXAS!!!

Savannah said...

What a fun family outing! I'm glad Dad was a trooper and rode the ferris wheel - the things we do for kids, right? I love how different each of your kiddos' personalities and intersts come through regardless of what you are doing. Your quads are just darling!

Anonymous said...

I thought the color you chose for the family was great! Weren't you pulling for OU just a little bit! ha ha
I really enjoy your blog!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a HUGE ferris wheel! How cool that your kids can ride the roller coasters all by themselves now. They're so big!


Jen said...

I have to know did you go on Saturday or Sunday? We walked by a group that could have been you and I thought hmmmmm.....

P.S. We were there on Sunday.Is it just me or did Big Tex look a little older ;) even is his new digs.

Unknown said...

I absolutely love this! We always have so much fun at the fair. Being in Austin, we only come when we go to the Texas/ou game. I had the fried queso this year which was divine!! Glad y'all had fun...the kids looked darling!

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