Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Wknd with the Goerlichs!

Eight 4 yr olds!!!!!!!! Nonstop fun Smile

05 may 2012 156-001



Yep! We FINALLY made it back to Houston to play with some of our BFFs in their NEW house!

05 may 2012 075



And after this weekend, Joe and I are preeeetty sure our next house will have a pool.

Winking smile

Benny Boo on the water shooting jet

05 may 2012 067



Sweet little Cohen was sick with a stomach bug all weekend, but you would never tell from his big grin!

05 may 2012 068



Savannah dear (covering up her scar from the sun…she has an awesome little rectangle tan line above her right eye)

05 may 2012 069



Sweet Sophia

05 may 2012 070



The G-boys! Noah, Finn, Cohen~ such a handsome crew

05 may 2012 071



Cheech and Chong (E & A)~ attached at the hip, see? lol

05 may 2012 072



Our pretty little princesses who have to put up with 3 rascally bros for the rest of their lives. Sophia & Sav

05 may 2012 074



We sure did live in this pool from sun up to sun down! Our kids could not get enough of it.

05 may 2012 076



Mari and Sophia (I think the kids are worn out!)

05 may 2012 078



Time for bed and a bedtime story. You would think that 8 kids would be chaos, but it isn’t. When you have quads, a 2nd set of quads is nothing. We totally get the “routine”…it just flows. Its an incredible thing.

05 may 2012 080



Sav wanted to sleep with Sophia in her beautiful little girly bed! So precious.

05 may 2012 081



The next morning, the dudes let me and Mare “sleep in” (God love them…we’ve got some good ones!)

…this is what I woke up to…

05 may 2012 084



but where were the adults? no where to be found???












05 may 2012 085

LOL. Outside, with the tunes on, beverage in hand, chillaxin in their coordinating pool floats.



Back in the pool we go! Ben lived inside this hot tub, with the orange plane, for the entire weekend.

05 may 2012 088



Sweet little Noah…the 2nd one to catch the stomach bug Sad smile

05 may 2012 089



Ethan proudly showcasing “The Peter Pan”

05 may 2012 093



Andrew, with his ginormous perma-grin perfecting “The Running Man”

05 may 2012 094



Finn (and his never ending energy) perfecting “The Seat”

05 may 2012 097



Pretty darlin’ catchin’ some rays with her coordinating suit and towel

05 may 2012 100



Me and my crazy little Drew bud, soaking up some sun and one-on-one time with Mama.

05 may 2012 102



Sucker-time! (Okay, so probably not the healthiest of weekends for the kids---but its okay every once in a while, right?! lol)

Drew, Ethan, Sav, Noah, Sophia, Ben

05 may 2012 104



Love this~ Ben and Sophia played together all weekend. Here they are seeing how long they can go under water.

05 may 2012 108



Beautiful Mari and poor buddy Noah

05 may 2012 109



Oh, Miss Gimpy-gimp-gimp! ~

Sav got a wee little splinter in her foot (that was easily removed) and acted like it was the end of the world. We were laughing SOOOO hard at her OVER-DRAMATIC gimp-walk. I gotta hand it to the little lady, she worked that walk alllllllllll day long. Drama queen, much?

05 may 2012 111



Oh, did I mention that our kids started SWIMMING WITHOUT FLOATIES over the weekend?!!!!!!!! God love the power of POSITIVE peer pressure and influence. They saw the Goerlich kiddos swimming sans puddle jumpers, so they jumped right in and tried it too! (well…minus Ben)


Mari put together some awesome video footage! Check it out:

Click here for video footage of our Memorial Wknd Fun!


I love this pic of Joe & Drew (& Sav):05 may 2012 113

Joe~ a safety conscious Dad, ready to jump in and save his little buddy…proudly looking on with guarded anticipation

Drew~ HUGE grin on his face, free spirit, jumping off and loving every second of it. We called him “The Man with No Plan” b/c he would always start swimming out to you and you would have no idea. He just assumed that he would make it to you everytime. No fear.

Sav~ giving her bro a big proud smile



I couldn’t believe my eyes! My kids were jumping off of the diving board and swimming! No floaties! (Nevermind that guy in the blue swim shorts in the background…….bwahahahahaha)

05 may 2012 116



Love this nerd. Love him so much. I’m pretty sure the kids think that he is the funniest person alive on this Earth.

05 may 2012 126



Another great pic~ Dad telling Sav to jump in and swim to the side. She took it literally and just jumped over to the side everytime.

05 may 2012 127

I was amazed at Savi. She is a fearless wonder. She was swimming like a pro. I am so proud of her.



As Mari and I were leaving for a nice morning walk around the neighborhood, Sav was preparing a tea party for two: herself and her Daddy. It was adorable! (At one point this weekend, Joe looked at me from across the pool, made a “heart” with his hands and pointed to Sav…she definitely has her Daddy’s heart!)

05 may 2012 135



The Blue Whale of Death. It is unreal how ridiculous this blow up toy is~ it is impossible to stay on for more than 2-3 seconds. Sophia is the ONLY ONE who can stay afloat, no problem. It is amazing!

05 may 2012 136



Popsicle time!

05 may 2012 137



Best friends.

05 may 2012 138



A Perfect Holiday Weekend!

05 may 2012 140



Mama showing the boys how its done! LOL

05 may 2012 148



Ben refused to go off of the diving board, or even jump off the side of the pool. My little perfectionist…won’t attempt anything until he knows he can perform perfectly.

Behold…….”the Ben pout”

05 may 2012 149



After getting the kids together for a photo op, they stayed in this position and finished their popsicles for the next 5 minutes without moving. Adorable.

05 may 2012 162



Best buds, we looked over and saw Ben with his hand on Drew’s shoulder---just chillin’ and sharing funny stories with each other. This melts a Mama’s heart.

05 may 2012 164



FINN!!!!! Perfected his dive!!! Just like his Dad perfected the back flip! Love these G-boys’s determination.

05 may 2012 169



It’s a quad-partaaay in the hot tub! Ayeee-Ohhhh!

05 may 2012 171



The grill master, doing his thang!

05 may 2012 173



It’s a rough life, eh? Shi had a pretty fantastic weekend too! LOL.

05 may 2012



Chris, Mare & the gang~ we love you so much. Thank you for getting us down to Houston for an awesome weekend! Your house is amazing, no PERFECT! And you are some of the best friends anyone could ever ask for. See you soon!


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Kriss said...

My 4 yr old Ben sounds like your Ben.

Unknown said...

Wow! Looks like SOOO much fun! yeah for your lil fishies, figuring out how to swim!! Way to go!

Anonymous said...

What a FUN weekend! Maybe I want to go to the Goerlich's too! :) Love watching your kids grow up. So precious!

Unknown said...

What a fun weekend! A pool is a must just for those post-swim naps. ;) I'm only slightly embarrassed that I am 28 and have the exact same bedding as Miss Sophia. I guess you don't outgrow girly!

Charla (SHar-la) said...


jenn said...

looks GREAT! i love seeing all those swimming babies! mine (2) are almost 2 1/2 and 10 1/2 months old...we have a pool and they have so much fun in it! finley will put her hands straight up high above her head and say "big splash" and then FALL FACE FIRST INTO THE WATER! come up laughing....and do it again! no fear in that girl! totally keeps me on my toes!

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