Thursday, June 07, 2012

Metabolism Miracle

Blogger buddies…have you ever found something that just “works” and you want to shout it from the rooftops?…


I believe I have found “that thing” that works for me.


Take a look at a picture of me less than 2 months ago, and one from last week… my “soft” chin/face/cheeks have tightened up and I am glowing.



Over the past 30 days, I have adjusted my eating patterns based upon the guidelines in the book:  The Metabolism Miracle~ written by Diane Kress, RD, CDE, a registered dietitian and certified diabetes educator.

I have had some amazing results--- more than just physical changes---I FEEL better all around (more energy, no cravings, happier)! Many of you have asked me for more information about what exactly I’m doing, so here it goes…


One of Joe’s coworkers was telling him about this book and Joe just could not stop thinking about me. He borrowed the book to bring home to me (which was a BOLD move, eh? Who brings home a diet book for his wife?!)..but the items outlined, described me perfectly~ here were some of the KEY phrases that jumped right out at me and slapped me in the face:

  • fatigue & tire easily (like tired all the time, even after getting 7+ hrs of sleep)
  • gain weight easily and find it difficult to lose
  • diets that have worked in the past fail you
  • people around you can eat more and yet weigh less than you
  • mild depression, anxiety, irritability, short fuse (super fun to be around~ tee hee)
  • cravings for sweets, candy, bread, pasta or chips
  • midline fat around the waist regardless of your efforts
  • decreased libido
  • you feel an energy slump late in the afternoon
  • have trouble sleeping
  • have racing thoughts
  • often forgetful and worry about your short-term memory
  • bright light or headlights at night bother you
  • have frequent dull headaches


If you have the majority of these symptoms, then you likely have something the author calls Metabolism B or Met B (which is different from “normal” peoples’ metabolism).

“Individuals with Met B will never succeed at following a traditional weight-loss diet because their alternative metabolism follows a different set of rules than those of the standard metabolism.”


It is something that you are born with---45% of those struggling to lose weight were BORN with the genetic predisposition to Met B. (Update: The present day percentage has increased from 45% to 55%! YIKES!)


Health conditions that are linked to Met B:

(I have the ones in bold & have a strong family history of many more)

  • ADD or ADHD
  • anxiety or panic attacks
  • elevated cholesterol
  • chronic fatigue
  • mild depression
  • prediabetes
  • type 2 diabetes
  • gestational diabetes
  • fibromyalgia
  • GERD (gastric reflux disease)
  • high blood pressure/hypertension
  • hypoglycemia
  • hypothyroidism
  • infertility related to hormone imbalance
  • metabolic syndrome
  • midline fat deposits (a roll around your middle) and increasing weight without increasing food intake
  • osteoarthritis
  • osteoporosis
  • PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)
  • sleep apnea
  • sleep disturbances

If you or a relative currently has or has had several of the medical conditions listed above, then you likely have Met B. Crazy, huh?! Is this hitting home with any of you??? Especially those of you who had trouble getting pregnant. It sure did for me.


I actually cried the first time I was reading this book. For the first time EVERRRRR, I felt like someone actually GETS ME! I just kept texting Joe all the things I was reading. Once I understood what was going on inside of my body (the relationship between my liver & pancreas…how my pancreas overreacts and releases excess insulin) it all made perfect sense. You’ll have to read more about it…Diane explains it beautifully in the book.


So, about the plan:

There are 3 steps with The Metabolism Miracle. I am currently in step 1.



8 wks~ A low-carb period to rest your overworked pancreas and liver while shrinking fat cells. Your energy will soar and you’ll feel content. You will lose weight and your belly fat will slim down. Cholesterol, trigylcerides, blood sugar, and blood pressure all decrease. Oh, and I LOVE that you do not weigh yourself for 8 weeks! So liberating. I AM NOT DEFINED BY A NUMBER ON  SCALE, amen?!



8 wks or longer until you reach your desired weight~ Reintroduce healthy carbohydrates in the proper amount and at the right time, to promote continued fat burning and weight loss. Gently restart your rested pancreas and liver.



Lifetime weight maintenace~ Opening your diet to more carbohydrates, including the treats that you may have been missing on Steps 1 & 2. Keeping your health and energy levels in tip-top shape and maintaining your weight loss permanently.



Other things that I LOVE about this way of life:


~ EXERCISE: Intense exercise isn’t necessary! 30 minutes of increased activity (it can be broken up throughout the day), 5 days a week. A light bike ride, walk around the neighborhood, swim in the pool, etc.


~ SLIP UPS:  For a specific party or special occasion (a one time thing), don’t change anything during the day to compensate for the party. Enjoy the party, eat what you want and then return to your plan by eating an appropriate snack before bedtime that very night! (no more than 1 slip up a week)


For a long weekend, holiday, or vacation~ eat what you want and then as soon as you get home, go through a quick 10 day detox (Step 1), followed by 10 days of reprogramming (Step 2). SUPER EASY and you don’t have to feel guilty. The trick is PLANNING for the slip up, and planning for the clean up afterward as well.

TOTALLY doable, right?!


~ HEALTHY FOODS: I don’t have to buy any expensive diet shakes or weight-loss products. It is a rounded diet full of healthy veggies, protein, good fats, good carbs, etc.


My fav things to eat on Step 1:

  • nuts
  • cheese
  • veggies
  • meats
  • salads
  • low carb bread and tortillas

You can also have diet sodas, coffee, liquor and wine! I bought The Metabolism Miracle Cookbook that has tons of recipes. I NEED MY SWEETS and I always make sure to have plenty of the peanut butter cookies on hand.


By following the steps in this book, I have seen remarkable improvements in my physical, emotional, and mental health~ and I am just beginning! I wasn’t necessarily trying to lose weight, but wanting to BE HEALTHY and feel better, ya know? Have more energy. Get that twinkle back in my eyes. The weight loss and shrinking waistline are just an added bonus.

Winking smile

Exactly 2 months in between pics…



I hope that some of you reading this post will be able to relate to my situation and know that this plan can help you too! It will change your life. I promise.



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*This post was not a part of any product review, nor was I compensated in any way. I just wanted to share my amazing experience with my blog buddies! All of the info addressed in this post (and direct quotes) are from the book: “The Metabolism Miracle” by Diane Kress, RD, CDE.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info. I have a terrible time. My thyroid dont work either.
J Morris

Louise said...

Thank you SO much for this!!! I will be looking for this book!! This sounds so much like me.
Thank you!! And you are looking great! Good luck continuing on this journey!!

jrosinski said...

Long time reader - first time 'commenter'! (How many times have you heard that!)

Thanks for your post on this. I'm guessing you are going to relate to so many people that read your blog, as most have found you through the mom of multiples me!

I'm going to buy this! I would love to hear how you implement the process in your daily life. What are your meals during the day? Eating healthy always seems to take more time and effort with prep and shopping. Any tips?

Good luck as you move look great!

roberts05 said...

Thank you so much for this. I immediately downloaded it to my Nook. I am barely through the introduction and tears are just streaming down my face. I struggled to get pregnant, had gestational diabetes, now type 2 diabetes, lost 25 pounds two years ago and gained 35 back. I relate to many other symptoms too many to list. I have never commented before, but I felt I needed to say thank you.

Rosemary said...

I recently stumbled upon his book. I could be the poster child for metabolism B...which I hadn't ever heard of until now. I started Memeorial Day and feel AMAZING!!!!! Easy to follow, difficult to screw up, and user friendly. Good luck to you on your journey!!!

Meggan and Trent said...

Oh my gosh! This totally describes me. I am buying this book right now. I have lost all of my baby weight, but I have a few pounds that won't budge and ww isn't working this time!

Ashlee said...

Thank you so much for blogging about this!! I was just talking to my family doctor about how I NEVER have energy. I'm a type 1 diabetic and could see this totally working for me. It's also comforting knowing I'm not the only one who feels this way. Thanks again!!

MEGAN said...

Thanks for sharing!!!

Anonymous said...

Getting the book!! I think everyone of thefoctos was true for me. How about I've been doing Insanity and eating very healthy - in a months time I lost 2 lbs (just 2) and my husband lost 14!!

Anonymous said...

How much weight did you lose?

Suzanne said...

anon- i can't weigh myself for the first 8 weeks! 4 more weeks to go. so, i'm not sure.

you actually don't lose a TON of pounds on the scale, but its more about the inches lost. i'm supposed to only lose 3-5 lbs, but it will look like twice as much b/c it is all fat evaporation...not water weight or muscle.

i can definitely tell a different in my face, my arms and the way my pants fit. ;)

so encouraging!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU!! I find like symptoms in 3/4 of that list!! THANK YOU so much for publishing this!!

One you find yourself hot & sweating when everyone else in the room is "just fine" or "cold"??? Just curious if this is a factor for anyone else, since SO many of this list is EXACTLY what I experience!

Candice said...

Wow! That describes me to a T! Thanks for sharing - I will def be ordering this book. I even went out and got a facial thinking that might bring back my "twinkle" - but alas it did not - so excited to get started on this!

~irma said...

I've been diagnosed with PCOS and have been looking for a resource to loose weight. Thanks for your post!

Anonymous said...

Wow! I NEED this!! Gonna check it out now! Thanks for sharing!

katie said...

hey suzanne! i am a total stranger here but i gotta tell u that you look fabulous! Im not overweight and my family would kill me for even wanting this book but im actually really struggling with my health lately...i feel its horomonal but im not totally sure and im so frustrated trying to figure it out! Ive actually lost some weight over the last year not intentionally. im either really hungry and crave the sweets but recently ive been dealing with a lot of nausea and stomach problems so on those days i barely eat. I just recently had a miscarriage(my daughter just turned 5) and i have horrible migraines. So needless to say i think i need to look into this! Plus some of my family members are really struggling to find a healthy diet that is easy to follow. Thanks so much for the info! You have a beautiful family!

Peta said...

Wow Suz, you look amazing. You can see the extra energy and vibrancy in your face.

This book is the answer to my prayers and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy and get started.

Sarah said...

So you just totally explained me. Totally hit the nail on the head!! I'm gonna have to get this book and recipe book. I have got to do something!! I am in surgery next week to have a total hysterectomy, but this sounds like something I can do even while I recover. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Alissa said...

WOW! Totally related to your posting!! I have to get that book for my Kindle! Thanks for sharing. (You look awesome!)

Paula71 said...

I am going to get this book and the cook book as well. What you said hit home with me. I have all of these symptoms. Thank you so much!!

Tabaitha said...

You look great!

MK said...

Wow! You pretty much described me there! Buying this book for sure! Thanks!

boysmum2 said...

Good for you, always great when someone finds something that works for them. you look great and glad you are happy. I do WW and am finding it works for me, if you find something that works you tend to stick to it better

Kelly said...

You look great!
I nodded my head through most of your post..looks like I need to give this book a try!

Thanks for sharing and keep us posted!

Meg & Ryan said...

Suz-- how did you do when you got together with friends? Hard to be in a social situation? Terrible, but what are the "rules" about alcohol?


Joni said...

Thank you for this, Suz! I relate so much to what you've posted here - can't wait to buy this book! (I hope they give you some sort of commission on all the people who buy after your recommendation!)

Kim said...

Oh my goodness the symptoms were mein a nut shell. I am 5'0 and weigh 115 & 4 times this week I have been asked if I am pregnant. I am ordering this book today. I have been begging for a cure. I will keep you posted on results.

Anonymous said...

Wow - I almost cried reading your post. I deal with these things and it has been driving me crazy! I cannot wait to get the book! THank you so much for your transparency to write about this!

K Millsap said...

Oh gosh! This really hit home with me, it's like the list of symptoms are a description of me all the way down to the PCOS!

Thank you so much for sharing this. It's the first I've heard of it. You look great :)

Michael Gist said...

Okay, so like everyone else who has commented on this post, you just described me to a "T". I downloaded the book immediately and couldn't put it down last night! I kept highlighting in the kindle, and just kept thinking how dead on this is for me! So excited to make these changes and feel better!

Would love to have a post from you about what kind of meals you've been making!

Nanny Debbie said...

I'm not sure if I have ever commented on your blog before but I have reading for years... This TOTALLY fits for me !!!
I'm going to be looking for this book for sure :-)


Peri said...

I am soo glad I stumbled upon your blog through my cousin's blog. Just like many of the others who have commented on this post, I have many of the symptoms that were listed. I just turned 19 and never knew what it could be since I have been very healthy my whole life. I have been going to the doctors and having numerous tests done since October to see what all those symptoms could be and they have not been able to pin point anything. I went out and bought the books today and I am excited to give it a try and see if it helps me. Thank you so much for sharing this!

Anonymous said...

Suz, thank you! I, as many others have said, am just in awe as I read this post. I downloaded it and I have already read most of it! It is ME!!! My hubby has also read most of it. We are celebrating our 20 year anniversary is time for us to make a change. We have tried everything! I have two tires around my stomach, I have sleep apnea, fibromyaligia, high BP, and more. I am READY! Thank you! Stephanie

Anonymous said...

I just bought this book (not the cookbook) tonight after reading your blog and doing some additional research. I believe this is going to be exactly what I need. I have about 40 lbs to lose and it's all in my stomach, back and arms. I am going to start reading it tomorrow and as soon as I finish the book, I am going to get started. I would like to lose this 40 lbs by end of summer. :) I cannot wait to see your results in 4 more weeks! Good luck to everyone trying this.


Rachel said...

after reading your blog, I bought this book and finished it one day. like others have said, i cried when i read it because just about everything in this book described my life to a T, especially these last few years. hypothyroidism, Hashimoto's disease, slight depression, irritability, fatigue, you name it.

weight watchers used to work, counting calories used to work but not now. i'll be 30 in March and I am so glad that i found this book. i am starting tomorrow and feel almost relieved. thank you for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for this! I'm going to try it out. I have PCOS with insulin resistance, hyperthyroid, can't lose the post baby weight (1 year later) and have 2 of the most beautiful FERTILITY babies on the planet. Your symptoms describe me to a T. Can't wait to try it out!

Christy said...

I'm sooo glad you shared this Suz! I'm on day 4!! So far so good! Your post came at a wonderful time for me...Keep us updated! You look Beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

The tie between hormones, sugar, and insulin isn't something that people talk about enough. I have mild PCOS, but I'm thin and athletic. However, I was getting really tired after meals and had a hard time getting pregnant. I did South Beach for about 6 weeks, ovulated exactly on time, and then found out I was pregnant. It was *amazing*. We were just about to start Clomid / IUIs, but I gave South Beach a shot, in case I was insulin-resistant, and lo and behold, I'm almost 6 weeks along now.

The diet you're taking about doesn't seem too different from South Beach to me, the way you describe it. I'm a believer. Kudos to you for spreading it to your readers!

Anonymous said...

Wow thank you for this information, it is soooo me. I have all those issues and just thought I didn't know how to stick to a diet. Will be getting that book for sure.

Karen, Ottawa Ontario

jilljohnandhope said...

Ummm,you just diagnosed me. What in the world? Why isn't this talked about more! I have so many things on these lists that peg me. ADD, invertility, stomach issues (gastroparesis), never feeling rested, insomnia, anxiety, BELLY FAT. I am at a weight I am happy with number wise, but my belly fat doesn't ever go away. I downloaded the book last night and I have got to make a change. I can't believe I happened to read through your blog yesterday! I haven't been doing much blog reading at all lately and I had some downtime and caught up on yours! Thanks for the post! I hope to be shouting the info from the rooftops soon!

Danae said...

Thanks so much for posting this!! It exactly described me so I bought the book and am starting step one tomorrow. I was going to ask you what kind of low carb bread did you buy? I went to the store tonight and the lowest net carbs I could find was 8. Thanks AGAIN!!

krista said...

I'm on day 4 and feeling so icky :/ Did it take a week or so for your energy to increase and you to start feeling better? Please say yes ;)

Anonymous said...

You look amazing!!! I am going to buy this book!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for posting! I just started 1 week ago. I can already tell a difference in the way I feel-phyically, mentally, and emotionally. I am looking forward to my 1st 8 weeks results. My doctor recommended this book to me because I have literally tried everything!! Even extreme workouts were not allowing me to lose any weight. Keep us updated on your results!

Laura K. said...

Wow, wow, WOW. The things you wrote describe me so well! I'm downloading the ree sample on my nook right now. I'm sure I will end up downloading the whole book! I have never been one for hte no-carb diet thing, I always felt like it was just freaking your body into losing weight and there wasn't an end to it. However, I stopped eating gluten last year due to stomach issues, and felt wonderful when I was first doing it because I was so afriad and lacking in knowledge about breads I could eat. Now that I've found the types of carb-y food I can eat, I am back to feeling fatigued and gaining weight. I can totally see how carbs have played a role in that, yet my body craves them, so there's the rub. I'm sure this plan will help me. I like that it's a re-boot.

So glad I popped by just to check in on your blog (I'm a long-time, infrequent 'lurker' - lol!).

Anonymous said...

Does this work for vegetarians too?

Unknown said...

I have recently started this diet, i am on week one. Its been kinda rough but im glad to see that it WORKED ON A REAL PERSON! you know how you see like weight watcher commercials and theres those skinny people who "did the diet"? well i was scared this was another one of those but i already feel better and as long as i keep a variety in what i eat, its almost like i am not doing anything exept not eating bread, chips, ect. Its getting easier!! your results were amazing! 7 more weeks to go, pray for me!

Unknown said...

I started on Friday morning, my blood sugar was always in the 215 to 250 blood level (9.1 to 10)way to high. I had resisted medication, but knew if it kept up I would need to treat my diabetes. My blood sugar has dropped in just five days. I am in normal range for the first time in two years. I love this program. Had a headache for three days but it gone now. Happy Happy Happy

Jill T. said...

I commend you for posting this!! :-) I just started the plan three days ago and I already feel a difference! :-) Thanks for inspiring others!

Anonymous said...

I've had no energy for years and years, and every doctor just said all my tests were normal, I should lose weight and exercise. I did. Still no energy. Then I discovered this book. I was sceptical. I usually flee from anything with the word miracle in it. I'm so glad I bought it. Just one week after starting the first 8 weeks, I had lost 7 pounds and could wear clothes I hadn't worn for over a year. The book said the first 3 days I'd feel headachy, hungry, etc. I didn't. I kept waiting for it to happen. I hate giving up potatoes and bread, especially, but it's worth it. My blood sugar has been below 100 and my potassiumg number dropped. One of the few self help books that is for real.

5thgradetchrMom said...

One of our friends gave us the cookbook version intending it for our nephew who just was diagnosed with diabetes at age 23.... however he didn't want it.. so...I decided to read it after having it in my possession for about a month. I've been on Atkins before.. it worked...but was not practical long term. Wow...was I stunned when the symptoms fit me!! And my hubby...and my mom....I'm 33 and I've always battled weight. We've had 3 miscarriages in the last 2 1/2 yrs. I'm always so tired! Plus so much of the other stuff. My hubby and I have been doing it for 5 days now, and the craving for bread and carbs has gone. My face has cleared up of blemishes. My joints had been aching so much...I felt like an old I hardly notice any stiffness. It's easier already to get up off the floor when playing with my's remarkable!!! Totally worth it. I stocked up on the ingredients for a lot of the desserts.. got some of the special flours and healthy stuff to prepare recipes. I tried the chocolate mousse today...get this-it's made from tofu. I was VERY skeptical. It was AWESOME. My hubby and kids loved it! They never knew it was tofu. I even messed up and used firm tofu instead of soft. I bet it will be even better next time. I'm confident that this will change my life. I'm 285# and I think this is the answer. Best wishes to everyone!

CarbQueen said...

Hey Suz

I've a few questions that I can't find an answer to anywhere. I have a sensitivity to several items used in the "Metabolism B" book. You seem to be a great resource for readers and first timers, if only because you are/were a guinea pig for many of us. Also, I can't find any other resources for info re this plan. I was so glad to find the blog! Thanks for the help you're giving us!

John said...

I had problems with my metabolism for a lot of days. I think avoding carbs like crazy and all those HIIT trainings overworked my thyroid. But thats over, I feel like I'm back on track now. No more chronic fatigue, just pure energy and motivation to live! :)

Val said...

Thanks for posting I about cried as well. I have not been able to find any information on Coconut milk - non sweetened. Do you know if it is legal?

Hannah said...

Wondering if you are still on the MM program and if so how it's working for you all these months later. I am on week 2 of step one. Haven't really lost much yet but do feel better over all.

Anonymous said...

Just wanting to know your opinion. I did this diet succesfully two years ago. Life stress and lots of other things fell off the diet. Tried it consiously for 4 weeks to get back on the diet and didn't seem to lose anything. Did I not give it enough time or has anyone else had this issue?

Debmark said...

Lost 70+ pounds on WW but can't get the rest off. Found the MM diet plan being insulin resistant & hypothyroid & symptoms listed thinking yup.... That's it (hopefully ) I bought the book but unsure abt. the OKAY listed foods do they have to be carb counted? Also if the low carb protein shakes are below 5 carbs are they not in the OKAY list or is it considered your 5 hr spaced carb. Being vegetarian I thought I could use the protein shakes as a backup in between. Also the low fat cheeses is it if it says low fat or r there certain values it has to fall under. Sorry so many questions but I don't want to mess up when I first start. Btw u look AMAZING��

Debmark said...

I'm a newbie today is my 1st day
Question abt a few items I wasn't sure abt... I have a hard time w/vitamins so I take the multi chewable & calcium chews. Should those be counted 5x5 carbs? Also was wondering about Pam spray, I can't believe it's not butter spray & the green hot Tabasco sauce

Anonymous said...

Just found this. For the past 2 years I have suffered with most items on the list. Went to my doctor several times only to have him pat me on my hand and tell me I was getting old!! Early 50's is old???!!! Each time, I would cry all the way home!! In January I started working with a new doctor and maybe along with this info I will finally see the light at the end of this dark tunnel I have been living in. Thank you for sharing your story.

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