Thursday, July 05, 2012

Fabulous Fun on the 4th!

We had an absolute perfect day, celebrating our independence in this great country! Our morning started earrrrrly with the City of Arlington 4th of July Parade. We got there around 7a to set up our tent and chairs.

07 july 2012 016



The kids were all ready, decked out in their red, white, and blue gear. (Ethan, Sav, Ben, Drew)

07 july 2012 013



The Joker (Drew)

07 july 2012 009



The Softy (Ben)

07 july 2012 010



The Diva (Savannah)

07 july 2012 011



Mr. Intense (Ethan)

07 july 2012 012



Then our besties~ Liz & Chris showed up!




…with their 2 beautiful daughters~ Kinley and Madelyn. Aren’t the girlies so cute in their matching outfits?!

07 july 2012 014



Next Collin & Ashley arrived…

07 july 2012 033



The dudes~ Col, Joe, Chris

07 july 2012 024



My parents were also along for the fun! Col, Mom, Me, Dad




Our adorable little kiddos. Sawyer, Carter, Sav, Kinley, Ben, Maddie, Drew, & Ethan

07 july 2012 019



Sav proudly displaying her patriotic pedicure from Mama




This guy…

07 july 2012 050



Great idea by Granna! Big bubble wands for all of the kids while we waited for the parade to begin! (Are you enjoying all of the Aggie tailgating equipment? tee hee. Gig Em, America)

07 july 2012 026



Love my nephews so much!

07 july 2012 031



Daddy and Sawyer…Don’t be jealous…I have the cutest nephews in the world. I know.




Seriously? LOL. Sav wears these with such attitude. They are HUGE! But they totally match her personality. (tsk, tsk) Larger than life, this one.

07 july 2012 038



Ahhhh, water spray fans = hours of entertainment on a hot day




A super cool parade with awesome cars, floats, groups, etc. This guy looked like something from the future. Awesome.

07 july 2012 041



Drew, with his cool shades, fanning and spraying, fanning and spraying.




Love. This.

07 july 2012 039




This picture just gives me chills. I LOVED sitting next to this Air Force vet. Look how proud he was to salute during the anthem. This is what the 4th of July is all about.

07 july 2012 034



We honor you, men & women, who fight for our freedom.

07 july 2012 035




Here are some pictures from Chris Tarrant (who just happens to be one of our besties AND a great photographer, y’all)…loved these:




After the parade, we headed back to our house for a big cookout!


Yeahhhh…ummm… didn’t really get a lot of pictures at lunch. Too busy cooking and entertaining~ something I absolutely LOVE to do! So fun to have friends and family over to enjoy the holiday.



After lunch, Joe wanted to take the kids swimming while I stayed home and napped. (Dude… super husband/dad? Yes. Most certainly). I’m also battling a horrible sinus infection or something. My voice sounds like a man. I feel awesome.

Winking smile


Moving on….


That night, the Tarrants came back over to enjoy the fireworks at our house. We live right by the lake, and walked down to the end of our street. Before the big show, we popped our own fireworks!

Ben, Sav, Ethan, Maddie, Kinley, and Drew

07 july 2012 057



Munched on some tasty fruit/marshmallow/angel food kabobs

07 july 2012 059



And paused to take in the fireworks show over the lake

07 july 2012 061




We walked back to our house and lighted some sparklers!

07 july 2012 074




Auntie Liz~ showing the kids how its done!

07 july 2012 064

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Daddy, running like a mad man down the street…about to catch on fire. LOL.

07 july 2012 095


Parade, Cookout, Swimming, Fireworks…I don’t know about you, but I’d say that’s a perfect holiday!


Happy 4th, y’all!

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Amanda said...

Awe, looks like a fun day!

Linda said...

I would say so TOO!! Hope you are feeling better this morning!

Hollimade Gifts said...

Aww Suz, I love it! You guys had so much fun! I feel like I know you all even though I have never met you, so reading your blog posts are just so fun to me! My girl just turned five and is larger than life also, so I can relate to your relationship with Sav!

Fox Point Four said...

Adorable! Where are those cute polka dot outfits from?? Love it!!

Love Being A Nonny said...

What a great day!!!

Lissa said...

Looks like you guys have a fun day!! We caught the show by the lake too...unfortunately, we were stuck in traffic until 11:30 =/

Shannon said...

Hi Suz! I'm the girl that randomly said hi at the gym about 18 months ago. I still love your blog. I mostly relate to the posts about Sav since I have a 3 1/2 year old and a 15 month old girl! My 15 month old wore the same thing as Sav to watch the fireworks. Looks like a fun day and a beautiful family!

Anonymous said...

Granna and Papa loved spending part of our vacation with Ya'll during the 4th of July!! Great fun!!

Unknown said...

Love all the pics! Looks like a fabulous day! We didn't make it to the parade near us this year as I opted to run my first 10K and my daughter ran the kids 2K later in the morning. Plus it was SO hot by the time the parade was to start that we skipped it and went to my MILs to swim instead. :-)

Happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

hey suz this doesn't have anything to do with the fourth of july or Metabolism but I had two questions I was wondering if you could answer for me.
1)does Savannah still do dance? or just soccer now.
2.)who is shilo closest too out of the four children <3 thanks bunches glad you had a safe happy holiday :)

Anonymous said...

I usually don't post but I've been following you for years and umm...almost feel like I know you guys. Weird I know. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the picture of the AF Vet saluting our great Nation's Flag! I'm an active duty Airman and it brought tear to my eyes *which is hard to do). Thank you!

Miss E said...

I love how your post bleed personaility, its great!

what a great way to celebrate America! your daughter is too much!! luv their outfits!

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