Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Halloween Monsters 2013

The kiddos worked very hard on their pumpkins for the annual Pumpkin Parade at school. Can you match the pumpkins to their artists???…




Sav- a Monster Princess (it was all glittery)

Drew- a penguin (dude LOVES penguins)

Ben- a colorful monster (it was fluorescent orange!)

Ethan- his version of Frankenstein (green, of course!)





A quick picture before walking into school…




Parents, grandparents, family and friends lined the halls to watch the kiddos proudly display their works of art.

10 October 2013



Later that afternoon was the first of many class parties that Mom had to juggle. 4 parties to attend in one hour…




Ethan wrapping his teacher as a mummy




Drew doing the same to his teacher in the classroom next door!




Later that evening was our VERY FIRST TIME to ever go trick-or-treating in our new neighborhood (or anytime for that matter)! We had an absolute blast!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m not sure who had more fun~ the kids or Mom and Dad.

10 October 2013 182



Monsters in action…

10 October 2013 185



A cool pic of their glow in the dark jewelry

10 October 2013 186



One of our many awesome neighbors!

10 October 2013 190



Checking out our loot!

10 October 2013 191



The little witch and her Mom showing off their spooky spider rings.

10 October 2013 196



Mom and Dad, counting down the seconds until the kids go to sleep so buckets can be raidedWinking smile

10 October 2013 193


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Love Being A Nonny said...

I have to ask you, Are you not EXHAUSTED at the end of every day??????

Oh. My. Word.

And oh yes, they looked ADORABLE! (Mom and dad too!)

Unknown said...

love it! amazing how much the kids look like you when there's a pic of just you and them together one on one! ~Jenn

Jenny said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your mom - I didn't realize she was battling cancer. PRAYING for her, you and your family. I miss your posts - your precious kiddos are growing so fast!!!

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