Monday, June 30, 2014

Last Days of Kindergarten

Better late than never, right?…


The day before the last day of school, the Kindergarten classes had their special awards ceremonies~ one for each class! (Yep, that is 4 different programs to attend)


I enlisted the help of Granna and Joe, to divide and conquer.

There was no Kindergarten Graduation (which made me kinda sad) but the teachers had dressed up each child in cap and gown and had made adorable keepsakes for the parents.

06 June 2014


It was days like this day, that made me sad to have quads in different classrooms. I was literally running back and forth to try to catch each ceremony. Ethan and Andrew’s classes were scheduled first. SO glad Granna was able to come!

(Granna and Ethan)




Drew was awarded “Best Smile”…love that sweet gummy smile!




Ethan was awarded “Honest Abe”~ because he is brutally honest, even if it means incriminating himself. Ha!




Drew with his 2 teachers. Mrs. Kelly on the left and Mrs. Poage on the right. (Mrs. Poage had to leave in March, but came back for awards day!)




Epic photobomb by Drew. He ran in front of the camera right when it flashed. Crazy kid!




Love these 2. Even though they look completely identical, their personalities are drastically different! I wouldn’t have it any other way.




After a quick lunch, we headed back to school for Ben & Savannah’s ceremonies.




Ben was awarded “Computer Whiz” because he is really good at computers and loves all things electronic!




I was so proud of this fella! He was the only kid (out of my 4) to receive the Citizenship Award for not getting his name on the board/folder signed.




Sav was awarded “Amazing Author and Illustrator”…it was really neat to hear Mrs. Jones talk about how Savannah is so descriptive and LOVES to write/draw stories. She said: “there is no doubt in my mind that this young lady will publish a book one day”




The traditional end of school ice cream cone with the quadlings




Sav and her Granna




My 4 very, different individuals. Love them. Sav, E, Drew, Ben.




The next day was the last day of school. I had to go to work early at 6am, and threatened Joe with his LIFE, if he did not take last day of school pics! Lol.


I snapped these photos of the cards the kids had made for their teachers before I left…




Drew and his teacher, Mrs. Poage




Sav and Mrs. Jones (first pic, and last pic)

teacher gifts



Ethan and Mrs. Caudill

teacher gifts1



Ben and Mrs. Baty

teacher gifts2


I’ll tell you what, when it was time to pick the kids up from the very last day of Kindergarten, I was bawling like a baby. (and I’m not a crier!) I just cannot express how much I LOOOOOVE these teachers (and this school). Each individual teacher was paired perfectly with each Steece kid… no doubt in my mind that it was a God-thing. INCREDIBLE women.




Cannot believe we have first graders!


On the eve of the last day of school, I usually have a big sleepover with cousins and friends---but Auntie Liz…crazy, wonderful Auntie Liz, had asked me if she could take the quads camping at her family ranch in Oklahoma…


a free weekend for Mom and Dad?…





I think Liz was rethinking this decision! hahahahaha…





Love this pic. They had an amazing time! And if it wasn’t already set in stone before, Liz definitely wins the award for best friend of the year!

Winking smile



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Love Being A Nonny said...

Look how your kids have grown! So wonderful when they have great school years!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at how much they have grown in just a year! So much fun to watch your children grow! I only wish you would blog more frequently :)

Anonymous said...

Your Mom looks great. Hope she is doing well. I keep her in my thoughts & prayers. Cindy

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