Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sav’s First Daddy Daughter Dance

I absolutely LOOOOVED getting Sav ready for her very first Daddy/Daughter school dance! She had been talking about it for weeks to anyone who would listen---she couldn’t wait! Her Daddy can do NO WRONG in her eyes.


Friday after school, Savannah had an appointment at the “Mommy Salon” Winking smile 

We started things off with a little girly manicure: ice blue polish and silver sparkles.




Next up was the hair! Such a little diva…




I asked Sav if she wanted curls or if she wanted a bun. She chose a bun like Cinderella.




She totally struck this pose on her own! Hilarious. My Saverella!




Her handsome date for the evening made it home from work with a perfect little corsage. (Again, Sav posing on her own…love it)




Oh heyyy girrrrl!




So sweet. Can’t you feel the love? One of my favs…




Joe and his mini-me princess








Of course Mom made the bros come out and give sister a kiss!




Love it.





One last pic before I head out with the boys for OUR Mommy-son date to the movies! Love this little gal of mine. I thank God for giving me my precious baby girl, in a sea of testosterone. (Sometimes it depends on the day… I kid, I kid… kinda) Winking smile





I threatened Dad with his life if he didn’t come back with some pictures/video.




That’s about right! Lol. I LOVE this picture for some reason. I just love it. Simple and sweet.




I would have LOVED to have been a fly on the wall! The girls looked so beautiful!




Sav with some of her besties! Sweet Trip.




Precious Colbie! (The girls suited up the next morning for t-ball. Hilarious~ from princesses to baseball players. LOVE it.)




A chaperone friend messaged me this picture on facebook. This is the most accurate depiction of Savannah Leigh Steece. Homegirl has a sweet tooth a mile long! A beautiful princess covered in chocolate! Awesome. (Sources say she tore up that chocolate fountain all night long)




Savi and her sweet teacher, Mrs. Jones. God LOVE this woman. She can tame my little spitball-0-fire like none other. I’ve already informed this loving, fiesty lady that she is mandatorily obligated to teach Savannah through her 18th birthday. Done deal. No take backs.




The tables were lined with paper to draw/color on.




It is so adorable…I almost overlooked the fact that she called her father “Joe”… crazy girl. I love that she always draws Joe with curly hair, btw. How sweet is this note?




And here is some adorable video footage of our girls getting their dance on! Enjoy…

Sav happy dancing–Daddy daughter dance




I asked Joe how many times they played Frozen songs…he said he lost count. LOL.

I LOVE watching these gals dancing their little hearts out! Melts me. So much fun. Sav has since asked if she can have a dance every day.




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Monday, April 14, 2014

Kindergarten Rodeo

Rodeo day at school was quite the event! (B, S, E, A)




“Wanted” posters lined the hallways and cracked me UP! What a motley crew…

Bean Eatin’ Ethan, folks…that’s right, wanted for KISSING COYOTES!!! Where do they come up with this stuff? LOL




Bull Ridin’ Ben actually looks like an outlaw! Love the creativity.




Ole’ Speedy Sav…a happy little convict.




and Drew…dear, sweet Dusty Drew. Check out his reward amount. LOVE that he added a single dollar at the end. You never know what this quirky little dude will come up with! Love it.




As usual, I made the rounds to FOUR DIFFERENT Kindergarten classrooms to see each child. Sweet Sav




Benny Boy




Little E




Deputy Drew




The school went ALL OUT for this rodeo. There were at least 10 different activity stations and the kids would rotate every 5 minutes or so. (I mostly video taped, but managed to squeeze in a few still shots…)

Here is Sav waiting her turn to rope a longhorn.




Drew playing some Bingo (that is his mischievous, shy grin you will see quite often)




Awesome professional clown! (Who just happens to have had Mrs. Jones for Kindergarten too!)




This is about as country as these Texas gals get!



Fun day! Fun memories…

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Friday, April 11, 2014

Spring Break Tour of Texas

Poor Shi Shi, thought she was coming with us. She assumed this position as I was loading up the burb. She LOVES to sun bathe. Broke my heart- and yes, she indeed freak out.




The first leg of our journey was to Waco, Texas for some good Papa and Granna lovin’. My Dad took the kids to the Children’s Museum by Baylor… by HIMSELF! God love that man. These are the pictures he texted me.




The next day, we head out for SOUUUUUTHwest Texas to love on our GREAT grandparents in Uvalde. Did I mention I was by myself? Ahhhhhhhhhhh! But the car ride was great and the kids were awesome.




I have traveled this road MANY times as an infant/toddler/child/teenager/adult… and Haby’s Bakery in Castroville, Texas is an absolute MUST-STOP. My FAVORITE bakery in the world. The kids LOVED it as well. Made my heart melt.




We arrived to my grandparents house! SOOO special. Love them.




…and look what my Papa had waiting for us--- his homemade Banana Pudding! I took a snarky selfie to send to my brother, like any loving sis would do.




Aunt Susan came to play with us as well! I could NEVER get enough of this sweet-as-sugar auntie of mine. Love her SO much.



She lavished the quads with fun toys/candy/snacks!




Sweet Aunt Sue treated us to the movies!




“Smushie Sandwich” from my identicals. They have created their own “thing”~ known as smushies. I’m sure it has gotten them in trouble a time or two at school when they pop out of line to love on each other. Winking smile




Playing in my Papa’s beautiful backyard!




SOOOO happy that Uncle Ronnie drove down just to come play with us for the evening!




I don’t get down to South Texas NEAR as much as I want to--- (especially with extra curriculars taking up our weekends)… so I knew that it was a definite stop during our Spring Break! Love these grandparents and GreatGrands. So special.




Next stop was Austin, Texas to love on Grammy and Grampy! This was the ONLY picture Joe sent me all week--- Grampy teachin his grandsons a thing or 2 about foosball!




You see, I had to drop the kids in Austin and then travel to Houston. My Mom was getting her PET scan results to see if all of her radiation and chemo had eradicated her cancer cells. Nervous much?! My bro came for support as well…




Best. News. EVER. Cancer free! Mom with her cancer-fightin-cowboy, Dr. Bevers.



We left Houston to travel back to Waco for some celebrating! Then traveled to Arlington where we met up with Joe and the kids.


Oh, and don’t worry about Shiloh~ she was having the time of her life with Auntie Liz and her favorite little twin girlies! I just about died when Liz texted me this picture. The girls LOVE dressing Shiloh. Hilarity.



Awesome whirlwind week- getting to love on our GreatGrands, grandparents, and family; finding out Mom was cancer-free! Couldn’t have asked for a better Spring Break!


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