Wednesday, June 25, 2008

"What would we do without...


I just wanted to take the time to say a huge THANKS to all the people who help us out with the quads from time to time. The only way Joe and I can EVER get out is ONLY because people have given their time (and sanity) to come watch four, very mobile and busy babies! Trust me, it is NO easy task and I am used to it ONLY because I do it every day. It is such a huge undertaking and we are more than gracious for your time and energy!

So, thank you SO much Paul and Kate! (Grandpa & Grandma Steece) The babies told us how much fun they had with you! They loved Grandpa's funny faces and chuckled at Grandma's laughs!

Another huge thanks to the sweet friends who also came over while we were away (volunteers-turned-friends). The quads are more than blessed to have so many loving people in their lives (they have at LEAST 15 adopted grandparents!)

And a future thanks to my parents (Papa & Granna) who will be with the babies while Joe and I head off to our next big adventure...

We just can't thank you ALL enough for the unconditional love you have shown us and how you constantly go out of your way to make sure our babies are well loved! (and spoiled rotten! haha) You ALL mean the world to us, please know that we could NEVER take you for granted! May God pour his richest blessings upon you and your families.

We love you.

Joe, Suz, Ethan, Sav, Drew & Ben

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