Monday, October 24, 2011

Need A Good Laugh? I Do…

So, last week, we met some buddies at Chuck-E-Cheese’s to play and celebrate sweet Maddie. (Please continue to keep her in your prayers- as her surgery is tomorrow morning. Here is her CaringBridge site).


It was a Thursday night, and we were practically the only ones in there. I was able to sit and have some good conversation with my fellow “adults”, while the Steece 4 would be off playing on the various rides & games. (such big kids now!) They would frequently mosey on back to Mama to ask for more tokens and then disappear for a while…


As I was in the middle of some serious medical conversation, Ethan brought this picture up to me…














He was so proud of himself and said, “Look Mom! Its my MEAN face…”

We all got a much needed laugh out of that!


Where in the world do they get this stuff?!! I’ve been realizing a LOT lately, that my kids are growing up so fast. Their conversational skills are incredible- cracks me up every day. I guess in my head, I still think of them as teenie tiny babies---so they are constantly surprising me.


Little adults. {sigh…}


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Amy-Jo said...

Perfect for my morning. Love this photo!

Victoria said...

buahaha that is so adorable! It's amazing how quickly they grow huh?


Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Ashley (same age) is pretty much 16. :o/ LOL

Kaci said...

LOL! That's cute!

Kaia said...

Hahaha, that's awesome!! I'm surprised he knows how to use a photo machine!

Savannah said...

LOVE his personality! So funny!

debi10kids said...

It's so great when kids just help get you out of your funk by just being themselves :)

Anonymous said...

Hey you little punk, Papa loves you!

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