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Metabolism Miracle Q & A

So, let me first say that I am in NO WAY an expert on this AT ALL! Diane (the author) is the absolute BEST person to contact for any information regarding the Metabolism Miracle way of life.


I will gladly answer what I can, but encourage you to join Miracle-Ville (even if it is just for one month!). That is where I have found answers to many of my own questions~ not to mention, plenty of recipes and menu ideas, etc.


When in doubt, I look to the Miracle-ville forum for answers…and if I still can’t find it, I will ask Diane directly. It is how I figured out that I was doing some things wrong! EEK! (more of that later)


Here is what one of my bloggie buddies commented:

This isn't a question, but I want to share a suggestion to all those who have recently started... join Miracle-ville! It is a wonderful resource! You will find out about foods and recipes that will make doing the program sooooo much easier. The other (more experienced with MM) members provide a wealth of knowledge, and Diane Kress (the author of the book) actually responds to questions daily and will look at your food diary if you want. I know it costs to join, but even if you do it just for a month, it is worth it.


Diane has composed 3 different lists of Brand Name Items (specific snacks, etc.) for this eating plan. This has helped me TREMENDOUSLY!


Okay, lets get to your questions…

What type of bread do you use & where can you find it?

wonder bread smart wheat

I use the WONDER Smart Wheat bread~ it is SO soft and yummy! After looking forever through the bread aisle, I found this type at Kroger. ONE slice falls under the acceptable 5g carb amount. If you find bread that is a total of 6g net carb, then just cut off the crusts and eat ONE slice.



06 june 2012 196

MISSION Carb Balance Tortillas for wraps. You can have ONE tortilla per serving.


My vitamins:

06 june 2012 052-001



I drink at least one hot, steaming cup of green tea a day.

06 june 2012 051-001



UNSWEETENED Vanilla Almond Milk. LOVE it. (neutral)

07 july 2012 004



So, I’m one of those people who hate water. I have a 32 oz. Camelbak water bottle, so I only have to drink 2 of them throughout the course of my day to hit my 64 oz. of water. Now, I actually drink about 3 of them! This MIO helps a ton.

06 june 2012 193




LOVE pistachios…I have to be careful, or I could easily eat half of the bag!

06 june 2012 047




My absolute FAVORITE snack: Cauliflower Poppers (taste like french fries)

06 june 2012 209



Did it cause insomnia for you?

No! Quite the opposite. I fall asleep easily (especially without those racing thoughts) and sleep well throughout the night.



Have you moved to step 2? Do you have any tips for making the transition?

Nope, not yet…and probably not anytime soon. Step 2 was supposed to start THIS WEEK! UGH! But I just realized that I was eating some items that were NOT okay, so I’m extending my Step 1 by several weeks. (will talk more about that later)



Can Sweet-N-Low be used?

From what I understand, yes- it is a neutral, but Diane encourages people to use Stevia/Purvia/Truvia or Splenda  instead. (items that contain sucralose as opposed to aspartame)



Are there any highlights to read first so I can get started and then read as I go, or do I need to read the whole thing to get started?

I would read the beginning, through Step 1 for sure. You need to first UNDERSTAND what your body is doing and how it is reacting to the foods you put in it. People with Metabolism B process sugars differently.



What other sources of proteins do you suggest?

sliced chicken/turkey breast, eggs/egg whites, canned tuna/salmon, fish fillets, shrimp, crab/lobster, shellfish, mussels, oysters, scallops, grass fed meats (bison, beef, elk, venison), organic greek yogurt that fits into the requirements for your carb counter, protein shakes that fit into your carb counter requirements, etc.



How do you get through the weekends/eating out? what about on the go or what do you order if you have to eat out?

It is actually VERY easy to eat out while on this plan. Here are some examples of what I have done:

Chili’s~ grilled chicken w/ bacon and cheese (order the grilled chicken sandwich with no bread and no honey mustard), broccoli, salad, cheesesteak sandwich without the bread, salmon

Mexican~ fajitas (with no tortillas, no beans, no rice)…just meat, sour cream, cheese, salsa, lettuce (*ask for romaine lettuce to wrap fajitas as opposed to tortillas)

Hamburgers without the bun (with bacon, cheese, onions, lettuce, mustard, mayo, pickles)

Salads with low-fat dressing & grilled chicken or salmon (no croutons, no carrots)



Are you having to prepare different meals for yourself than the kids or have you found some good dinners that work? Is your entire family doing this eating plan with you? How do they like it?

I can make the same food for my entire family while on this plan! They are actually eating healthier now and liking it. Baked chicken, lean meats, etc. Lots of veggies…and I just don’t eat the bread or fruits. I make a ton of items off my Pinterest Metabolism Miracle board. (some items might need to be modified a bit for Step 1)



What about fruit?

NO FRUIT on Step 1, but you get to start adding it back into the diet by Step 2. Keep in mind, once you finish these 8 weeks in Step 1, you never have to do 8 weeks again. When you have to do a quick detox~ it is only 10 days. So, don’t cheat!!! It will be worth it in the long run.



What does it say about beans (black beans etc)?

There are no legumes (lentils, chick peas, limas, kidney beans, black beans) on Step 1. Just green beans.



How do you fit in your snacks when you work?

It was very difficult at first, especially because I’m not a “snacker”…but I always have a bag of nuts in my purse or pocket at work. I also have peanut butter cookies on hand at all times. And if I do not have time to make a wrap or sandwich, I sneak in half of a protein bar to hold me over until I get home.

06 june 2012 048

(from Diane’s list of approved Brand Name Items for Step 1)



Can you have corn?

Not in Step 1. High in sugar/carbohydrates.



Need help with breakfasts on step one. Will you please post recipes or links to recipes?

I hear ya. I got completely worn out from eggs and turkey bacon after week one! That is where Miracle-ville comes in handy b/c they have some great suggestions & recipes on there.

I have started eating 1/3 cup of Cheerios with Almond Milk in the mornings. It counts as my breakfast carb counter.

06 june 2012 053

Again, I didn’t know I could have this until I read over Diane’s Name Brand food lists. It is so refreshing and so much lighter than eggs and bacon.



Bacon and salad dressings. Are they both okay for step one?

Bacon is okay...definitely not recommended on a regular basis due to nitrates and fat content. Everything in moderation. Try turkey bacon or Canadian bacon instead.

Here is what the book says about salad dressings:

“Regular and low fat dressing and vinaigrettes are neutral...avoid those with added sugar like some raspberry vinaigrettes, honeyed dressings, sweetened dressings.”

So, I guess it depends on the ingredient list.



I'm not a big meat eater - lots of fish, sometimes chicken, but never pork or beef. Will that work on this diet?

Yes! of course it will limit your options, but yes~ you can eat all the fish and chicken you want.



So...I am almost two weeks in and I am still fatigued by mid afternoon. Am I doing something wrong?

You might want to recheck what you are eating and make sure it all falls within the book guidelines (that your carb counters are spaced out 5 hrs apart, etc).

That being said, I still nap every single afternoon and feel no shame! LOL. It’s the only chance I get with these 4 crazy quads!



Sweets...ok, I know in phase one you're not really supposed to have "dessert" but I find myself really needing something sweet. I've eaten umpteen Real Fruit popsicles, made little cheesecake cupcakes topped with sugar free jelly (pretty yummy), and the peanut butter cookies (don't know if I did something wrong but they were SO DRY). What else can I do when I want to run to DQ for a blizzard?

I KNOW! The sweets KILL ME! I have such a sweet tooth. Try every single sweets recipe in the book and cookbook! Get on Miracle-ville and you will find TONS of more recipes!

I cannot survive without the peanut butter cookies (recipe in the MM Cookbook). Sure, they have a cardboard consistency, but the taste is good and they are completely neutral.

06 june 2012 210


I also LOOOOOVE these sweet, neutral cocoa nuts:

06 june 2012 045


Sugar free, carb free Walden Farms Chocolate Syrup

06 june 2012 197


And occasionally, I treat myself to a chocolate truffle from Diane’s approved carb counting list:

06 june 2012 195



How are you eating Lindt truffles on this plan? I cant figure out how the carbs work out.

06 june 2012 194

I swear they are on the list! Check it out for yourself!!! LOL. I don’t quite understand either, but I have double and triple checked with Diane and this is what she said:

“Lindt truffle balls...I just rechecked 3 varieties...each one has 5 grams of carb/truffle

Ferrero Roche chocolate balls...each one is a 5 gram counter.” often are you exercising?

Not as much as I SHOULD be. Winking smile I WAS going bike riding every day (several times a day) with the kiddos…but the weather here in Texas has gotten SO BLOODY HOT, that I need to find something else. I swim laps in the pool each week. I really need to move more.



What do you eat for lunch? I need quick prep options.

My favorite is a low-carb wrap: Take one low carb tortilla, spread with laughing cow cheese, add black olives, turkey meat, lettuce, cucumbers (whatever veggies you want) and enjoy! SUPER quick and easy!



What do you do when you go somewhere that dinner is provided for you, someone cooked for you or ordered pizza, etc...?

Good question! I always have backups available in my purse! ALWAYS. And I’ll just make sure and eat a quick snack to hold me over until I can get home. With pizza, you can eat all the toppings and cheese, just not the crust, and it actually satisfies- I’ve tried it!



Do you use the protein shakes? If so, what brand?

Not a big protein shake fan, so no. But again, there are some specific name brands in Diane’s lists.



I just had a baby. What about the Metabolism Miracle while nursing?

No part of the Metabolism Miracle program is designed for pregnant or nursing women. ~ via Diane Kress in the Miracle-ville forums



Did you take your measurements after the first month? Progress?

YES!!! I have lost 0.5 to 1 inch everywhere pretty much. I am MOST excited about the 1/2” gone from my wrists and ankles! NO MORE MAN HANDS and fat ankles! yaaaay. I have NOT WEIGHED myself yet, although I have wanted to many times. That evil, evil scale! And since I am adding several more weeks to my Step 1, I will not be measuring nor weighing again, until I finished the added weeks.



I have cheated and weighed myself just to make sure the scale is going in the right direction ;) And it is....but can't tell any diff in inches yet. How long did it take for you to notice a difference in inches?

DO. NOT. WEIGH. YOURSELF UNTIL THE 8 WEEKS ARE UP!!!!!! I cannot stress this enough. Within these 8 weeks, you will lose, gain, lose, gain, even out---and if you are tracking on the scale, you might get discouraged and quit. SO DON’T DO IT!

As with anything, give it time. Focus on how good you feel! I didn’t feel ANY different for the first couple of weeks….maybe even up to 4 weeks. Joe kept asking if I could notice any physical changes, and I couldn’t. Until I woke up one day and my flabby double chin was gone! It felt so weird and awesome! When I looked down, I didn’t have excess skin there anymore. AWESOME.



How I unknowingly sabotaged my Step 1:

SALTED dry roasted peanuts…seem okay, right?

06 june 2012 046-001


WRONG! Ingredients have sugar and corn syrup. GRRRR! I had no idea until I was reading on the Miracle-ville forum.

06 june 2012 204


Make sure your nuts are just nuts and salt (no sugar)…or to be safe, get the unsalted dry roasted peanuts.

06 june 2012 202

06 june 2012 203



Coffee-mate. Even thought it says SUGAR FREE (0 sugar, 0 carbs), you must still count this as your morning carb. As a neutral alternative, you can use half & half or cream with sugar free syrup.

07 july 2012 005



Everywhere in the book it says “whipped cream” (neutral)…just so you know…COOL WHIP IS NOT WHIPPED CREAM. Good to know. Instead use Reddi Whip, or I would just whip up your own cream with light whipping cream and a mixer to be “safe”.

06 june 2012 198




Don’t be fooled by peanut butters that “claim” to be natural. It is still packed with sugar---but sugar is a “natural” substance, so that is how they get away with it. This peanut butter is NOT okay.

06 june 2012 199



THIS is the only peanut butter that I use. The kind that has to be stirred and refrigerated after opening. It is peanuts and oil.

06 june 2012 201



So, hopefully this helps! I’m not gonna lie, it took a LONG time to research and put this post together. You might have even MORE questions now, after this post…SO I encourage you to seek for answers to your questions through Diane and her boards that she has set up specifically for you on the plan. They are invaluable and SHE is the expert.

I’m just your cheerleader!

Winking smile


Good luck, peeps! I hope you are feeling INCREDIBLE while eating healthy and living a full life.



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Deb said...

Thanks so much for your responses! Even though I've been making some of the same mistakes you were (GASP!), I still know that what I have been doing has been making a difference. Guess I need to go to the store now and buy the right peanut butter and switch my coffee creamer.

Thanks again for the time you took to answer questions and provide encouragement!
Deb :)

Ashley said...

Thanks so much for all your help/information with MM! I just joined M-ville and can't wait to find out more! Thanks again!

Anonymous said...

thanks so much for this. i was doing so many of the same things wrong: the peanut butter, nuts, cool whip, ugh! i'm starting again fresh tomorrow-because i want to do this the right way. i am still so motivated and i know this will (is) working for me. also just a few suggestions on where to find low carb tortillas other than the mission brand

tom thumb and kroger both have great low carb tortillas that are much tastier than the mission brand. also here is a good low carb pizza recipe:

one low carb tortilla
handful of reduced fat shredded cheese
laughing cow cheese spread
turkey pepperoni, chopped veggies, etc

bake at 350 for 10 min. it's REALLY good.

thanks again!!

AKK said...

Thank you so much for the information. I am now a MM person for 2 weeks and I feel so good. No longer bloated and lethargic. I am exercising more now because I FEEL like it!

Just purchased the list....How do we get it? Couldn't figure it out....

Suzanne said...

sorry! i forgot to say that it takes about a day to receive the lists after you purchase them. it will come in the form of an email attachment!


Trayc said...

I'm starting The Diabetes Miracle today!

sl said...

Which list did you buy from the site? Did you get all 3? Thanks for the info. I have lost alot of weight with weightwatchers but can not get rid of the belly fat! This may be the way!!

Allison said...

Thanks so much for taking the time to write this whole post! I've found it incredibly useful and feel very much like you posting this the first time was a wake up call to me. I have PCOS and I know that diet impacts it, but I really feel like this could help.

Thanks again! Allison

Anne said...

Yikes! I was making some of the same instead of being halfway through Step One, I am extending my Step One by 4 weeks to make sure I get the full 8 week rest! I am just filled with so much HOPE for the first time ever!!!

Also wanted to share a great little trick I am using and boy do I love it!!

Using the low carb bread, I take one slice, which is all that falls under the 5g allowance, and pop it in the toaster. Once it is toasted, I take a knife and carefully cut through the slice, turning one slice of bread into two thin slices!! This way, I can prepare a "full size" sandwich but still only be eating one slice of low carb bread! It is awesome!!!

Thank you again for all of your help in introducing me to MM, and for all of the encouragement your blog provides. I know that even with my mistakes over the first 4 weeks, my body is responding. I have even already had others comment that I am losing weight and looking great! I have a LONG way to go, but I am focusing on one day at a time.

Blessings to you!

Julie said...

Thank you so much! Today is my first day with metabolism miracle and I'm feeling HOPEFUL! I bought the books and it was like I was reading about myself- your posts and your pinterest board are great and I think I'm going to join miracle-ville like you suggested to keep me motivated.
Take care,

Tracy said...

I signed up for Miracle-Ville this morning! :)

Kellene said...

No wonder I liked the peanuts so much! Whoops, time to give those away. Thank you so much for the time you took on this post!! A good dessert idea: the base ricotta dessert mix from the back of the book but add natural peanut butter, stir and sprinkle with some of the cocoa almonds you posted. Its like a fake Reese's cup!

Christy said...

Thank you soooo much for all the advice and information! I had some of the same mistakes! I am going to join Miracle-Ville for sure! Thanks again for taking the time to share all this!! What a blessing!

Molly C. said...

I may go broke buying those cocoa roast almonds! They're sooooo good! :) Thanks for telling us about them :)

Chantel said...

Want to know something hysterical I found out today? I hunted high and low for low carb bread, I even ordered low carb bread online (that I have since found out Diane has no faith in being truly low carb.. glad I hadn't eaten it yet.) Drove across town for low carb bread....when the bread I buy for my kids every week? Is the one you posted here for your 5 counter. Yup, this whole time, on my counter and I never bothered to look at it! Glad you posted about it! I have been going on 2 weeks though since I likely ate some sunflower seeds I shouldn't have, I will likely extend step 1 a bit. I joined Miracle-Ville!

Unknown said...

I am having a hard time with the thought of giving up my sugar free french vanilla creamer. Ugh...guess I'll try the half and half. Two questions. When you drink your green tea, do you add anything to it? I'm not sure I can drink it plain, but maybe some Splenda would help. Also, is salsa neutral in Step 1? I make homemade salsa every week, but I know that the sugar in tomatoes can add up. Trying to get started on Monday...I'm scared (but know MM is right for me)!!!

Southern Queen of the Crazies said...

Yay! Thanks for the help!

Mama P said...

Are avocados okay to eat or are they considered a fruit? Please say I can, please say I can, PLEASE SAY I CAN!!!!

Mama P said...

Are avocados allowed on this diet, or are they considered a fruit? Please say I can, please say I can, PLEASE SAY I CAN!?!?!?!?!?

Suzanne said...

Erin- yes!!! Avocados are totally allowed! ;)

Adawk said...

bought the book this week, can not wait to get. I am type 1 diabetic, I emailed Diane and she responded rather quickly! Found your blog through a search

Marilyn said...

I'll start this long journey in Monday but I still have doubts..
I live in London and I was thinking that I'd need the brand name food list but I think that I won't be able to find the same food you have in USA, what do u think?
Also, is it allowed to have something with no carbs like maxi biscuit ciao carb or something like that? Like Atkins products?
Hope you might help me as I'm very confused:((

biomom said...

For anyone who hasn't figured out the calculations for products that don't make since for them to be ok on MM, I got the answer from the author Diane. Any product with Erythritol in a separate line under total carbs can be deducted as well. It's the only sugar that can be deducted. If it just says sugar alcohols, you cannot deduct that. So this is why some products are neutral that don't make sense or some are 5g carb for one piece of chocolate. Total carb-dietry fiber- erythritol (if any)= net carb.

biomom said...

For anyone who hasn't sorted out the carb calculation on things that don't make sense, here is the answer from the author of MM, Diane. Erythritol can also be deducted if it has it's own line under total carbs. So calc is total carbs-dietary carbs- erythritol (if any)=net carbs for MM. This explains why Lindt truffles and other items didn't make sense for being a 5x5. Be cautious though if the line says sugar alcohols or other sugars, etc. you cannot deduct that.

Anonymous said...

I love protein bars for there convenience, I found a quest bar and some paleo bars that seem to work based on the 5 x 5 rule. Are these aloud in step one or should I stay away from all protein bars in this step?

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