Monday, August 20, 2012


The day after the quads’ birthday, we traveled with the Steece family, to Colorado for a wedding. Granna and Auntie JuJu babysat the quads for 5 extremely LONG days. (Thank you SO much~ LOVE YOU!!!)


We headed to the airport with Ed (Joe’s youngest bro) and Jess (Ed’s girlfriend).

08 august 2012 087



Savannah drew me some pictures to take on the plane.

08 august 2012 095



Waiting in the Denver airport for everyone else to arrive

08 august 2012 09708 august 2012 096



Our rental car crew~ Dan (Joe’s middle bro) and Dani (his wife)

08 august 2012 099



We stopped in Golden, Colorado for a little field trip…

08 august 2012 101



Anyone who has ever met Joe, knows that his absolute favorite beer is Coors.

08 august 2012 102



I personally can’t stand beer, but came along for the ride.

08 august 2012 105



Free samples…like a kid in a candy shop

08 august 2012 115



After the brewery, we headed west to Beaver Creek… took this picture for the boys~ it gave me inspiration for the train tunnel that I built for their bday party (stay tuned for that post).

08 august 2012 120



It was such a beautiful drive! Very different than staring at dead yellow grass on the sides of the interstate.


We stayed at The Charter and it was incredible! Dan and Dani were sweet enough to give us the 2nd master bedroom. True love.

08 august 2012 122



That night we ate an amazing dinner at The Beaver Creek Chophouse.

Diddy, Joe & Dani

08 august 2012 124



Dan, Kate & Suz

08 august 2012 125



Love these guys~ Joe, me, Dani & Dan

08 august 2012 126



Friday morning, the fellas went golfing and the gals had a girl’s day in Vail Village.

08 august 2012 127



So beautiful to look up and see the mountains! Surreal.

08 august 2012 129



Davy Crockett’s long lost relative… isn’t she cute, folks? Dani would make a brown paper sack look good.

08 august 2012 133



Friday evening, Joe and I were able to go on a real date! Just the two of us! We enjoyed a nice glass of wine and lovely Sinatra tunes at the Grouse Mountain Grill.

08 august 2012 136



We met up with everyone back at the hotel

08 august 2012 139



My girls~ Jess, Dani & me

08 august 2012 142


The beautiful bride and groom~ Trevor and Stacy

08 august 2012 148


Ed was Trev’s best man

08 august 2012 157



Love these crazy kids~ Ed & Jess

08 august 2012 150



LOVE my bros~ Ed & Dan

08 august 2012 15908 august 2012 154











Jessie and Joey

08 august 2012 163



Grampy & Grammy~ still sweethearts! Love it.

08 august 2012 164



Saturday morning, Joe and I woke up early for a nice walk around the Beaver Creek Village. It was absolutely breathtaking. MUCH DIFFERENT than the triple digit weather in TX.

08 august 2012 181



Colorado folks, PLEASE don’t EVER take these views for granted. Gorgeous.

08 august 2012 183



I couldn’t get over the beeeeeautiful flowers everywhere. Made me SO happy.

08 august 2012 180



Back to Vail Village…crazy cool car made of Legos.

08 august 2012 186



Some extremely smart people sitting on a bench…

08 august 2012 190



We had a wonderful lunch at Tavern on the Square

08 august 2012 192



Our view…I mean, seriously?!!!

08 august 2012 191



Saturday afternoon was the wedding.

08 august 2012 198



The ladeeez…

08 august 2012 199



…and our nude colored shoes (apparently these are “in” right now~ LOL)

08 august 2012 203



Look at this view! What a perfect Colorado wedding.

08 august 2012 200



The whole gang

08 august 2012 204



Me and my hunny

08 august 2012 206



Dids and Kate, such a beautiful couple!

08 august 2012 209



Diddy and his boys…(there’s a clown in every group, can you find him?) LOL. Love you, Kevin.

08 august 2012 217



…and their lovely ladies! Such a great group of gals.

08 august 2012 219



The cute bros…Edward, Daniel and Joseph

08 august 2012 223



Ed & Jess

08 august 2012 229



The bros with Trev Bev

08 august 2012 236



Eddie and me

08 august 2012 243



Kate and Sonya~ gorgeous Mother of the Groom!

08 august 2012 253



The last night in Colorado, the fam headed out to Splendido~ an incredible fine dining restaurant.

I took some pretty pics of everyone on the balcony

08 august 2012 25908 august 2012 26208 august 2012 26308 august 2012 26508 august 2012 26908 august 2012 27008 august 2012 260



Seriously the BEST food I have ever eaten. I broke the ole diet just a smidge on this one…

08 august 2012 276



On the plane, headed home…

08 august 2012 292


Thank you SOOOOOO much to Diddy and Kate for a trip of a lifetime. We had a BLAST! LOVE YOU SO MUCH and everything you do for our family.


And to the Hursh and Casterlin fams~ thank you for letting us be a part of such a special weekend. It was magical and perfect in every way.


Stacy and Trevor~ God bless you guys and your new journey together! It’s a blast, hold on tight to each other. XOXO

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Brandy said...

Love the pics! It looks beautiful in the mountains. My brother just graduated from Colorado School of Mines so you were in his territory!

Where did you get the blue dress? LOVE it!


Suzanne said...

hey brandy! very cool about your bro! and the blue dress is from francescas collections~ my fav store of all time ;)

Anonymous said...

Where were the kids all this time?

J.P. and Danielle said...

Great pics Suz. What is the name of the camera you use?

Suzanne said...

anon~ at home with my mom and aunt

j.p. and danielle~ canon elph!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful guys make such a cute family. I love your in laws they are adorable. Now if the other brother could just get married it would be complete. She looks like a keeper. LOL

Monica @ CreativeGator said...

Wow, what a gorgeous spot for a wedding. You all looked so beautiful and handsome. I thought you mentioned once that Joe is a twin? I know your mom is but thought you said you had twins on both sides of the family.

Suzanne said...

hey monica! thanks so much for the sweet words! yes, joe was a twin. unfortunately, his mom miscarried.

Taylor said...

Beautiful pics. Love Colorado! That was so generous of your inlaws to give you all such a nice vacation! Your hair looks so cute with curls and that reddish color. How did you style it?
Love your nailpolish! Is the color called Negligee by any chance? And, are your sister in laws real sisters? They look SO much alike!

Hamilton Family said...

I have been following your blog the past few years and I'm not sure that I've ever commented but this post called for it. I work at the Coors brewery in Golden!! It was crazy to see that you were there. It would have been even more crazy to run into you. Talk about surreal. I'm so glad that you enjoyed our amazing state and had a wonderful vacation!!

Anonymous said...

Suz...You look soooo good! Not that you didn't before but that diet must really be working for you, you look amazing!

Anonymous said...

Does Joe have any other brothers that you haven't told us about? Because I'd love to marry into this family! Haha

I love reading your blog because you all always look so happy. It seems like you truly enjoy spending time with one another and don't take what you have for granted. I would consider myself lucky to have half as many fun, loving, supportive in-laws in my life someday. All the best to you and your family, Suz! Let me know if another brother turns up...

April said...

so fabulous!!! I live in Denver, and honestly think of one day running into you and just saying OMG I read your blog, and your whole family is just beautiful!!! (I've been reading since the quads were newborns.) that weekend you were here, I was flying to Seattle, and was seriously trying to spot you when I was at the airport, thinking surely I can spot four 5 year old's (my main focus was trying on spotting Savannah). And now I read it was just you and Joe.
Anyways, love your hair! and I've done all of those CO things..the brewery, and the Vail Village!!! So glad you had a good time and got to enjoy our mountains!

Anonymous said...

Loved this post Suz!! You always have so much fun together and I love seeing that. Family is SO important and I am so blessed with mine like you are yours :)
You look amazing by the way and I love love LOVE you're new hair style!!! Please tell me how you style/"curl" it like that!? I have hair that is SO strait and thin and I would LOVE to style it like that to give it some body :)

Blessings to you!

Charla said...

Okay, girlfriend, you are HOT!!! Haha! Seriously, you are looking so great; I hope you know it!

Looks like y'all had a blast! Love me some Colorado and its been way too long since I've been! :)

jayme said...

what a beautiful family! my fiancé (we're getting married in two months!) has two brothers too and i hope i love their future wives as much as you all do! they're both single as of now. i'm sure i will but you all are just so cute! xo

Unknown said...

You and Joe are so cute :) Glad you got a real date night

Kelly said...

You have a beautiful family!!! We live up in Fort Collins and after 12 years, it still catches my breath to look up at the mountains!!

Unknown said...

What a fun weekend away!! You look amazing and your family always looks so happy together!! What a blessing!

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