Thursday, August 23, 2012

3 Dudes with 3 Super Cool DINOS!

You guys need to check out the new VTech Switch & Go Dinos™!
This toy is the best of both worlds; within a couple of clicks, it transforms from a fierce dinosaur... a super cool vehicle!

Here, let my sweet little boys demonstrate how they play with their new toys...

They had an absolute BLAST with these VTech Switch & Go Dinos...hours and hours of pure entertainment!

The VTech Switch & Go Dinos range from $15.99- $49.99.


VTech is challenging kids to transform their imagination through the Show & Tell with Switch & Go Contest.

Contestants must upload a 15-30 second video to the VTech Facebook page of their child’s home-made dino creation!

In the video, have your child show off their new Dino by: drawing, building or customizing their existing Switch & Go Dino. Don’t forget to mention the cool things your child's dino does!

What does it look like? Show-off your child's home-made Dino creation and record it on video in 1 of 3 ways:
1. Draw (they can use markers, crayons, paint or pen to sketch your creation on paper)
2. Build (they can use foil, paper, cardboard, or any non-branded household items to build your Dino)
3. Customize (they can update their own VTech Switch & Go Dino with accessories and fun props to give them a new image!)

What makes your child's Dino large and in charge?

Name it and share its roaring sound effects. Here is an example of a quick 15-30 second video entry:


Remember: It's EASY to enter! Simply DRAW or BUILD your own Dino for a chance to win! Purchase of a VTech Switch & Go Dino is NOT necessary to enter.
 Let their creativity come through by having them tell the world what their dino looks like, what it eats, what it sounds like, and more - it's THEIR VERY OWN DINO!

From October 8 through October 19 cast your vote for the coolest, most creative and fiercest video

One grand-prize winner will get a kids lifetime supply of educational toys from VTech. And your video will air on a VTech commercial on Nickelodeon, which you can watch at your very own viewing party with your friends and family. And VTech will also transform your living room into the ultimate Dinon den.

I would LOOOOVE to see one of my faithful bloggie buddies win this competition -- so get to work, peeps! I KNOW some of you are super creative. A lifetime supply of educational toys?! All for an easy peasy 15-30 second video?! HOLY COW! Be sure to click here to enter the competition!
Go to the VTech brand page on to see other video examples and bloggers' reviews of the fabulous Switch & Go Dinos!


Jess said...

Oh I die from cuteness! "We have TWIPLET dinosaurs!"
I was wondering what kind of sunscreen you use on your kids (if you use any), because they always have such beautiful dark tans?

Jess said...

Oh I die from cuteness! "We have TWIPLET dinosaurs!"
I was wondering what kind of sunscreen you use on your kids (if you use any), because they always have such beautiful dark tans?

Suzanne said...

thx jess! we most definitely use sunscreen 50+, every time we go outside. if swimming, we reapply at least once or twice. they just tan very easily like their mama. ;)

Jenni said...

How fun! I am loving the boys hair!

Jenna said...

My name is Jenna and I came across site. Those sure are awesome toys the boys have, I love them. The boys are cute, and handsome prince's. I was born with a rare life threating disease, developmental delays and 14 other medical conditions.
here is my site:

Ramona said...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention! My daughter is going through an inquisitive, tear everything apart to see how it works/find new uses for things/invention phase right on the heels of childhood's ubiquitous dinosaurs obsession. Hopefully she's as happy with one of those Dinos as your boys look come Yuletide.

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