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“Trains & Tiaras”~ Quads’ 5th Birthday Theme

Okay, so it has taken me forever to sort through all the bday party pics! I’m going to have to break it up into different posts.


When I asked the kiddos what type of birthday they wanted- the boys said “THOMAS THE TRAIN!” (naturally)…and Sav said “PRINCESS!”


So, I came up with: “Trains & Tiaras”.

The invites:

birthday invitation-001

(design by Amberle' Williams, wording by me)

07 july 2012 128



Mama got busy on Pinterest and started looking up lots of fun ideas!

Joe took the kids out of town one weekend and I decided to build a castle from cardboard boxes!

Cut out some holes…

07 july 2012 151


Stacked the boxes & made a drawbridge door

07 july 2012 157


finishing touches on the tops

07 july 2012 164


added some windows and “bricks” for dimension and personality

07 july 2012 171



Sav was THRILLED when she returned home! Alas, the castle went into the garage for several more weeks until I could finish it (and so the kids couldn’t destroy it before their party)

07 july 2012 173


Finally, after some gray and stone-textured spray paint and a few details, Whallah! It turned out SOOOO cute and it was MASSIVE! Sav picked out the flowers that I put in the little flower trough.

08 august 2012 430


Sassy Princess Sav’s Castle

08 august 2012 432


Her Royal Highness before her guests arrived…

08 august 2012 304



So, Savi had her castle and I promised the boys a train tunnel- they were SOOOOO pumped! (pics to follow)

I love to doodle and draw~ so I had a ton of fun making these train signs:

08 august 2012 492


Train tracks on the bar~ made from green felt and black electrical tape

08 august 2012 490


I had pictures of the kids blown up to 11x14 and mounted on canvas to decorate around the party:

07 july 2012 14207 july 2012 13807 july 2012 14304 april 2012 40304 april 2012 387-00104 april 2012 389


Here, it might be easier to give you a quick tour:

Leading up to the front door

08 august 2012 424


CUTE balloon wreath that Lizzie let me borrow (along with LOTS of other party supplies! She is the BEST!). She MADE this for her girls’ Carnival party earlier this year.

08 august 2012 426


As you opened the front door, the tracks continued and led you through the train tunnel.

08 august 2012 427


Welcome tables were immediately to your right

08 august 2012 437


Train party hats for the dudes (per the boys request…they LOVE party hats for some reason)

08 august 2012 435


…and of course tiaras for all of the little princesses!

08 august 2012 436


Directly across the welcome tables were pink plastic curtains that sectioned off the front room…

08 august 2012 428


…and opened up to Princess Savannah’s Castle

08 august 2012 429


Next to the castle was the girly sweets table~ full of homemade sugar cookies & princess cupcakes, marshmallow pops (made by Liz! so nice), pink candies & fresh fruit with dip tray (not pictured yet---still working away on it in the kitchen, ha)

08 august 2012 300


Fluffy pom poms, made out of tissue paper, hung above the sweets table~ made by yours truly

08 august 2012 433


The hutch was decorated to match the castle

08 august 2012 434


Directly behind the castle was a candy necklace making station

08 august 2012 338


…and a coloring page station



(again, I LOVE to doodle and draw cartoonish things)

06 june 2012 003


Back to the massive train tunnel~ It was constructed out of cardboard boxes and hung from the 2nd floor balcony. Notice the “8107”?…… (The kids were born on 8-1-07)

08 august 2012 305


It took 4 grown adults to cover the train tunnel in black plastic tablecloth the night before! (Thank you so much Diddy, Dan, Dani, and Joe)!

08 august 2012 293


The back of the tunnel opened up to the living room

08 august 2012 438


…where I had some train tracks and gobs of trains set up for kids to play with

08 august 2012 298


The food table…(not quite finished yet)




The Princess partaking in the goods…

08 august 2012 311


LOOOOVE this pic of the boys. Joe took it with his iphone during his father and son date: A Day Out With Thomas the Train earlier this year.

08 august 2012 440


The picture with Sir Topham Hat sat nicely by a figure of Sir T…and an awesome railroad crossing light that I bought on Amazon for $10! It lights up and blinks~ so cool.

08 august 2012 441


In the kitchen, we had pitchers of Joe’s famous Bloody Mary’s and Passion Fruit Mimosas for the adults, along with tubs of other beverages, water and fruit juices.08 august 2012 296


We had our bounce house and Liz’s bounce house set up outside in the backyard

08 august 2012 307


…and we were so fortunate to have somewhat “cooler”… or should I say, “not as burning your eyeballs out smoldering hot” weather on that Saturday morning. People could actually sit outside and not melt (at least for an hour or two).

08 august 2012 308


Next up: Party Pics with all our friends and fam!


(Thank you so much to the peeps who actually took pictures at the party while I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off and chatted with everyone. I truly appreciate YOU! and if it weren’t for you, I would have ZERO pics. So THANK YOU!)

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pyjammy pam said...

this is awesome! my boys all want their own theme this year, so you've given me some great ideas. (i mean, no one wants tiaras, but rather trains, rocketships, and racecars. at least they go together...)

Jenni said...

WOW!!! What great decorations!!

Brandy said...

All I can say is "WOW!" You created an awesome birthday party! So creative. Great job & I absolutely LOVE all of the quad's canvas pictures. Adorable!


Michael and Hannah said...

That's insane. How in the world do you have the time??? Props to you! You're the best parents EVER.

Kari said...

What an awesome birthday party! I know wanting seperate themes will be in the near future for us too.1

Unknown said...

You are one AMAZING mama!!! This looks like so much fun! I bet this was the party of the year for any child in attendance!

Potpie said...

You drew that stuff?!? Wow! Looks like a great party. One of my twins loves Thomas and trains as much as humanly possible, so I am paying close attention to your train ideas. Your kids are super cute as always! Happy birthday to them.

Dee Stephens said...

Precious!! Love it all! New here... come visit..

Amber said...

What a fantastic party!! Good work mama!! (Taking notes for my own future quad birthday entertainment, lol.)

Page said...

Love it! Brayton just had his 3rd bday which was planes, trains and automobiles and i can relate to the pinterest search! i tried to convince the hubs to do the train tracks on the sidewalk but he wasn't having it ;) So, how long did you end up leaving all those cardboard decorations for the kids to play with?? ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! what an amazing party. Great job! I'm sure the kids were all so excited for their big day.

MomofSyd PlusThree said...

How NEAT and such a creative way to celebrate! I bet they had a blast :) Great job momma!

Ashley Quarles said...

What an awesome party!!!!

Unknown said...

wow you are one creative mama! love the way you incorparated both themes!! so so fancy :)

Emily said...

Fantastic decorations! Joe should share his bloody mary recipe! I think it's great you had something for the boys, girls and adults! Can't wait to see more pictures!

Pam said...

WOW! You are so creative, you children are so very lucky to have such creative! Pictures are just precious too, I can't believe they are five already though! Also, I'm very interested in Joe's recipe for Bloody Mary's I'll fb you a message if that's ok! A friend in East Texas, Pam

Unknown said...

Wow! you are so creative. Your children are so lucky to have you plan their parties. My poor son gets my terriable parties. I am so impressed.

Cassi said...

WOW! I have been following your blog since the beginning of the quads' lives and I can honestly say that you never cease to amaze me with your creativity and enthusiam! Love it! Happy Birthday to them and congrats to you and Joe for an amazing 5 years of parenthood!

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