Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Day with Thomas the Train & my Duuudes!

(via Dad…)

Ethan, Ben, Andrew

04 april 2012 403

Before I get into this blog and all of the good times had by me and the boys, I’ve got to address the _________(insert large animal) in the room.


Is Thomas and his band of merry men one of the creepiest “kids” program you parents have seen? The show looks like it was made by some guy in his basement (circa early 70’s) because he loved trains so much he couldn’t give them up and decided to make a show about them.

Wait, at this rate Ethan may be a co-producer at the age of 5.

I’m ready for Thom, Master Percy and Harvey D to wake up and just take the cargo bullies to the woodshed or iron mill or some reference frequently used in the magical town/village/island of Sodor.  All right, enough…back to the day!

04 april 2012 404


It was a great chance to spend some quality dude only time.  Its crazy how the removal of just one can make everything so much easier.  Well, maybe that’s b/c we’re talking about the removal of the teenage girl stuck in the body of a 4.5yr old, but still…

04 april 2012 405



She’s cute, but don’t let her fool you like she does me…

04 april 2012 409



So we hit the road after some Suz required pics (likely in fear that I wouldn’t take any…good call) and grabbed some donuts for the road. I also put on a Thomas DVD* in the car to get the guys real fired up about the big trip.

04 april 2012 408

Between the donuts and DVD* I think I could have just cruised around for an hour and it would have been considered a great time by my passengers.


*The Thomas DVD was narrated by Alec Baldwin. This and his Capital One commercials must be punishment from his inability to power down an electronic device on airplanes. No other explanation.

04 april 2012 362



This was the first shot I took of the guys as we were walking up…its really hard to tell how pumped they were about seeing the big guy, right?

04 april 2012 364



I actually had to pass Thomas in effort to find a parking spot and was immediately yelled at by 3 little backseat drivers telling me to turnaround! go back! Thomas is back that way, Dad!

04 april 2012 366



The highlight of the day was not riding BIG Thomas- the real train, meeting Sir Topham Hat or meeting the Conductor…it was watching the “little Thomas” on the tracks and helping him “go faster".

04 april 2012 367

Keep in mind these are the exact same trains and tracks they can play with at any time in their own home. Just not as cool as the big show mini track. I get it guys…shooting hoops in the gym was cooler than the driveway. (what you just witnessed was my weak rationalization…apologies).



Here’s the lone pic I got of me and the dudes b/c this Grandma, taking her Grand-kids out, no doubt looked at me and felt sorry for me as the kids battled over who got to sit next to the open window. She knew this pic would calm them down and bail me out with my wife. Thank you very much, old…wise…sweet…Grandma.

04 april 2012 374



Window watching from the train…Ben was locked in.

04 april 2012 375



Me and my boy Drew…always happy, always having a good time.

04 april 2012 377



He’s not Tom Hanks (in the Polar Express) punching your ticket, but he got me a few extra minutes of sitting still.

04 april 2012 379



Certified Day out with Thomas Engineers…future Ags! Andrew

04 april 2012 381



What you’re looking at now is “Thomas’s house".

04 april 2012 385



…Ok, so that’s what I told the guys to be able to take a pic in front of this cool looking, original old school Grapevine train station.

04 april 2012 38604 april 2012 387



Sir Topham Hat…got hooked up here by another guy that I think felt bad for me and let us sneak in to have the very last picture allowed with Mr. Hat. What you cant see is the high five charade that took place as soon as they were allowed to run up on the stage…then the group bear hug after the pictures were taken. Greatness!

04 april 2012 389




04 april 2012 396



A Day with Daddy and Thomas the Train



Dad made the call for a Kincaids burger on the way home.

04 april 2012 400



There just happened to be some cool hot rods outside Kincaid’s, so we took a pic in front of their favorite…nice work boys and no I can’t take you for a ride. Wish I could. You guys ever heard of a Wagoneer?

04 april 2012 402




Linda Chapman said...

What a great post! I have a 5 year old grandson who has loved Thomas all his young life! Waiting for my youngest daughter tp have her quads and there may just be a 'Thomas Lover' in HER bunch!

Zazzy Episodes said...

What a lovely entry. I especially love the last pic of all the boys waving goodbye. Nice boy time spent well!

jag said...

SO cute and fun! We were going to take our dudes, but one got super sick:(

I can totally relate to the creepy Thomas jargon. Cameron said someone was being "cheeky" the other day and constantly talks about being "useful." Oh, and lets not forget the time he was "very cross" with someone. Thomas nerds - a not so rare breed it turns out:)

Love Being A Nonny said...

First of all, in the first picture, because they had hats on, I thought Ben was Sav! Can't get over how much those two look alike! Also, I LOVE that daddy took the boys for the day. Sweetest thing ever! Can't wait to see what mommy and Sav did! Precious children!

MEGAN said...

what a fun day! you kill me with the '4.5 year old trapped in a teenager's body!'

Krystyn @ Really, Are You Serious? said...

My husband can't stand Thomas, either! Totally creepy.

And, goodness, in that first picture, I totally thought Ben was Sav. They look sooo much alike (I guess I didn't realize it as much until his head was covered up!).

Barbara Manatee said...

So very fun! Our boys love Thomas, too and we did A Day Out last summer and will likely do it again this year. They all loved it.

I have to say, I adore that pic of Sav and your comment about "don't let her fool you..." ha!

Ali said...

Loving the posts from Dad's perspective. You and Conor crack me up!

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