Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2nd Week in Soccer

Well, look-ey, look-ey who decided to participate and actually had fun! BEN! (practicing his mule kick)

04 april 2012 410



Dad doing some assistant coaching

04 april 2012 412



Miss Priss, pausing for a picture

04 april 2012 428



And here are some videos of Ben blasting past everyone in some speed/coordination drills. The kid is FAST!





The boys had a blast at “A Day with Thomas”~ their Daddy date to ride Thomas the Train. I’m bugging Joe to write the post…its kinda like pulling teeth…and I wonder where Drew gets it? LOL.

SO check back soon! Winking smile

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Barbara Manatee said...

So fun! My twins are so anxious to start tball again but that's not till June! We'll be doign swimming lessons until then. :-)

Diane said...

Hi! I had to come check-out your blog again after I met a friend of your husband's. I was at the park with my kids (4 surviving of quintuplets). She asked if I had heard of you and that her husband is good friend of your husband. Anyway, I said I had heard of you (I like to read blogs) but had forgotten that you had 3 boys and 1 girl...like me!! God bless you and your family!! Your children are beautiful!!! :)Diane

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