Wednesday, May 02, 2012

My RN buddies

Ahhh, the good ‘ole days. Many of you have party pictures of living it up during your wild college years…


well…this is what mine looked like:



Driving back and forth from Searcy, AR to Little Rock, AR for many LONG and exhausting nursing clinicals. STUDYING, PAPERWORK, EXAMS, STUDYING, PAPERWORK, EXAMS.


Next to carrying/birthing/parenting quads, Harding University’s Nursing Program was the most difficult challenge I have ever faced in my life.


What made my college years meaningful? ---> Getting to spend every single second of every day with my RN buddies. (posing in front of my car ~“The Red Rocket”~ …not sure how we all fit in there! haha)




The last time I was able to see my girls was 2008 in Virginia (way too long!)…a year after my kiddos had been born.

Suz, Mo (and Monroe), Sonya, Jessicca (preggo with Jonas), Wendi, and Alisha (with Aria)




This year we partied kid-free in San Antonio for Fiesta! (We had no idea “Fiesta” would be going on---but it was an incredible atmosphere! LOVED it!)

04 april 2012 500


The first night (Wednesday) was super fun at Mi Tierra’s. You would have thought that it was late night Saturday by the party people outside! Dancing in the street, live music, awesomeness.


Jessicca and Maurine (Mo)

04 april 2012 496



Alisha and Wendi

04 april 2012 497



Suz and Sonya

04 april 2012 498



We took it easy Thursday morning…a good workout, light breakfast, and an afternoon by the pool. Suz’s idea of a vacation!


Mo and me hanging by the hotel pool. We stayed on the top 15th floor of the Westin Riverwalk! SOOOO NICE! Thank you Sonya, for the hook up!

04 april 2012 504



Dinner Thursday night at Paesanos on the Riverwalk. Yummy Italian food! Alisha, Mo, Wendi

04 april 2012 505



Jess, me, Sonya

04 april 2012 506



The San Antonio Riverwalk is a blast! If you haven’t visited, you should definitely try it out. Such an exciting atmosphere…you can FEEL it in the air!

04 april 2012 507



After dinner drinks back at our hotel

04 april 2012 51004 april 2012 511



…and desert~ one of my fav’s! Crème Brulee with Jessicca. Yum.

04 april 2012 512




Friday late morning/afternoon~ we walked (a bajillion miles) to The Guenther House…and it was well worth the trek!

04 april 2012 516



Such a cute and quaint little house with tons of history.

04 april 2012 517



…and amazing food!

04 april 2012 518



Our scenic route home…so peaceful.

04 april 2012 519



My 2 little flower children…love Sonya and Jessicca!

04 april 2012 520



The Riverwalk in front of our hotel. Me, Wendi, Alisha, Mo, Jessicca, Sonya (thank you, sweet lady who risked your life to take this photo while standing in oncoming traffic!)

04 april 2012 521



No trip to the Riverwalk would be complete without an official Boat Cruise! tee hee.

04 april 2012 523



I’ve been on tons of these tours and it never gets old

04 april 2012 524



Hi Westin!

04 april 2012 526



And no trip to San Antonio, TX would be complete without a visit to The Alamo.

04 april 2012 533



Who’s never heard of Cascarones? THESE GIRLS!!! I guess confetti eggs is a Southern thing? Either way- they are tons of fun. Order you some and get to crackin’!

04 april 2012 535



Fiesta Fiesta!!! People are dressed up everywhere in royal garments and pins and flower headpieces…(I don’t think we every truly understood all of the facets of the Fiesta history and traditions while we were there~ but it was fun!)


The girls and “The King of Bling”

04 april 2012 536



And our favorite dinner, complete with live Salsa music and dancing, was at Rosarios!

04 april 2012 537



The CocoMargarita was incredible! A mixture of Pina Colada and Margarita…who knew?! YUM! (Enjoyed by the “sweet girls”)

04 april 2012 540



And the Sassy girls with their salty Ritas! Good times.

04 april 2012 539




We had an absolute BLAST!!!!


Ladies, I cannot believe 10 years have gone by since we graduated from Nursing School…

04 april 20122


…a LOT has changed, but I love you just the same!


I thank God for the blessing of you in my life.


Til Next Time~ Love & Hugs,

suz signature



A HUGE thanks to all those who helped with the kiddos while I was away~ it takes an army! Ashley, Liz, Tempe, Ladelle, Peggy, Larry, and my sweet hubby. I love you.


Dara Wills said...

Looks like such a fun trip! You described my feelings perfectly about nursing school. TOTALLY sucked but the friends made it all worth it.

Unknown said...

Love that you blogged our Fiesta trip Suz! Bringin' back the memories with the old photos, thanks for posting! Loved our reunion, looking forward to next year. Love you girls! *hugs*

QuatroMama said...

Looks like SUCH a fun trip, Suz. Love the "blasts from the pasts" pics. Glad you had some time away with your sweet friends!

Holly said...

Looks like such a fun trip! And I must say, you ALWAYS have the cutest dresses and outfits! You are one hot Momma! :)

Anonymous said...

I think confetti eggs are a Texas thing! I grew up in Mississippi and they weren't a thing here, but when in college (also in MS) the Texas alums sent a ton of them to us to use in rush! So cool and fun!

Hannah said...

Love your blog!! I'm in nursing school right now, though only a freshman, but it is direct acceptance so I am in the school, and don't have to apply my sophomore year! Anyways, what would be your main pieces of advice?? I love it, it is SUPER hard and I feel like I already have to work super hard to get a decent grade and I'm not even into my clinical yet! haha. Can't wait to just start working! :)

Anonymous said...

This is so funny, hubs and I were in San Antonio this past weekend for our wedding anniversary and we splurged and stayed at the Westin Riverwalk also. We loved that hotel! We didn't know about the Fiesta celebration either but it sure was fun!

Crady said...

My husband went to medical school in SA. We were there at the beginning of the week, but we had to stay an extra day because my pneumonia-prone son got sick Tuesday night. We were across the street from Mi Tierra's Wednesday night at Christus Santa Rosa Children's Hospital (all that music and fun gave me a sleepless night). All ended up fine and we were discharged the next day.

I think cascarones are a purely San Antonio (Hispanic?) thing. But they sure are fun and entertaining!

Kristin said...

I really like the navy dress with brown belt. I was wondering if you got it at a local store or if I might could find it where I live. Thanks! Love following your blog. I have a 6 yr old and 20mo old triplets.

Kristin said...

I really like the navy dress with brown belt. I was curious if it came from a local store or I might be able to find it here in TN. I love to read your blog. I have a 6 yr old and 20 mo old triplets. Thanks!

HW said...

My husband and I graduated from Harding and our daughter will begin classes there in August; she is planning to study nursing. We know it is a top notch program and we are so thrilled for her. She has a tough road ahead but she is diligent and hardworking and has such a kind heart and loving spirit. She will be a wonderful nurse one day.

I am so thrilled to see her starting this phase of life at such a wonderful university.

Harding friends are eternal friends.

A urora said...

GREAT pics! Looks like you had a great time.

I live in SA and Fiesta is so fun. The kids get off school for it. Such a party city! (Confetti eggs are so fun)

Anonymous said...

And I love the dress with the stripes (both dresses actually)- you had 2 with stripes. PLEASE tell me where you go them. I think you need to start posting where you buy every outfit since I love them all. I live in VA so I won't be your "twin" Thanks. Please post or e-mail me.

Anonymous said...

This video reminded me of you.
I love seeing then and now pictures!

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