Sunday, September 18, 2005

For the love of the game

It has officially started...I will probably stay maybe 3-4 weekends in Houston for the rest of the year. Joe and I will travel to College Station for every aTm home game and the weekends that aren't home games are filled with trips to Austin and Waco.

You don't understand...
My husband's obsession with sports, of any kind, is medication-worthy! NON-STOP and exhausting! Aggie football is his passion...every season Joe designs and has professional "game day shirts" created for him and all of his buddies. This year, he made special "Steece family shirts" for only his brothers and me. (WOW! yes, I know...) I promised I would wear it at least once...(see below)

He is crazy about tailgating. Joe has the accumulated following items for his tailgate: chairs, coolers, TV, satellite, playstation, generators, grill, tent, football, etc....and he is constantly trying to update his set up. He is like a 2 year old in a candy store!...its ridiculous, but adorable at the same time. ;)

The game was great yesterday, but we all got burned to a crisp! We were completely exhausted and dehydrated (salt was forming on our arms and in our hair from sweating so much). There were people in the stands fainting left and right...hey, here's a great idea! lets make a football game (anywhere in Texas) start at 11:00am in the middle of September! ahhh...a small price to pay for the love of the game...

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