Sunday, October 30, 2005

Victims of Credit Card FRAUD!

Okay...ready for a crazy story?

Thursday. I receive a package from our front office that was addressed to our apartment. There was a weird name on it with our address, but i just figured they accidentally got the wrong apt. number. It was a brand new Sprint phone. I looked at the invoice and tried to call the telephone number of the "suspect". No answer, so I immediately wrote "wrong address" on the package and walked it back down to our front office and told them what happened. (trying to be a nice person, b/c I know if I was waiting on a new phone, I'd want it as soon as possible)

Friday. I receive an email from Joe around 1:30p at work and it reads, "Suz, what tha heck? do you know what these charges are that add up to over $500 in our bank account?" and he copied and pasted the charges from our account. 2 of the charges were for reliant energy $150 and $170...then I saw it and began shaking "SPRINTPCS blah blah $210"...THE PHONE!!!! I called Joe immediately and told him to cancel his card (it was HIS card number! I was happy that it wasn't mine! ha) anywhoo... I call our front office (hoping they would still have the package with the invoice and all of this chick's account information)...they didn't--they had sent the package back already. I told them what was going on and they felt horrible and let me know that they would contact me with any information.

I called Sprint and they couldn't help me...even though I could give them the exact credit card used to purchase a phone and the delivery address (ABSOLUTELY FURIOUS!). Joe called Reliant energy and same help.

Well, once I get home around 4:00p, I get a call from our front office. You will never believe....the dumb lady called our office looking for the phone she stole! The ladies from our office new what was going on and were FANTASTIC in getting information out of her! They were able to get her home phone number. The "suspect" (if you will) wanted our office to send the package back to the UPS office and she would pick it up from there....she did NOT want to come to our apartments and told them that she lived over by the Astrodome.

SO...we got some GREAT information on her! Joe used her home phone number to call Sprint back and got her cell phone number. I called information and got her street address and verified the spelling of her name and phone number!!

I just got off the phone with HPD and filed a police report and told them the whole story! The dispatch officer was awesome! She was laughing at how good me and Joe were about being little detectives! I asked her the probability that HPD would actually do something with all of this information and she sounded extremely positive. She said, "most people who are reporting fraud don't have any information to give us! the only things you guys left out were her date of birth and social security number! (laughing)" so, i'm the fact that I will be calling every day to harass them about my case and the progress they are making! :)

I'll keep you updated. Doesn't this stuff just make you SICK! I hate that human beings are capable of being so manipulative and horrible. JUSTICE WILL PREVAIL this time...and we all know she will get "hers" when the time comes...good riddens.


Kimberly said...

That is crazy! Good job catching her! We'll just start calling you Gumshoe!

lauren said...

I can't believe that! People can be so sick! Way to go, though, on catching her!!

suzanne said...

Thanks! I need to call to see what progress they are making! It is so frustrating.

Amanda Ware said...

SCARY! Nightmare, do they know how she got the card number. You go Sherlock!

suzanne said...

well, we hardly EVER give our number out over the phone/internet...and maybe 1-2 days before the chick started using our number, joe had given his number over the phone to a food delivery service here in houston. they asked for the 3 digit code on the back of the card (which i thought was odd...but the manager reassured me that they need it for their computers) and even more odd, AFTER joe had given all of the card info over the phone, the driver swiped his card (again) on a manual carbon-copy device....weird.

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