Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The "Hoag" kiddos and grand-dogs ;)

Thanksgiving 2005 in my parent's backyard--Waco, Texas

Here we have: Ashley Hoag with Dizzy, Joseph Steece with Shiloh, Collin Hoag (the mountain man) with Sofie, and Suzanne Steece with...the mountain man


brad eatherly said...

wow. you're brother looks awesome. tell him i said hello, if he remembers me. I hope you're doing well.

suzanne said...

thanks bradley!! i sure will! miss you.

lauren said...

Hi Brad! I don't know if you'll read this, but hope all is well with you! Suz, I barely recognized Collin!! I'm glad y'all all were able to get together for Thanksgiving in Wacko. It's been a while since I've been here for it. Hopefully we'll get to see eachother Christmastime.

Å said...

Just like Samson... Long hair= power!

suzanne said...

you are so crazy...better be nice to your lil sis or sleep with one eye open! i might take some scissors to it! ;)

Anonymous said...

Suz-Wow! I can't believe Collin's hair! His wife is so cute--looks like you guys have fun together.
My neice, Emma, is Jeff's brother's new baby. No, Nolan and Sarah are childless and Kevin is still single. Did you hear about Kevin? He has alapecia totalis...I'm sure you know what that is...all his hair fell out. It's really sad. anyways....Hope all is well with your family! We will be in Waco (Mart) Dec. 23-25th. Just letting ya know.

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