Thursday, December 15, 2005

Bad Dreams...Anyone?, this has plagued me for a while...if any of you know anything about interpreting dreams (not spiritually, but on a more medical/psychological basis) i would appreciate your input...

i hardly EVER remember my dreams. i know that supposedly all of us dream, several times a's just a matter of if you remember the exact dream or not....

when i remember my dreams...they are TERRIBLE! i mean, absolutely HORRIFIC! the kind that give you creeped out, weird, uneasy feelings all the next morning/day. none of the warm and fuzzies, no "awww how neat, friends i haven't seen in a long time!", NO....i don't know what it wrong with me! every once in a while i will remember my ghastly dreams...(and it's not just when i'm stressed out or sleep's random and can be on a wonderfully perfect has no rhyme or reason)

examples: (get ready, these are kinda creepy):
*my dad getting kidnapped and held for ransom, while being tortured
*my brother and sister in law dying in horrible car wrecks
*joe getting tortured and killed
*my uncle and aunt (who i absolutely LOVE) chasing me, trying to kill me, and i have to choose between risking death by saving my puppy or running and surviving (my dream this week)
*one of my good friends getting cancer, being on hospice and i'm his nurse in his surgery and in recovery while he's slowly and painfully dying (this was about a year ago and i couldn't get a hold of him on the phone for about a month! i was freaking out!)

gasp. i know. suz is messed up. while having these dreams, i will be so physically sick, curled up in a ball, holding my breath b/c i'm crying so hard in my dreams. i will have a horrible headache and my face will be all red. i will wake up and be so freaked out for like hours...once again, these dreams are EVERY once in a while...not often

MY PROGNOSIS: is that i LOVE these people soooooooooo much. subconsciously, i am terrified of something happening to them.. (that makes me feel better, than thinking i'm severely demented!) ;)

any thoughts? or similar dreams? do i need strong anti-psychotic medication (JOKE)? :)


Amanda Ware said...

What kind of shows are you watching, I have been going nuts with CSI and 24 and finding my dreams are about terrorists and scary things happening! I like your diagnosis a bit love people so much! Way to look on the positive side! Just watch out for that TV! This may be my parnonia talking! I will be watching March of the Penguins tonight to clean my mind of phsyco killers!

suzanne said...

oooh....didn't think of THAT! i LOVE CSI and Medium and Oprah! (in fact, i was watching Oprah the night of my last dream--it was about husbands turning into cold blooded killers and killing their families!) hmmm...ya think THAT had something to do with it? (hence the sarcasm)

lauren said...

Ok, I just had this conversation with Josh the other night because I have been having lots of vivid nightmares lately (symptom of pregnancy), but they're all of me being chased or hunted by a killer and me hiding. Recently I dreamed a killer was in my bathroom while we were sleeping and I could barely move to wake Josh up. We both agreed that I needed to stop watching CSI, Law and Order SVU, Criminal Minds, 24, etc. right before bed! THat's so weird that you said that, too, Amanda! I try to watch bits of DVR'd Oprah or something before bed. Suz, I think the main reason is that you are missing your childhood youthgroup/college roomate friends. I think I read that somewhere... ;) But seriously, I agree with Amanda. Other than that, I think there's not much you can do.

Mo said...

Suz- I have never seen a blog before- how cool! My heart goes out to you about these nightmares. I love to dream and I am always curious about them. I think you are having nightmares because you were/are anxious or aprehensive about something. Could it be stress at your job, feeling anxious about a holiday visit with family- or a life change? I'd say once you resolve the stress or aprehension the nightmares should go away. Remember you can't always plan everything and somethings are out of your control.

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