Tuesday, January 03, 2006

New Years Eve

It was so nice to keep NYE low key this year. We usually do the big hotel package with a huge groups of friends and get all dressed up..but this year, we hung with a few close friends, went out to eat at Carrabbas, then rang in the new year at the Reeves' new house (Jason- top left & Molly- bottom right). It was such a nice change!


lauren said...

Love the pics!! I definitely prefer a small get together with friends to a big event. They are fun to do every once in a while, though! I spent the stroke of midnight with Josh and our niece Hannah on the couch at his dad's house in our pj's ready to hit the sack as soon as it was over! Not one of our more exciting New Year's Eve celebrations, but it was still fun!

Amanda Ware said...

Those are great party picks! Chad and I did not party on New Years, probably the first New Years I did not stay up since i was 6 or 7! Keep the tradition alive! P.S You look great!

suzanne said...

awwww...thanks amanda!! and lar, you look AMAZING in those pics you sent via email!! LOVE your sweet little pregnant pooch!

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