Monday, February 27, 2006

3 years and more in love than i've ever been!!!

(Coldplay was INCREDIBLE!!! One of the best performances I have EVER seen...that, and they are my second favorite band! --next to Dave Matthews of course...but it was incredible. Chris Martin is so energetic, he was all over the stage--even singing into someone's phone at one time! He did a tribute to Johnny Cash and sang "Ring of Fire" cool. Throughout the concert he was playing all the songs I wanted to hear but my two favorites have always been "In my place" and "Fix you"...and guess what! They were his two encore songs!!! I was freaking out! too cool!)

This Wednesday will be the 3 year anniversary of me and my man! Can't believe it's already been 3 years...and it's nauseating, but we are still very much in love! (Friends at work tease me constantly) We are enjoying this time without kids SO much right now--taking advantage of truly connecting with each other on so many levels...having a blast!

We are going to the 7F Lodge outside of College Station:
...Staying in the French Chateau cottage, it looks so cute!
I'll make sure and take lots of pics!!Joe's birthday is the day after our anniversary (Thursday)--poor guy! ;) I always try to make it special for him, though! Oh, and yes, we will be going to the aTm/texas b-ball game after our nice
I a great wife or what??!! ;)


Nicki W. said...

OK, ya'll are so cute and I LOVE that cottage! Are you serious it is outside of College Station?? Keep on being cheesy in love!

Nicki W. said...


Ya'll sound like us. After every romantic thing we do, there is a sporting event to follow...we are da bomb wives!

Texose said...

Hey girl,
I am so glad that you and Joe are doing so well and relishing the moments you have. THAT IS AWESOME!!
By the way, I have been on myspace too. You are so right at finding friends...

lauren said...

Happy Anniversary! I can't believe that was 3 years ago!! You were such a gorgeous bride! That place looks awesome! Have a marvelous time!

TMK said...

That cottage looks adorable! I love going to B&B's. Have fun and Happy Anniversary!

Sunni Len said...

I hate to sound like every parent in the world, but make the most of your Kid free time you can. Once they are here they take up a little more than all your waking hours. :) but they are so worth it. Love ya have fun

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