Monday, February 13, 2006

Happy Valentines!!

(Joe and I are celebrating early tonight)...My father-in-law is coming to stay with us tomorrow for work related stuff. We are going to all go out to eat at a nice steak house in Houston tomorrow, so that will be fun! Always love it when Joe's dad visits!

I've been working away on Joe's presents and just finished his favorite sweet snack: Special K-bars. I used a cookie cutter to cut different sized is too cute!

Hope you all have a WONDERFUL Valentine's Day!!

P.S. out of curiosity, how many of you females could care less about Valentines? & on the other hand, who wants their man to go "all out"???


lauren said...

You are so cute! Very festive, I'm impressed with the heart shaped bars! I'm in the middle. I love it and want some thought put into it, but I don't want him to go all out. (That usually costs money!) My favorite part is getting dressed up and going to a romantic restaurant. What about you?

Amanda Ware said...

I love special K bars...cute idea! Chad got me a pair of Editor pants and I could not be more pleased! Personally, these days it is all about practical for us. We will be attending at high school basketball game tonight for our big romantic date!

Texose said...

I am right along with Lauren on that note. It reminds me to remember those that I love but yet it usually means some where some how spending money. I guess the best part is sharing love. DON"T FORGET...Jesus showed his love for us too.... ;)

Sunni Len said...

Well I think it is a great money making creation. However it is also a day set aside to remember those we love and let them know it as well. I sent my husband a rose at work and his response was flowers are girly, but he did nothing for me. Boo Hooo oh well maybe next year. I got him a flash light and a card 2 days later he thought that was better. Me still nothing

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