Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Last Day of Work, Brother's 30 B-day, New beginnings in Arlington

My pictures are messing up, so i'm having to do this all backward!

Sorry, I had the hardest time trying to download these pics! These pictures are from my very last day at First Street Surgical Center in Houston (7/28). Dr. Chahahdeh (in the striped long sleeve button down) gave me a big going away party at El Tiempo. Some of the pictures are hazy due to the large fan misters...I'm going to miss these people like crazy! (Beware, FRIZZ everywhere! It was SO incredibly HOT & HUMID! Two things I definitely WONT miss about H-town!)

Joe had been living in Arlington, while i finished out my last week of work! He flew in to come to my party! I was SO happy to see him walk thru that door! ;)

The day after my party, we packed up the rest of my apartment and headed to Waco for my brother's 30th birthday party. They drove in from Memphis, TN. It was great fun and good times. I LOVE these pictures!
(Here's two of my most favorite people in the world!)


suzanne said...

can anyone see these pictures? i'm having such a hard time posting them...i can't see them!

lauren said...

No, I can't see them. So glad you posted! I definitely want you to come by this weekend!! We have a few things going on, but we're free in the afternoons! Just call me. I can't wait! I'm getting spoiled seeing you so much!

Texose said...

Diddos on the pics but thanks for the updates though... I am glad to hear that Collin is getting OLDER...hehehehe. I hope the move when wel.. WITH LOVE FROM SOUTHWEST TEXAS..JoLee

Amanda's News said...

I can't see the pictures either. I'm so glad to hear about all these new changes! It sounds like an exciting time right now for you guys! I hope we can all get together soon. Maybe if everyone goes in for either Homecoming at Harding or Spring Sing. We really need to do that since everyone is spread so far away. Love ya,

suzanne said...

okay...can you see the pics i posted AFTER this blog???

Kristen said...

Every year, I think of Collin on our birthday that we share together! Hope you had a great 30th b-day too!

How is Arlington?

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