Thursday, August 10, 2006

Some of my favorite old pics...

I'm at my parents house in Waco, searching through my dad's photos on his computer...and I found some of my favorites:

Me with my puppy, Max...I don't know why I look so sad, but I LOVE this pic!

My brother Collin with his favorite rooster, Blackie, at my grandparent's house.

My mom's wedding pic, isn't she beautiful???:

One of my best friends since high school, Jonathan (model)...gorgeous inside AND out!

My 20th birthday wedding cake, right before I left for HUF (Harding University in Florence, Italy). How cool is this cake?

Me and mom at my friend, Adriane's, wedding:

My Aunt Susan (my dad's sis)...I think I look like her! She's awesome.


Amanda's News said...

I love the picture of you as a little girl with the puppy...too cute! The cake of Italy is AWESOME! I can see the resemblence in you and your aunt. Those are really great pictures. It is nice to reminisce (misspelled).

lauren said...

You do resemble her! I love that picture of you, too. You were such a cute girl! Your mom was/is beautiful!! I've never seen their pics, I don't think. Call me anytime. We're just playing over here!

aWare said...

You have always loved your puppies huh? COMPLAINT: Why did you no ever bring the Jonathen to HU! Fun post....maybe i will do this one next!

Kimberly said...

These pics are great! You are too cute with the puppy!

Nicki W. said...

I did not know you were friends with Jonathan--he is so kooky! Did yuo love FLorence? It is my favorite Euro spot!

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