Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Back in Houston

This is a pic my friend gave me this past weekend of my last day of work at First Street Surgical Center in Houston about two months ago. (gosh, i can't believe it's been that long!) No, not pregnant: I've got about a billion things in my pockets! This was my last morning to write the board for the day. (sniff, sniff) I kinda miss the responsibilities I had while in management, but LOVE the freedom I am experiencing now as well.

I went back this past weekend for the first time since I left. It was SOOOO good to see all of my friends again! (I didn't have scrubs on, so I'm in a "bunny suit" as we call them) with Gladys and Lori.

Me and one of my most favorite people in the world, Renee. She is one of the BEST nurses I have EVER worked with in my life. She has a heart of gold! So good to see her again!

I drove in because one of my best friends, Aracely, was celebrating her last day at First Street Surgical Center as well. She accepted a new job at MD Anderson (cancer hospital) in Houston! She's gonna be great! (Lori, Aracely, and me)


Kimberly said...

Its sorta weird to me to see you working! I sometimes still feel like were all still in college! I can't believe its been over 4 years since graduation! I love the pics so I can see what life is like for you at work! Looks like you are missed back in Houston! Hope your new job is treating you good!

lauren said...

I'm really loving the look of you in a shower cap! I was thinking the same thing as Kim...I love picturing you at work! That must have been so much fun to go back and see everyone.

suzanne said...

i know what you mean! so weird to think that we are "professionals" now...and that you two are MOMS!!!! wow!

Amanda's News said...

Love the shower cap as well. You still look cute in scrubs though:)

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