Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend- A&M game opener and Steece's 30th annivesary

We had a lot of fun this weekend! We drove to Waco Friday night, spent the night and dropped off Shiloh, drove to College Station on Saturday morning for our first tailgating of the season, spent the night Saturday night in CS, drove early Sunday morning to Lakeway (Austin) to celebrate the Steece's 30th anniversary, then Monday, drove back to Waco to pick up Shi and back on to Arlington. YIKES! busy, but fun!

This is Kyle Field behind us, before the game started.

I should just give up trying to get family photos of me, Joe, Ed, and Dan. This is "typical Dan"--can't take a normal pic! Every once in a while I can get one out of him! Crazy kid!

This is the Fightin' Texas Aggie Band in their block "T" formation! (I get made fun of because my favorite parts of the games are the fly-overs with fighter jets during the singing of the national anthem, and the band performing at half-time!) Check out the new video screen, it was pretty incredible! (but you can't really get a true feel for how big it is)

We went to Fleming's to celebrate the Steece's 30th wedding anniversary. It was great fun! They left today for a two week-long vacation in Hawaii! (jealous much?)

Kate wears the cutest clothes!

I'm taking it easy and took the day off today to clean up, do laundry, rest up, etc. So I had better get going! (Please keep my friend, Amanda's, mom in your prayers..and my friend, Kim as she is about to have a baby girl!)


lauren said...

What hot mamas! Love your dress!!

Amanda's News said...

Sooo jealous of the trip to Hawaii. Someday!:) You look great by the way.

suzanne said...

awww..thanks ladies..jeez. you make me blush. ;)

lorray said...

Looking good as always. Can't wait till the 22nd. Tell Joe and Shi I said hello. Darrell sends his love.

Kimberly said...

She does have the cutest clothes! Looks like a wonderful weekend! Thanks for including us in your prayers-they worked-everything went great!

Erik & Sonya Luchauer said...

Suz, you are so cute! That screen in the stadium IS huge. You will laugh, but I just went to my first University of Tennessee football game on Saturday (that's a whole story) but their screen is tiny compared to that beast. Glad you had fun! Love, Sonya

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