Thursday, November 30, 2006

More of the Family Pics...

I told you how the boys kept screwing up the family pics?...well, look for yourselves.
Here are only a FEW of the MANY pictures. The enire fiasco lasted centuries longer than it should can see why.

Are you kidding me? I mean, seriously?...They are worse than a classroom full of two-year-olds! (but I love 'em, and they constantly keep me laughing)


Nicki W. said...

ya'll are so funny!

cls said...

Ryan and I were watching a John Mayer video this morning, and your husband REALLY DOES look a lot like him!

cdjenkins said...


I found your blog through my good friend, Corrie's. As I was reading through your posts, I noticed you mentioned being from Bracketville. You do mean Bracketville, Texas, right? I was shocked, because first, I am from Uvalde and second, my dad was the manager (and my grandfather the owner) of the Wool and Mohair warehouse there for 15 years or so! He drove to Bracket every day from Uvalde. I used to go with him in the summers when I was young. What a small world! What was your maiden name? I'm sure my dad would know some of your family!

suzanne said...

cls- i know, it's kinda eerie

cdjenkins- crazy small world! all of my dad's fam is from uvalde (the hoags...steve and betty). all of my mom's fam is from brackett (lamans, burks, jones, tidwells, hallers) yes, i know the good 'ole wool and mohair! LOVE south texas! thanks for stopping by!

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