Monday, November 06, 2006

Saying Good-bye to Granny

After the funeral, I went back to Gran's house and tried to take pictures of everything that reminded me of her (seeing as how, it would be the last time to be in her house...tear) So, pardon the many pictures of just me.

The backyard was Granny's sanctuary. She LOVED being outside and made sure that her birdies had plenty of water in their bird bath. Isn't it a cute little house and backyard?

She would feed sweet Kilo, the next-door-neighbor's dog, everyday. Kilo shared a fence with Granny's backyard. Isn't he cute???

Granny's favorite bushes...they were constantly covered with butterflies at all times.

She also made sure that her birdies were well fed. This is Joe, depicting how excited the birds would be to eat her food. (I mainly just put this one in here b/c Joe looks like such an idiot! I love it!)

More of Granny's favorite plants. That woman had a green thumb like I have never seen! I wish some of it would have rubbed off on me!

And finally, Gran's absolute favorite place to be while on this Earth...the outside swing. We all have spent many a morning, afternoon, & evening outside, sitting with Granny on her swing...sometimes not even saying a word...just watching the birds play and butterflies dance.

Thank you so much for all of your kind words, thoughts, and prayers! We truly appreciate it.


lauren said...

I've been thinking about you so much! I even looked back at your parents area where they sit to see if you'd be there. I'm so glad that you were able to see all of your family and remember someone so special to y'all. Those pictures are cute!

Kimberly said...

I'm so glad you posted this! You've really been in my thoughts lately! Capturing those simple little things that remind you of her is so neat and special! And the pic of Joe is hillarious!

Anonymous said...

THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES AND BEING THERE! I can still remember when my grandma (both) passed on and it was hard. Your Aunt Bonne was the hardest for me because I was close to her like you were close to Gran. It was wonderful to see you and I long to see you all again soon. Granny is so proud of you SUZ and you bring her so much honor. Please relay to your mom, that I love her as well and ask the Lord for peace and comfort. The hardest part about this is going to be Christmas.. I have a hard time with it just because of the PARTY we use to have at Jonesville. I love the pics of you and your momma. BEAUTIFUL and so much love!

suzanne said...

yall are so sweet. thank you.

Jo-SOOOO good to see you and sunni and your little ones! i'm going to steal desiree when you are not looking! she's an angel! ;) thanks for the kind words. i miss Bonne SO much too! and the Christmas party....ahh....LOVE you!

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