Thursday, March 15, 2007

The "original" identical twins

These two identical ladies (my aunt Judy on the left, and my mom Jany on the right) are INCREDIBLE! They are the youngest of 9! They both taught/teach 3rd grade for years. Let me just tell you...they drove in to be with me and Joe this past Sunday during their Spring Break and stayed for my doctors appointment on Monday. While they were here, they wouldn't let me do a thing but sit on the couch! They went grocery shopping and prepared one of my favorite meals from my childhood: homemade steak fingers with mashed potatoes and cream gravy! OH MY GOSH, was it good! They also made taco meat (our family recipe) so that Joe and I could enjoy tacos this week, long after they left...(they also left me a little somethin' to go buy me some cute maternity clothes...)
...i tell you what...

Such incredible women! I call them, my two moms! (with sweet little Shiloh)

This is me, this past weekend...yup, already wearing maternity clothes in month 3. Gotta LOVE that elastic! ;), this little girl in the green shirt...having quads....unBELIEVEABLE.

My 10 week pic. (in my 11th week of pregnancy) mom couldn't BELIEVE how much I have grown in just a week's time! Every single week, I seem to double my size! Its just so crazy to watch! Hope you don't get sick of the "belly shots"...eventually, when all the beautiful purple-silvery stretch marks come, I'll cover up a tad! ;) Won't it be glorious?!


Kimberly said...

I'll never get sick of pregnant belly shots! Even with stretch marks-it will be beautiful!
Your "2 moms" look like so much fun! They should make a tv show of them!

The Mannings said...

Hi Suzanne,
We don't know each other, but I found your blog through Elizabeth Williams' and Jenny Holloway's (Jenny's my cousin). Anyway, I just wanted to tell you that you can add another person to your list of those praying for you and your four little miracles! I have been following your blog for a few weeks now, and I check back daily to see if there's any new updates! You truly are blessed to be carrying these bundles of joy and to have '2 moms' to spoil you this early on. I am the proud mom to three girls--ages 4 and twins who will be 2 in June. Come by our blog and visit when you can We enjoy meeting new blog friends from all over! Take care!
Brooke Manning :)

Anonymous said...

You look just precious! Be proud of that little belly! It takes most women a few months to finally "look" pregnant and not just fat. With you, you look pregnant and so cute! Be glad for that! I'm glad your mom and aunt helped you buy some maternity clothes. Aren't moms wonderful! Take care of yourself and try to relax as much as possible! Shauri (Taskey) Phillips :)
-By the way, were we in Ju Go Ju together? I think I'm a couple of years older than you. I know we went to Harding together, but the more I think of it the more I think we were in Ju Go Ju together. Who knows??? :)

Great Aunt Sue said...


Anonymous said...

No, this is not your dad...(i remember when we were kids you said he used to sing that song in the morning to wake you up!!)
You look precious with your belly! I love it! I have to see you soon-I really miss you! I had to study the pic of your mom and Judy to figure out which one was your think that you will have identical twins is so cool!! I love you--thanks for blogging so much! I'm addicted to your site!!

aWare said...

Wow, those babies are growing! I love it, your blog has received the most fun to see updates on blog!

Jackie Wunnicke said...

Suzanne, Your mom is just great!! I know you already know that. Keep the posts coming, I enjoy reading them. Plus, I can find out from your mom how you are doing. We are all praying for you and joe. I can't wait to see those quads!!! love ya!
Jackie Wunnicke

Audrey T said...

cute maternity outfit - where did you get it?

I agree - nothing is better than elastic right now!

Texose said...

Be careful... you might decide that you really like those maternity (elastic) clothes. They are comfy and addicting!!hehehehehe... You look fab. I love it!!! I am so glad that Ju-Ju and your Mom came to see you. There truly is nothin like MOMMY love and you have it in TWOS... So Blessed...
Please keep posting your belly inside and out and all the details as you grow..

WOW...GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME... You are already radiating...
JoLee and Family

Amanda's News said...

I don't think you look pregnant:) You still look skinny minny to me!!! I love the belly shots and can't wait to see you grow and grow! I love the pictures of your mom and Aunt Judy! It sounds like they really took care of you while they were visiting. Who will come take care of you when you go on bed rest???

Collin said...

I hate you. I want Taco's, enchaladas, and steakfingers.

Be there soon

Anonymous said...

hey suzanne,
thank you for your regular updates...i can't wait each day to see the latest news and hear how you are doing. and thanks for answering all those QUESTIONS the other day - i was dying to know all that. another that i's jany gonna stay here, with her baby girl and her quad g-babies in the metroplex???? i figure she's probably working on moving in with you!? sorry i missed you when you were here a couple weeks ago. can't wait to see you next time ya'll are here. you, joe, the rest of the fam, and of course the QUADS are in my prayers! Love, Pam Richardson

suzanne said...

kim- funny to hear you use the words stretch marks and beautiful in the same sentence! ha

brooke- thanks for stopping by!

shauri- you sound very familiar, i was in jugoju from fall of '98 to fall of '02

aunt sus- cant wait to hug your
neck at jason's wedding soon!

marce- come over ANYtime! i miss you!

aware- getting nervous from all this pressure to keep my blog fun and exciting! (guess the fact that i'm having quads kinda does that on its own, eh?)

jackie- you are 2 sweet, my mom is so blessed to have you as a friend.

audrey- girl, hit up Target like you wouldn't believe! even non-maternity shirts b/c the style right now is those tight, high wasted, flow-ey shirts...awesome!

jo-thanks so much for the love and prayers!

amanda- my mom is going to practically spend all summer taking care of me!!!

col- love you too bro, and the food was incredible, too bad u missed it! nanny-nanny-boo-boo

pam- too funny! yes, i'm working on mom and dad moving up here! at least temporarily! ;) see you soon!

Nicki W. said...

you look so great! 3 months is a great time for maternity clothes! take advantage of all the summer stuff b/c you can get away with wearing bigger regular size clothes since long shirts and empire waists are in!

Regina said...

You are just too cute! So glad your mom(s) :) came to visit and spoil you rotten! I love the outfit, you look very cute and comfy! Thanks for sharing this exciting time with all of us!


Anonymous said...

What a cute couple of hotties!!! I always loved twins...and they are such good cooks, I know first hand.

erinlo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Will, Shawna and Gaines said...

Add us to the list of people praying for you! I can't stop thinking about you and your little ones. It's been so fun keeping up with your story!

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