Monday, March 26, 2007

Saw the Specialist Today!

First I'll recap by saying I had a wonderful weekend in Waco! I let Joe and his brothers go to the Aggie game in San Antonio (didn't think that I could physically or emotionally take the trip!) Poor Ags...we should have won.

This is me in front of my Dad's huge yellow-flowered bush in the backyard...We have never seen it more beautiful! Yep, four babies in there!

Onto my babies:

I LOVE the specialist, Dr. Tabor...he is GREAT! He kept making me laugh and my stomach was jiggling to where it was difficult for the sonographer to take pics! He said that my babies "look perfect!" (he said it several times!!...actually using the word "perfect!" which doctors don't do quite often!)
When the sonographer was finished taking her pics, Dr. Tabor himself did his own sonogram to look for specific details. For example, there is a condition with identical twins where one of the twins will receive more blood than the other and the weaker twin will fail to thrive. He said you can usually start seeing hints of this reaction by this time (by measuring the folds of their necks) and guess what...they look exactly the same! Same size, good heartbeats, etc! Praise God!

The babies were all moving around and had grown so much since the last sonogram. I'll try to describe what you are looking at in each pic.

This is Baby A (located right in the middle of my tummy) The head is on the right, laying on it's back, looking up..and it looks like it is raising one of it's arms.

This is Baby B (located on MY left side) The head is on the left, laying on it's back, looking up. Baby B is BY FAR, the most active little squirt everytime I have had a sonogram.

This is Baby C (one of the identical twins, located on my right side). The head is on the right, laying on it's back, looking up.

This is Baby D (the other identical twin in the same sac as the baby above...they share a placenta, but are located in their own separate amniotic bubbles--so their umbilical cords won't get all tangled up together!) The head is on the left, laying on it's back, looking up.

I know sometimes it is frustrating looking at sonograms and not having a CLUE what to make out! (it is for Joe!) Here are some other things Dr. Tabor told me:

- I must quit working in 3 weeks!!! By Week 15! YIKES! Not exactly what we were planning on...(not starting bedrest yet, but must try to stay home as much as possible) So my last day of work (as I know it) is April 19th and I will be working strictly in the Recovery Room until then which will be much easier (physically) than the operating room. My employers are trying to see if there is anything I could do from home....SO PLEASE KEEP OUR FINANCIAL SITUATION IN YOUR PRAYERS!

- Bedrest no later than my 20th week (May 22nd)...I will find out more details about my bedrest when I go back on April 20th (when I'll hopefully find out the sex of the least one or two, depending on the cooperation of the babes!) He said I was so healthy and the babies looked so good that he didn't need to see me for 3 weeks! And yes, we have a laptop!

- I MUST PACK ON THE POUNDS! ABOUT 70 lbs! Lots of protein bars and shakes and FOOD FOOD FOOD! He DID tell me that many women experience a loss of appetite during the first trimester (which made me feel aLOT better)..Hopefully by this week or next I will start CRAVING FOOD!

- He is somewhat concerned about my "borderline diabetes" which I have had for several years. (My blood sugar is always above normal between 100-120) Diabetes is ridiculously hereditary in my fam and carrying multiples puts you at a MUCH higher risk of developing gestational diabetes...SOOOOO...he wanted me to be tested THIS week. Friday I will go back and take the "Glucose Tolerance Test" where they will measure my blood sugar, have me drink a nasty sugary drink, and take my blood sugar again in 3 hours. Most pregnant women routinely perform this test during their 15th-18th week of pregnancy. So, we should know where I stand on THAT front, by this Friday. MANY PRAYERS!


Corrie said...

You are just precious! I love the new haircut! How can you still be so fashionable and yet have 4 babies inside you?
Glad you liked the specialist!
Hope those food cravings start really soon!

Kelly said...

I just happened to stumble upon your site. I am pregnant too - with my second baby - have a two year girl already. I thinking of you and praying for you! I do know of another couple having quads (about as far along as you) and I sent them your link. Hopefully you guys can help each other - I can't imagine...Congratulations!

lauren said...

How WONDERFUL that your babies look so good!!! It sounds like there are so many blessing already with your pregnancy so far. Thanks for taking the time to update us on everything. I love reading all of it! It was SO good seeing you yesterday, and I'm DYING for a Barnes and Noble date, so we can look at decorating and pregnancy magazines! Now go eat some burgers and shakes! :)

Anonymous said...

How cool is all of this! I promise not to have your diploma taken back because you are showing your midriff on the web. :)
We will keep you and all of yours in our prayers. This journey will be a blessing!
Sheila Sullivan

suzanne said...

awww dr. sullivan! sooo good to hear from you!! ;) i MUST make a trip up to searcy!

kristin said...

that is so great that the dr said you and the babies look perfect :) i'll keep sending those prayers up!! i told mrs. kelly and mrs. sullivan about you. i wish you could've seen their reactions!! i sent them an email w/ your blog site, so they should be checking it soon if they haven't already :) i was scrolling down hoping to see a new pic of your belly, haha. i love those sweet pics!

Tad and Michelle said...

I found your blog through Harding friends. I graduated there in 2000. I love reading your updates and how wonderful that all 4 babies look great! We had identical boys 15 mo. ago and life with multiples is something I never imagined but it is a blessing. It was hard to eat enough protein, or anything for that matter, but you can do it. Our babies were like your identicals, same sac but different amniotic bubbles. You'll love getting so many sonograms throughout the pregnancy. If they haven't yet, your specialist might at some point do 3-D pictures. We have others with us sending prayers up for you from Ohio. Your story is spreading and so are prayers. Good luck with everything. We only know life with twins not quads but if you have any questions we'd love to help. You'll do great! We'll be praying.
Michelle (Ford) Morris

Anonymous said...

Suzanne! It looks like everything is going great! I'm so excited for y'all! I seriously check your blog every day to see pictures! Things are changing so fast! So glad you're keeping us all updated. You have people all over the place (including me and my friends in CA) praying for you!

Amanda's News said...

So exciting! I love all the pictures and how you describe them so accurately. I could see everything:) I just took my glucose test (my dr. does it at 24-28weeks) and passed...although I will say this time it made me feel really sick to drink that stuff. I will be praying for your financial situation and your upcoming test. Love you loads

Quilao Triplets said...


So glad to hear your dr. appt went well and everything looks great! I will continue to keep your family in my prayers. Speaking of glucose testing, it was donuts, hot dogs and egg mccuffins that I craved! Nothing like overdoing it on the sodium and sugar:) I hope your appetite increases and that you still continue to feel great. Love the sonogram pics!

All the best,
Casey in CA

Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

you look great! and congrats on such a great report. i remember feeling so much relief after each drs visit and after each sonogram with my twins. you will continue to be in my prayers, and take full advantage of this opportunity to EAT!!!!!

jenny in ms

Katie Land said...

Suzanne- This is Katie Pope now Land from Harding. I heard about you and cannot stop thinking about you guys. I am praying for you and love reading your blog. Just know that I have told so many people about you and they are also praying for you and Joe. You take care of yourself...I will keep in touch.

Tracy said...

What a great update! OK, next time you are in town please have someone put a little something together so I can see you! You were a preteen the last time I saw you!

About the GTT, twice it tasted like Sprite and the 3rd time I had to have the orange flavored one. So it wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it was going to be.

You remain in my prayers and thoughts and thanks for being a faithful blogger!

The Mannings said...

What great news about the babies! You look FANTASTIC!!! I hope that things go smoothly for all of you over the next few weeks and months. We'll be thinking and praying for all of you! :) Can't wait to hear if you're having girls/boys/combo of the two! :)
--Brooke in MS

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you have so many people taking such good care of you. That in itself should comfort you as you go through this journey. Wow, bedrest is coming quickly! You will probably welcome it when it gets to that time. Get some rest and have a great week! Shauri :)

Texose said...

Hey girl,
Thanks for the updates. I gave my sunday school couple/teacher your blogsite. I have had you on our pray list since the beginning and they are very interesting in your growing developement. With my second pregnancy, I had to test twice for my sugars... and had to watch my diet as well. I am so glad everything is going well. If you decide that you would like to pick up reading books I have a huge list of great authors that you might enjoy. As a matter of fact, I would be honored to send me my books as a loan if you would like. Just let me know. I will pray for your financial situation, and for your continued health. THANKS FOR BEING SO HONEST AND LOVING! (DIDDO on checking your page...I get on the internet almost everyday just to see if there have been any updates...can you say...addicted to quads...hehehehe..seriously even on the weekends)..Do you have any names picked out yet?!
If God ever decided that we were to have another child, and it be a girl, I would love to name her Adalee Mae after my moms mom Ada Lee and our granny Clara Mae Laman...Needless to say I don't forsee that but its not about me anyways...hehehehe....OK SO ENOUGH ABOUT ME...ENDING WITH YOU ON MY THOUGHTS AND PRAYERS

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, I just love checking your blog and seeing all of your pictures! This is all so guys are in my thoughts and prayers!
Kristin Kirkland

Nicki W. said...

yay! you will for sure get an appetite in the next few weeks! eat eat eat! we are all jealous of that! can i eat a little for you? :)

the glucose test is not so bad--tastes like a flat crush--ask for the orange kind!

Kristen said...

Good update -- you look fantastic and I loved hearing all about those 4 little babies!

As for the glucose test...I 2nd what everyone else has said. Go for the orange flavored one and make sure it is cold. It tastes so much better that way!

Keep us posted. We are praying...

Lindsey said...

Gosh you look good! 70 pounds huh?!...well, I gained about 50 with each pregnancy so if I had 4 babies in my belly, I don't think I'd struggle with the 70 pound weight gain! he-he! Good luck with the diabetes test - we'll be praying it comes back negative!

Anonymous said...

I am amazed at the sonograms..I can actually make out little people in all of them! Oh, by the way, I gained 60 pounds with both my girls! I ate like there was no tomorrow! Your body will know what to do.
Good luck with your glucose test!

lauren said...

Yeah, I gained almost 50 lbs also with James. I would have NO problem with 70+ pounds for 4! I've known tiny girls who've gained 100 lbs with pregnancy, and it came off so fast!

~aj~ said...

Hi Suzanne! I'm an HU grad from '01 and I think we had some mutual friends, but never met. Anyways, I stumbled upon your blog and have just been completely captivated by your pregnancy. Your little babies are amazing and I hope everything continues to go well. Just wanted to let you know you'll be in our prayers as well!

Granny in Canada said...

Bless your heart. You keep your spirits up and your faith strong. Those babies will be precious. Enjoy these last months with your husband as your life will be soooo different.

Julie said...

Hi Suzanne, My cousin, Marty Hill(she went to Harding) gave me your blog address. Congrats on the quads! What an amazing blessing! I will be praying for all six of you! ...Julie Newton

Audrey T said...

So does bed rest mean you actually have to stay in bed all the time? I hope it's not that restrictive!

My appetite started coming back some time after week 15 and my cravings for protein of any kind got stronger then too! In the last 2 weeks, I've been on a fruit and milk kick. Is there anything you look forward to eating?

Brittany said...

Wow, Suzanne. I am amazed by you and the person you are. You are such an amazing, strong person- you always have been. I tell my friends, if anyone can handle this, she and Joe can. I love seeing the little sonograms, it really puts things in to perspective. I wish we lived nearby so that I could help you in every way you would need. I also wish you could have heard Jackson's reaction when I told him you were having quads. It was hilarious! I love you and am praying for your family- Babies A-D and of course mommy and daddy! LOVE YOU AND LOVE THE UPDATES!

The Free Fam said...

Suz- Loved the pics of baby A-D. Totally amazing! They all look great! So gald you like your doctor. You look great- such a cute poka-dot top! Like Lauren said I doubt you will have any trouble gaining 70lbs with 4 babies- I gained 40 with Hannah and it's all gone now! Yeah! Miss you- were keeping you in our prayers always. Love Mo

Sarah said...

I just found your blog through and wanted to say a late CONGRATS on the babies!!! :) I'm 26 weeks pregnant twins and cannot imagine having quads!!! I also live in the Dallas area.

Oh and the glucose test drink isn't that bad. I had mine done yesterday and was expecting something really awful from everything I've heard but I was actually surprised it tasted like flat orange soda. I didn't even think it was as sweet as some orange soda I've had.

Anyway, I'll be checking back to see how things go. :) Congrats again!

Nate, Maurine, & Hannah said...

Suz- Hey just dropping a line to let you know I posted some new Spring pics of Baby Hannah today- and finally some blog updates. : ) Love Mo

The Luchauers said...

Hi Suz!
I think about you so often now...this is an amazing journey for you guys and it's so neat to be able to share in it with you. Thank you for keeping up with the blog so we can all get the updates! Our small group at church is praying for you and your babes.
Love you so much,

Lindsey said...

Suzanne, I ran in to a family at Chick-Fil-A today who had 5 children, quads and 1 older daughter. They are known worldwide- apparently they have started several worldwide support groups for families with multiples. They were also featured in a magazine last month to share their story. (2 of their quads have autism...this has nothing to do with the fact that they were quads though.) Neways, they gave me their phone number and their email - said they'd love to talk to you and give you any info you might need to find a support group near you. I don't want to put their info on your blog, but if you feel you want to get in touch with them - email me and I will give you their contact information.

Anonymous said...

Suz, you're killing me! When's your next post???

Barry, Megan, Jonathan & Joshua Welch said...

Just wanted to let you know that we will be praying for you and your babies! I found your blog through another one that I read.

Dr Tabor and his staff are excellent! I saw him along with other docs in his office durning my 2 single pregnacies along with my other OB. You have a wonderful doctor taking care of you!


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