Tuesday, March 06, 2007

There ARE other quad squads out there!...

Check out these other two blogsites of incredible little quads and families who have gone through what we are about to go through! I have gained SO MUCH peace from reading through these sites! Thank you SOOOOO much for your kind words and advice! Joe and I plan to keep in CLOSE contact with yall throughout the coming months! (and the rest of our lives, for that matter!)



BTW, here are pics of my husband and me, for those of you who are just now finding my blog.

My hubby graduated from Texas A&M, class of '01 with an engineering degree in industrial distribution.

I graduated from Harding University (a small Christian school in Arkansas) with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing and have worked in surgery ever since!

We just celebrated our 4 year anniversary and are still completely in love like newlyweds. (barf, right?)

We JUST moved from Houston to Arlington (Dallas/Fort Worth) last August '06 and purchased our first house in January of this year...that about catches you up!

Oh, we have one other baby, our Beagle, Shiloh!

Oh yes, one more thing, we are HUGE nerds! ;)


kristy patterson said...

I just found your blog via Lauren's blog. Congratulations on the quads. What a blessing that you're feeling well. You, your husband, and your precious four little ones are in our prayers.
Kristy (Holsombake) Patterson

Page Cole said...

Hey Suzanne, I found your blog thru Kim's blog and also wanted you to know that I am praying for your and your (expanding!) family. Your new house looks beautiful!
Much love,

Texose said...

Hey you, I love it... not to mention I love nerds...hehehehe. You bring such joy to my heart and I long to learn from you in the coming months on how to handle life... I have got a ways to go...(On a side note in reference to a posting about the NEW John Mayer CD--Old I know... but I just remembered: I do think that Joe looks like John Mayer but I think Joe is better looking by far... After all I don't think that John Mayer would know what to do with our extended family and get togethers...alarms go off when my hubby sees large groups of people as you have probably guessed....hehehehe.. Joe is perfect for you. Thanks Joe for loving SUZ as you do... You are both amazing awesome and special people!!!! YOU ARE GOING TO BE SO MUCH FUN AS PARENTS AND LOVE IT AS WELL)
Jo and Fam

lauren said...

I have loved looking at those blogs!! Did you see the schedule from when they were little and then now? It's incredible to me how they've got it down! I think the more you have to do, the more effecient you become, and you'll be super-organized!

Callie said...

Hey Suzanne, I found your blog via Kelly Julian's, but I'm also a friend of Allison's (JonZReaTom's mama). Hope your quad pregnancy goes as smoothly as hers did (34 weeks!). You guys are in my prayers!

Amanda's News said...

I have check out the other blogs with quads! I was just amazed by their endurance! Especially the one that talked about how they are all on the same sleeping schedule...amazing!! I just know you are going to be so encouraged by knowing these other moms. It must be nice to know you aren't the only one that has gone through this. YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Lindsey said...

Suzanne - thanks for filling us in on the past several years. You're dog and house are gorgeous...looks like you'll have lots of room for 4 lil' ones to run around! I'm glad to hear you guys have found some other families who can relate and help you guys prepare for what's to come!

Shana said...

Suzanne -- I know of a few other blogs that might interest you.

Quad Chronicle have month-old quadruplets. Two of their boys recently came home; the other two are still in the NICU.

Wilkinson Quints are having quintuplets due around the same time you are.

Wishing you as easy a pregnancy as possible and healthy babies at the end!

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