Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Book

Periodically, I will write down some sentences from my book that intrigue me for some reason or another...

"...Those women who work in physically and/or emotionally stressful jobs, studies show, are two to three times as likely to deliver prematurely. They are also more prone to pregnancy complications such as preeclampsia.

Most at risk are NURSES, doctors, saleswomen, cleaning staff, assembly-line workers, and military personnel..."

Pretty interesting, huh? I guess I know why doc wants me to quit working in a couple of weeks. He must know what he's talking about. I'm not gonna lie, everyday I work it gets harder and harder...on my body, my mind, my energy...only a couple more weeks!!

Here's another interesting quote:
"From my observations, I've concluded that this psychological journey typically consists of five fairly predictable stages: shock, denial, anxiety/anger/depression, bargaining, and acceptance/adaptation."
Some of you might recognize these stages as Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross's (herself a triplet) stages of grieving. It's so funny, because they are so real for us! Even before I read about this, I had been telling friends that it seems that Joe and I are working our way through the stages of grief! (nursing school paid off!) One can jump from one stage to another, skip stages, go back to previous stages, or any combination of the three. The light at the end of the tunnel is that, the final step is always acceptance/adaptation. (We will be adapting, alright!) Please know that we DO see this as a blessing, and a special calling that God thinks we can handle. What an honor and responsibility.


Tad and Michelle said...

That quote about the psychological journey sums it up well. We went through all of those, several times, and in various order when we found out about our twins. Even after they were born we still had to work through them. It is amazing how it will strengthen your marriage more than you ever imagined as you both lean on each other and God through these stages. You're doing great. We love your updates. Thanks for posting. We'll be praying.

Tad and Michelle said...

As you're looking for good books, READY OR NOT HERE WE COME by Elizabeth Lyons is a practical book with humor. It doesn't focus on the medical issues, instead it helps you decide how to set up "camp" in your house and prepares you for life after the multiples are home. I think it focuses more on twins but I"m sure a lot of it applies to quads too. You can actually read the book on Amazon Online Reader if you don't want to buy it. After reading many books about multiples, looking back now, this book had a lot of realistic advice for us. Hope it helps.

cdjenkins said...

And you know you won't be alone! I know pretty much anyone who leaves a comment on this blog, cares so much for you and those babies, they would fly, run, drive, walk to you if you needed Even those of us whom you have never met...that is what is so wonderful about loving Christ together...we are strangers, but sisters in Christ! Just say (or type) the word, and we all come running!

Quilao Triplets said...

Hi Suzanne,

I know the worries and emotions can be so overwhelming at times, but I always reminded myself that God never gives you more than you can handle. I agree with cdjenkins that it seems you have so many people out there who care and pray for your family and will have lots of support before and after those babies are here.


Kelly said...

I was watching "In the Womb" and they have one for multiples -

Texose said...

Your outlet appears to be this let it all out...God can handle it ten fold and we are here to offer you support and love..
Isn't it great to know that your doctor knows their stuff about multis and that this book just confirms just that and that others have been in the same place you are... I am sure that it has been an AWAKENING? process for you but I hope that this can bring you some much needed comfort, support, and strength. I will continue to pray for YALL as these stages come and go. As well as they they will be a smooth and CHRIST driven transition... DIDDOS on everyone wanting to come to your aid... I agree that you should set up a gift registery so that we can flood your home and heart with our love and care for you (considering that we can't be there)!
We love you much more than just blood ties. WITH CHRISTS LOVE. I know that God is cradling the hearts of each of your babies every moment of their developement... may you find the rest and comfort in him while he comforts your little "peas"! Relax... and give God the unknown and don't sweat the small stuff you can't change... HANG IN THE LUZ AND KNOW THAT YOU ARE LUVED AND TREAZURED IN OUR LIVES....


Anonymous said...

I'm glad you will be able to take off work. Resting is the best thing for growing babies! Just curious...are you planning to go back to work after babies are born? I had to go back when Christine was 7 weeks:(

Softy said...

We didn't have a book... There sure was shock, not denial, really, but anxiety, especially on the behalf of the big brother-to-be. Then we considered all the practicalities, while are families were oohing and aahing and generally expressing great concern for the expecting workload.

About 12 weeks (I think) I told a friend, and she immediately said - such great fun! And I realised, yes, it would be! And it is :)

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