Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Rewind with me to when we first found out we were pregnant

I was looking back through my pictures and realized that I never really got a chance to show yall the sheer joy we felt right after we found out that I was pregnant...(you know, before all the scary stuff happened)

When I look back at these pics, I smile and get all warm and fuzzy. It helps me put things in perspective and remember just how long we have wanted to get pregnant and how long we have wanted to start our family. (Warning: Many of these pictures are SUPER cheesy)

JANUARY 27, 2007
This pic was the Saturday before I took my pregnancy test..we were at my cousin's wedding. I was pregnant and didn't even know it!...but I had a hunch! I kept getting hot then cold, and my face was constantly rosy and flushed. I kept saying, "I need to take a test.." Many people told me how "radiant" I looked. (It was my first trial run on Clomid)

JANUARY 29, 2007
So Monday, I got home early from work (right before Joe would come home for lunch) and stopped at Walgreens to pick up a pregnancy test. I walked straight into the house, let Shiloh (my pup) out and took the test.

I began screaming and jumping up and down...Shiloh was running beside me and barking and jumping too! (she knew I was finally pregnant! haha) Sort-of a cheesy pic, but I wanted to capture exactly what I was feeling at that exact moment.

I waited for Joe to come home for lunch (which felt like eternity!) I didn't want to tell him over the phone...but I called him like 4 times in the period of 30 minutes trying to figure out when he was leaving! He was getting a little frustrated! ha! Shiloh and I waited eagerly for Joe to arrive.

As you can see, Shiloh just couldn't contain her excitement! ;)

Joe was finally here, I hid my camera behind my back and said, "FINALLY! I need to show you something..." This is the exact moment in time that Joe found out he would be a father...(please try not to focus on the dip stick ;)

awwww...look how cute he is!

...the happy couple ;)

And so, the journey began...
Little did we know: There were FOUR tiny pea pods in my belly!


Lindsey said...

Wow - just reading this and seeing the pictures of you two (or three including your pup) tells me that you guys are going to be just fine once these babes arrive!! You've obviousely got such a strong marriage and from what I've heard (and experienced with having 2 kiddo's) is that if you love God and love your spouse whole-heartedly - you'll survive any craziness that life throws your way!

gtown1 said...

Thanks for sharing your 'story' that's so sweet. God's sure in control isn't He?! ejw

Dallas said...

Very sweet! You will be so glad you captured those moments many years from now. I was watching Discovery Health Channel last night and thought of you. Have you seen the show "SuperQuads"? It is about identical quadruplets and very fun! The best line of the show was when the mom said, "Out of all the moms in the world, God chose me to have these 4 lucky am I?". I hope you know how very lucky you are!

Nate, Maurine, & Hannah said...

Suz- I love you you capture all of your precious moments in pictures! Can't wait to meet your pea pods : ) Mo

The Mannings said...

Love these pictures! You didn't by any chance have a camera around at your ultrasound when you saw all four for the first time did you? Now THAT would have been a picture! You look great and I hope that you're doing well and feeling good (or as good as you can). Thoughts and prayers are with you!

Brooke in MS :)

akavila said...

Been following the McNulty's here in California, saw your comment left there! You've got quite a story yourself and I would love to pray with you and share in your anticipation. Congratulations!

Texose said...
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Texose said...
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Texose said...

WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!! It is wonderful that you shared this moment with us... I think I miss you, Joe, Shi, and your babes more and more everyday. AWWWW... I love the pic with SHI... She is just like momma.....photogenic...;)
I was never been one to touch and listen to a moms belly but watching and praying for your pregnancy has stir the want in me but I think I willNOT be able to so I will have to do it in spirit. If it is GODs will, I know he will interceed on my behalf to let you feel his love with mine. I wish now that I would have been able to record my preg like yours... WOW!!! I feel so blessed that I could be apart of it..THANKS SUZ...ALL MY LOVE

Anonymous said...

Hi! It's Gen McNulty, mom of the McNulty quads here in Cali. I just want you to know that you can call me ANYTIME if you need to talk about ANYTHING! I know what craziness and joy the next few months are going to bring and it's nice to know your not alone. XOXO Gen

karen said...

Hi. My name is Karen and I found your blog through a friend of mine called Molly W who states on her blog that she hasn't met you either ... isn't blogger land great! Molly says ... "Their [the quads] Mom and Dad are incredible and make you think that you are there!" and it's SO true.

I grew up in Paris, TX (2 hours NE of DFW) and my sister and bro-in-law graduated from Harding. I moved to England almost 9 yrs ago and here I stayed ...No idea why I just told you all that. But that's a bit about the random stranger posting on your blog.

I have found your story/blog/life/pregnancy (don't know which word to use there)so amasing! God is SO good. I went to post on my blog tonight and ended up spending SEVERAL hours reading yours instead. I find your love and trust in God wonderful and so inspirational. I scrolled back to begin the quads story at the begining - so I started to read your blog from Jan 07. I'm currently reading Jun ... I have been doing other stuff in between reading (I'm not THAT slow of a reader.) I'm so excited - you're currently (in my reading land) 25 weeks pregnant ... are you going to make it to 28 or 30 or 34? It's very exciting and I almost have my breathe held to find out.
Thank you for posting your amasing story and blessings from God for the world to know. I pray that you continue to see God's blessings He showers on you and your family.

Leah said...

Precious story...precious pictures! Thanks for sharing with all of us in Bloggerland!

I was on Clomid with all of my pregnancies...each resulting in a single still amazes me you had 4 on Clomid...I remember hearing the odds with twins being very low, trips even less, and I don't think they even said anything about quads. Truly amazing. And you are such and awesome story teller, to captivate even those of us who don't know you! I pray you will all continue to do well!

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