Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Under the Weather

We had a great time in Austin with the Steeces for Easter...too bad the weather was ridiculous! I couldn't believe the snow...in TEXAS...in APRIL! CRAZY!
I am getting to where busy weekends "do me in". I got back Sunday and started coming down with a cold/allergies/sinuses...not to mention my crazy nosebleeds.

OH YES...without getting too detailed, I have been having intense daily nosebleeds that last anywhere from 30 minutes to an hour. And a good number of these bleeds are not your typical, "I blew my nose too hard and now I have a spot of blood on my kleenex" nosebleeds...oh no...without making some of you too sick, I will just say this one phrase: huge clots the size of the palms of your hands.

I called the doc yesterday about the cold and nosebleeds and he wanted me to come in right away to run a CBC (blood work). So...I don't know if they are looking at my iron levels or possible anemia due to blood loss, or what. They are supposed to call me today to go over the results and let me know if I need further testing (I think I just need to be drinking more water...I have been bad about that, and dehydration can cause these bleeds). I have been taking OTC meds for the cold, which seems to be helping.

Due to some of your THOUGHTFUL and MUCH appreciated comments recently, I will try to figure out how to go about setting up a paypal link or registry post on my blogsite. The thought hadn't even crossed my mind and I have no idea how to go about doing it, but I will try to figure it out! You guys are incredible. Thanks for the daily prayers and encouragement!

I'll keep you updated on my "health" and will post new belly pics soon!

***UPDATE: My hemoglobin was a little low due to the recent nosebleed, but all other lab values were normal and consistent with pregnancy!***


Kelly said...

Awww. :o( Feel better soon. I just got over something like that. Seems worse when pregnant, huh? Get well soon!

Texose said...
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Texose said...

Wow...that stinks.. not to mention that it would be scarry. (About my 4 or 5 month of my last preg, I got nose bleeds while I was at a training in Alberque, NM. Apparently, the membrane in my nose had cracked due to the dry environment/fatigue and started to bleed non-stop for most the last night we were there.It scarred me something terrible!)

The weather was CRAZY this weekend. Forget wearing that SPECIAL dress...brrrrr!

Anyways, Take care of yourself and try to stay hydrated. As always, in our prayers and thoughts.

JoLee McKaskle

Kristin Nichols said...

You don't know me. I found your blog through Amanda N. I am a friend of hers. I wanted to give you a helpful tip about the nosebleeds. I have had them all my life. I have even had both nostrils cauterized and I still get them. One remedy I finally found that helps them stop a lot faster is to buy some nose drops. Put about a dropper full onto a cotton ball (if you have access to the cotton nose plugs they use in surgery, they work the best). You don't want it to be too moist. Put the damp cotton up in your nose and just let it sit there until it gets full. Then, keep switching out. There is something in the nose drop solution that helps the bleeding to stop quickly. I hope this helps.
Kristin N.

lauren said...

I am sorry you've been sick and had nosebleeds! It's aweful being sick while pregnant. You need to just take it as easy as possible and be good to yourself! I'm glad the tests came out well! Love u!

Amanda's News said...

I never had nosebleeds until I was pregnant with Thomas and it was at the end of my second trimester right when spring came. It would bleed for close to an hour as well. Hasn't really been an issue with this pregnancy. I hope they go away soon...I know it can be annoying. You are in our prayers:)

Alexis said...

You do not know me, but I am a friend of Audrey T. I happened upon your blog through hers. I just wanted you to know that I am praying for you and your husband and those precious babies!

During pregnancy, I did not have nosebleeds, but I did have kidney stones. Spent a couple of nights in the hospital, so I know how scary it can be. I hope you get to feeling better soon.

Anonymous said...

Suzann, I am so worried about you. I have called Claudia 2x a day to check on you. How are you? How are the babies? Do you need anything? You know that when I ask that question I really want to do something, it's not just a polite question. Think about it and let me know. Love ya Janelle(from SCA)

Corrie said...

Some ideas...(unrelated to the nose bleeds--ugh!)
-You could set up a P.O. Box where we could mail things (without giving your real address to the whole world)
-You could register at Target (or somewhere) and put a link on your blog. You could make gift cards an option.
-You could set up an account at a bank and then just give us the address of the bank.
SERIOUSLY! There are so many of us out here who would love to help in whatever way we can.
It would be SO helpful to us to know WHAT you need. I mean, if you need cash, then just say so. If you'd rather get gift cards to a particular store, say that too. You just have to say and I know you will find oodles of support! :)

Anonymous said...

I am right there with Corrie! I mean, you are going to NEED help and support! Let us help! I have TONS of things you can use...pack and play, high chair, crib, bibs, etc. I will gladly do anything for you! Let us help you!!

MDM said...

Once a again I will ask...can I have one? Won't that help?! Sorry, could not resist. Please link us to things you need for sure!!

Quilao Triplets said...


So sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well and the nosebleeds...yikes! Hope it all passes soon. Just thought I would add my two cents...don't forget about Costco. I think it is the best place to buy diapers and wipes because they sell the biggest boxes you can find, so asking for gift cards from there might be a good idea. (It is also really easy to exchange things there if needed). We also asked people to bring a pack of diapers to one of my showers and they got a raffle ticket at the door for each pack they brought and we had a really cute gift basket that the winner received. Stock up on the diapers and wipes, cause they can kill ya with how expensive they are!!!!

Q. said...

hello suz! I just read through all of your posts ever since you got pregnant, and I am just STUNNED. I wish you all the best for this pregnancy - I am in my 12th week myself, with one single baby, and that's already scary enough, I cannot even IMAGINE four!

I found your belly pics extremely interesting... at 11 weeks I am showing, well, NOTHING AT ALL. and I am so impatient already to see a baby bulge!

I am sure going to follow your blog all the way through... you are due only a few weeks before I am, and I cannot wait to see pictures of your little ones. I wish you all the strength and health you will need to get you and your babies through this ok! (no prayers from me, being an atheist - but I am sure there are enough others doing that for you)

I hope you'll feel better soon with these nosebleeds!


Nate, Maurine, & Hannah said...

Suz- You probably already knew this but blood voulme increases during pregancy 4-5 lbs in a single birth pregnacy can be attritubed to increse in blood voulme. Plus your vessels get bigger too- probably contributes to your nose bleeds, How's your PT,PTT and INR. Here's a little scolarly info about increasd blood volume: "The plasma volume and total red cell mass are controlled by different mechanisms and pregnancy provides the most dramatic example of the way in which that can happen. A healthy woman bearing a normal sized fetus, with an average birth weight of about 3.3 kg, will increase her plasma volume by an average of about 1250 ml, a little under 50% of the average non-pregnant volume for white European women of about 2600 ml. There is little increase during the first trimester, followed by a progressive rise to a maximum at about 34-36 weeks, after which little or no further increase occurs. It seems certain that the frequently observed fall in plasma volume in the last six weeks of pregnancy is an artefact of measurement due to poor mixing of tracer when the woman lies supine and obstructs the circulation to her lower limbs. The maximum increase depends largely on the size of the conceptus. It is somewhat increased, perhaps to a mean of 1300 ml, in association with the bigger baby of multiparae and increases still more with twins, triplets and quadruplets. Red cell mass increases by relatively much less, a rise of about 250 ml (some 18% of the non-pregnant volume) in women who take no supplemental iron, and between 400 and 450 ml when iron supplements are taken. The rise is probably linear from the end of the first trimester to term, and there is some evidence of a preliminary fall in red cell mass during the first trimester. As a result of the relatively much greater increase in plasma volume, red cells in the blood are 'diluted' and the venous haematocrit drops from a non-pregnant average of about 40 to about 33 during the last trimester. The differential changes are biologically plausible: red cell mass rises proportionately to the need to carry the extra oxygen taken up in pregnancy; the greater plasma volume increment is needed to cope with the very large increases in blood flow to organs which require little extra oxygen, the skin and the kidneys." Love you- Mo

Nate, Maurine, & Hannah said...

P.S. I am glad you are going to post a link to your registry/Pay Pal on your site! Can't wait to get you things for you and your little ones! -Mo

Chris, Ashley, and Elena said...

You don't know me, but I am in Erik and Sonya Luchauer's bible study. Just thought I'd let you know that all this week on TLC's Surviving Motherhood show are parents of multiples. No one with quads-but they're dealing with "individuality" issues for twins and triplets. Thought it might be interesting for you.

Lindsey said...

Suzanne- I had nose bleeds with both pregnancies...after the birth of Rauly, my nose actually still bleeds occasionally. It was never to the extent that yours has been doing - glad to hear your doctor ran some tests to make sure you were ok! As for the registry, I second what everyone else said - looking forward to hearing how we can help you!!

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