Thursday, May 03, 2007


I don't know if any of you ever had a chance to see this documentary when it aired on the National Geographic Channel, but it is PHENOMENAL! I just ordered the DVD from the NGC website. I'll tell you a little more about it below...

National Geographic explores the extraordinary, never-before-seen world of twins, triplets and quadruplets as they develop in utero. Utilizing groundbreaking technology and amazing 4-D ultrasound images, watch quadruplets as they develop in utero and engage in their first interactions with each other. Can multiples hold hands? When one pushes, does the other push back? Does prenatal game-playing carry over into early childhood?

Follow the stories of three expectant mothers from conception to birth and travel inside the womb to see the tiny fetuses begin to interact with each other.

Absolutely incredible! I would love to go back and watch it now, b/c when I watched it several months ago, it was during the time when Joe and I were completely overwhelmed with the whole idea of quads. (lots of tears...I think Joe almost vomited) However, it was amazing to see these four tiny babies develop in the womb and how they interact with each other...and then be delivered via C-Section at the weird to think that I am one of these quad mothers!

Okay, for some updates:

I can feel some flutters from the baby who is low and center (Savannah, I think..unless they've changed positions), anytime I stand up from sitting in a crouched position (like the "bathroom position" if you will) ;)...but no REAL movement or kicking yet, which is hard to imagine when you see how BIG I am!

Many of you asked about "the diet"...ahhhh....what a sore subject for me! No changes in my appetite. Guys, just imagine how hard this is...I posted some pictures of the types of food I should be eating EVERY TWO HOURS.

Sure, it looks great at first, but just imagine all this heavy, greasy, fattening food sitting in your stomach and by the time you get something down and feel all nasty and bloated...guess what! It's time to eat again! Needless to say, my stomach is NOT LIKING ME AT ALL right now. Severe, constant, tummy aches...I wish I could say that I was eating every two hours, around the clock like I'm supposed to...but I can honestly say that I'm doing my very best and it is the hardest thing I have ever done! So far, I have gained 23 pounds. (The majority of those pounds have been in the last couple of that's good)

Oh, and I'm still having these TERRIBLE nosebleeds (which have woken me up the past two mornings)...I'm talking blood EVERYWHERE: sheets, all over me and my shirt, carpet, bathroom floor, my entire face--as I'm running to the toilet to lean my head over while it pours out like a faucet. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING! Poor Joe was late to work today, just cleaning all of it up for me. Sometimes I'm nervous if I'm going to pass out b/c I'm losing THAT much blood!
Sorry for the graphics..but I need you to understand how violent these bleeds are!
So, I'm wondering if it may have something to do with the daily baby aspirin I am taking on doc's orders. (You know aspirin is a mild blood thinner). He claims that taking a baby aspirin a day will help reduce my chances of preeclampsia (which in turns causes preterm labor). I don't know the mechanics behind it, but I do as he says. I will ask him about it next week when I go in again.

As always, I LOVE reading your comments! Thanks for stopping by and more importantly, thanks for the prayers!


Page said...

awww, suzanne, sorry about the food "issue". I wish I could help. I know! I'll eat a hamburger with ice cream on the side in your honor!! That'll help, right?? LOL =)

Quilao Triplets said...

Hi Suzanne,

Amazing how your body turns into one huge Science experiment during pregnancy huh? I am glad to hear that you are gaining weight and hope you continue to pack on the pounds...I have wanted to see Multiples in the Womb but we don't get the NG channel. Aren't the McNultys in that special? It really is amazing to see the bond that multiples have and one of my favorite parts of being a multiple mom (in between the hitting, pinching and biting that is happening in our house)! There is nothing sweeter than seeing my girls love on each other:)


Heather Holland said...

I stumbled upon your blog a few months before you got pregnant via other HU Alum's blogs, and I was hooked even before this whirlwind pregnancy. It might be because you are a TX and lived in Houston, my hometown...and because I remember seeing you at HU during our years were one year ahead of me. I don't know, but I have many people praying for you at our church in NC. Maybe one day you'll get to meet all of us that have read your blog and prayed for you. Keep following the doctor's orders on your house and bed rests.
In Christ

Anonymous said...

I have been keeping up with your posts via myspace and when you sent this link along with it i check everyday to make sure things are going well!
You are in my thoughts and prayers each day as you go on this journey. Just having one is hard for me, but i know you will be an awesome mom and handle all the pressures of havingfour like a pro!
Mindi Harris Masten

Alicia and Chris said...


Not sure who led me to you blog several months ago, but I wanted to de-lurk and let you know I was reading. We're praying for you and those babies. We're in the area, so please let us know how we can help in ANY way.


Amanda's News said...

Suz- That really does suck about the nose bleeds. As for the food I will be praying for your appetite! I would love to help you out in that area....especially the ice-cream (not so much the fried stuff). I looked at your last post of your precious belly...tooo cute:) I'm glad that you were able to visit you friends and get some good stuff. Did you register anywhere yet? Also are you going to attempt breast feeding or formula or both?

Kim said...

Your blog makes me smile! I just think that you are the two most adorable people ever! No wonder God has blessed you with 4 little angels! You will be in my prayers! Take Care!

Carol said...

Hi - just found you, and I'll be checking back. Wow, quads!

You look great by the way - your belly pics are just georgeous.

I loved that NGC multiples show, I have a copy of it and love watching it.

Sorry about the nose bleeds - that just sucks.

Marie said...

Ugg! I would have trouble eating every two hours with that amount too! But I am so glad that you have gained some weight. I will be praying for the nosebleeds and continued strength for you all.

~aj~ said...

I know that nosebleeds are common during pregnancy (I had them quite a bit), but mine were never too bad. I'm sure that is no fun to wake up to in the morning.

Glad to hear everything else is going so well. Your belly is adorable and how is it you have no stretch marks? Amazing!

Keep packing on the pounds. You are doing GREAT!

aWare said...

WOW! I have been behind times, I am blocked from blogs at work so I rarely get to check! I love your updates! Never boring on your blog, that is for sure! Your tummy is precious, great skin! Loved Jo's blog...I want to see him write more often! I get a tummy ache just looking at that food, but sad for wouldn't stop me! I LOVE the names, Andrew is one of my favorite brother's name is Drew and I have always thought it is cute. My grandmother begged me to name my "girl" Savannah...but instead I wanted to name "her" after her(grandmother) issue!
I hate you are getting nose bleeds, keep us updated on that cause of that! Can't wait for another update!

aWare said...

Where are you registered??? Harry is so excited about his friends coming in seventeen weeks...he told me to tell you to tell them to come out healthy and ready to play ball...and go on a date!

Anonymous said...

You look and act awesome! I wish I could eat for you! I feel so lucky that MY friend is bringing 4 precious children into this world and will teach them the Christian Word!! You are such an inspiration to SO many people! I know that everyone says your names are perfect, but since I know you personally, I can say that the names reflect and sound like you!!

Oh, and if you haven't seen Savannah Smiles, you must! It was one of my favorite movies as a girl!
Love ya,

Anonymous said...

Hey, I was in Ju Go Ju with you at Harding. Someone sent me your blog link. I just wanted to let you know that I was checking in on you and had you guys in my thoughts and prayers. What a wild and amazing journey you guys are on!
Carrie (Breeding) Miller

Anonymous said...

Hey Sue,

Just wanted to send my howdy and say thanks for continuing to blog and post pictures. It is just so amazing that your Mom will have the same ration of grandbabies as I have, 3 boys and the princess all at once :-)

We all check your site regularly so please keep posting.

Prayers continue on all of your behalves. Pat the babies and give Joe a hug from all of us.

Nate, Maurine, & Hannah said...
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Kimberly said...

Wow I hate that my comment has to follow the one above with all the big medical words. All I can say is that we're pray'n for ya girl!
Also-loved that documentary! I think I watched it the same time you did and thought about u the whole time. I've been meaning to tell u about it but then forgot! Glad you caught it! The miracle of life is AMAZING!

Texose said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Texose said...

Diddos to your nursing friends advise... It all sounded alittle fishy to me too but what do I know... I AM NOT A NURSE in no means..
I think I would be freaking out about the bleeding as well. As wild as this sounds, maybe you should sleep with cotton in your nose at night to see if it would help with the flow and spread.

You are blessed with the talent of writting real life events, your honesty, your bubbly and loving personality and so much thank you for sharing with us.... It is very refreshing, and makes me feel special that you share your life with us.

We will continue to pray for your situation. You are on our pray lists at church and we will continue to pray for you.Like most churchs, we have some those in our church we call "prayer warriors" and you are on their pray lists too... LAMANS (HEHEHEHE) TERMS: You are in GOD's hands probably every moment of the day with all the prayers being lifted!!! FOR YOU, JOE, ANDREW, ETHAN, SAVANNAH, BEN ARE ALL LOVED AND MISSED


Blueeyes said...

I've been reading your blog for a coulpe of weeks. I absolutely love it!
Congrats on your pregnancy. I am so excited for you. My best girlfriend had 2 sets of twins. The first set is 4 years old and the second set is 16 months. Her household is pure, delightful, chaos.
I'm sorry to hear about your nose bleeds. I'm praying for you.

Melissa said...

UUUGGGHHHH....the food thing brings up some bad memories but hang in there. For the nosebleeds, mine unfortunately lasted my entire pregnancy. It's scary the condition you can wake up in sometimes and even more surprising that you don't actually pass out from all the blood loss! And, it's probably that little girl that you are feeling. I know that Miss Elliot was WAY more active than Keaton in the womb and now that she is out, she is all over the place! I am so happy you are starting to feel them. Now it starts getting really exciting!

Kristy said...

Hi Suz, you don't know me but I found your blog on Nicki Wilson's blog. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoy reading your blog. I am expecting a baby (just 1!) in August so it's fun to read about what you are experiencing too! I'm glad all continues to be well.

Kristy Boyd

Regina said...

Suzanne, just popping in to say Hi again! I am a fellow DFWite! You look great and I love the baby's names! I can't even imagine eating that much food in one day and certainly not every two hours! God bless your tummy sweetie, I would be a mess! I pray that God will help ease your tummy troubles and will allow you to eat enough to keep those babies healthy and strong! Thanks for all the posts and pictures, we will keep you and those sweet lil ones in our prayers!

Anonymous said...

I found yousr site from another mom's website and I find it fascinating! I read it several times a week and feed like I know you. I also live in GP and am a nurse in the NICU. I have never attended a quad delivery but I have attended two triplet deliveries. It's organized chaos! You look like you're doing wonderful and your husband looks super supportive and loads of fun! You'll be great parents.

Nate, Maurine, & Hannah said...

I bet the National Geo. Graphic film on multiples is amazing! Don't you wish you could have a little camera in there sometimes seeing what they are up to? Esp when you feel a little foot in your ribs. Can you feel where they all are individually? Do they stay in the same area from week to week? Just curious. This may sound gross but a tampon in the nose will help those really hard to stop nose bleeds. We actually use "nasal" tampons and a thing called a rhino rocket to stop them in the ER. Anyhoo- just stopping by to say hi. Wish I could give you all a big hug right now. Love you! Mo

Anonymous said...

I came across your blog from another blog and wanted to say congrats! I am in the healthcare field and I really felt convicted to tell you to do more research with this "diet" your being told to eat. I tell all my patients that they should never eat trans fat. Specifically for pregnancy, it actually significantly raises your chances for developing preeclampsia along with impacting fetal health and development. This isn't meant to scare you but I would highly recommend researching what your being told to do. Someone said that the nurse's post was "Fishy" but the nurse actually has it right. If you have a hard time reading the scientific journals than just go to google and search "trans fat pregnancy" and you can see what i'm talking about. It is alright if you need to delete this, it was just nagging at my heart to let you be told something dangerous from your healthcare professionals. Good luck with the rest of the pregnancy!

angie said...

I also found your site through another friend. Have loved browsing through and seeing your belly pictures. I so symathize with not being able to eat as much as you're supposed to. Towards the end of my twin pregnancy I was directed to eat more and I just couldn't, for the first time in my life. ha ha. I spent 10 weeks in the hosptial so I can also sympathize with house arrest. I think it's wonderful that you're expecting quads and I will look forward to watching the rest of your pregnancy unfold.

Karen said...

My doctor is featured in that documentary! I've just ordered it as well! :) (FYI, it's a little cheaper on Amazon than on NGC)

I'm glad you are progressing, but very sorry about the bloody noses. I think a lot of pregnant women get bloody noses because of the increased blood volume. I know that with trips, my blood volume is increased by about 200%, so I imagine yours is even higher. Add that to the aspirin, and you're probably right that the aspirin is exacerbating the issue. (probably you'd get the nosebleeds anyway, but the aspirin probably makes it harder to control) I've gotten several nosebleeds this week, but none as violent as you describe.

I still haven't gained an ounce, but unlike you, I was overweight to start, and I've still not stopped throwing up. I'm not worried, because my doctor isn't. The babies are still growing and as healthy as can be, so far as we can tell, so that's what matters at this point. I don't know how you manage to keep all that fatty food down, though! The very thought is enough to send me running to pray at the porcelain goddess!

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