Thursday, July 26, 2007

Dropping Babies and Muscular Atrophy

Remember how I told you that the babies are "assuming the position" and have dropped down into my lower abdomen? I don't see how they have any room at all...especially NOW! Poor little Savannah is getting squished beyond imagination. I don't know if you can tell in this LOVELY picture or not (stretch marks and all)...but my big belly bulge used to jet straight out, right under my breasts to where I could place a soda can on my belly without it moving an inch (gross, I know...but you get the picture). Now it has a steep slant and then a big bulge at the bottom. They have definitely dropped!

Ladies and Gents, I think the time has finally come to wear Suz takes her "belly shots" with her shirts on! No need for nasty silvery stretch marks all up in your face! ;)


One of the things you probably didn't think about (and I didn't think about, until I was put in this situation) is the amount of muscular atrophy I have accumulated, while I have been on strict bedrest for over 10 weeks. My muscles are a pile of MUSH! No kidding! The nurses tell me that it will take MONTHS if not YEARS to build back up my muscle mass.
So, please join me in my pity party, if you will: I am already completely exhausted, just walking to the restroom (10 steps, mind you) and I'm about to go through major abdominal surgery in a couple of weeks (the C-section), and then I MIGHT have a month at home to recuperate while the babies are in the NICU, but after that I am going to be running around taking care of 4 tiny infant babies? SHEESH! (feel sorry for me yet?) haha... How in the world did you other mothers of multiples that had significant bedrest do it???

Have any of you ever heard of the book: "On the Night You Were Born"?

It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL! My friend, Jen (aka the Indiana quad mom), just sent me the most incredible "NICU SURVIVAL KIT" and she had put this book in there! Let me just say, you will not get through it without crying! It is priceless. Everyone should give this book as a gift at every baby shower...unless we are going to the same shower! Then I call dibs! ;)


Brittany said...

Hey Suz! Wow, those babies have dropped a lot. I am thinking about you so very often and praying for those precious little ones. That book sounds so sweet and I am actually going to a baby shower this Sunday so I think I will purchase it! Do not feel bad for giving yourself a pity party. Not many people in the world go through what you are going through. And even if they do, every situation is different in its own way. I know you will build back up because you are so strong on positive.

On a side note, I founds some pics today of us when we were younger. Like when we went to the Olympics and when we rolled the Wagon Wheel before the Garnetts got there. Awww... I miss those days. Love you and miss you.

Anonymous said...

Suz- I am loving your blog! We are praying for big, healthy babies and for a quick recovery for you as well. I know that you are worried about being able to take are of the babies but, I promise you, you will be wonderful! When you get your own "system" down and are through the recovery stage you will wonder what you ever did before those four miracles entered your home! I am so happy for you guys and we will keep you all in our prayers! -Jen HU c/o '98 and mom to twins plus one.

triplet mama said...

Hi Suz,

Yes, you can definitely tell that the babies have amazes me everytime I think about higher order multiples fitting in one belly. Savannah will give the boys payback after they're here for years to come:) Thanks for the book suggestion. I'll have to check it out and add it to our collection.
I was only on bedrest for 7 weeks and I definitely had the muscle atrophy, but after being down for so long, little kept me down once the girls were born. You are young and healthy and I know you will be back in baby chasing shape quickly.

Sending internet hugs and blessings your way!

FernandoDownUnder said...

I am really enjoying your blog and seeing your bare belly shots! Even with the few tiny stretch marks that you now have. :) You should keep the shirt up for the belly shots, it makes it more realistic. :)

Just a question: Are you planning to breastfeed?

Mel said...

You deserve some me time and take it now because you are going to be very, very busy soon. My personal request is that belly shots continue...just like they are and I still don't see any really noticeable stretchmarks. I love getting to see how the babies are growing and changing you. I check your site at least twice a day to see how you are(and the babies and Joe) and see if there are updates.

You may have a tough road but I know you can and will do it. You also are blessed to have multitudes praying for you and your family and that is the most powerful thing there is. Tell everyone hi from us and enjoy Shiloh this weekend. Love you bunches,

beth ewing said...

when i was pregnant (with one mind you...not 4), people kept telling me that i dropped and i never knew what in the world they were talking about. but i see it in other people and you have definitely dropped. you still look great though. i never thought about the atrophy but that must be awful. i read that you worked out alot before getting pregnant so i'm sure this bothers you alot but after about a year or so of chasing around 4 kids, you'll be back on track. hehe! hang in there. people all over the world are amazed and inspired by your journey.

Brooke said...

I love reading your blog and seeing your belly pics, too. Stretch marks are hard to see on your body at first, but they will fade. And I sure I am in the majority when I say that your belly is beautiful and not to be ashamed of, even with your pregnancy service stripes! If you think there is even a slight chance that you will regret not taking bare belly pics from here on out, then make sure you keep taking them, even if you don't show them on your blog. Ethan, Ben, Andrew and Savannah will think you were beautiful when they're old enough to look at these photos!

You're doing awesome, mama!

Misty said...

You are doing awesome!! I can't even hardly see the stretch marks you look AWESOME!!! Are you so excited to see Shilo this weekend? :-) We have a beagle too, CoCo, looks just like Shi. Are you able to rest much during the day? I know you are in bed, but are you actually able to sleep? When I was pg with twins I had a HORRIBLE time sleeping, I just couldn't breathe!! Even once they dropped they were so big I still had a hard time. I hope you are able to get some sleep!!!

Keep up the good work!!!
Misty, in Illinois

supatterson said...

Hi Suzanne...I'm also a Suzanne! I had twins three weeks ago after 8 weeks of bedrest. The muscle atrophy thing is definitely tough after a c-section but you will be so focused on your little ones that you will be amazed at how much you can do. If you're planning on pumping that will also add to some of the exhaustion but it's so worth it! All of our doctor's and nurses in the NICU/SCN are so encouraging to the mom's as well - they will be there to remind you to eat, sleep and take it easy before your strong, healthy babies come home!

Anonymous said...

How long will they let you go before they won't stop your labor? How long do they think you will make it from the looks of things??? What is ideal? We are praying!
Kristy D.

Page said...

Wow, Suzanne, I had never even thought of muscle atropy. Another to add to the prayer list, indeed! But, you were so active and healthy BEFORE pregnancy that I'm sure you'll bouce back quicker than you think! But, I can totally understand why it would be hard to deal with now. This, too, shall're doin' great!

Murray Crew said...

Yippee Skips! You got it! I'm soooo glad ya liked it. I really had a blast putting it all together and thinking through what would have helped me out during that NICU whirlwind. I about bawled in Target reading that book - precious. Now I need to get my OWN copy! Oh yeah, I'm such a poo and forgot to wish you a congrats on 29 hard weeks! YOU are DA BOMB, CHICKAROO! Oh yeah, and keep taking the belly shots even if its for you and Joe. You honestly will forget just how big your belly stretched. I look at pics from 5 short months ago and can't believe it.
Muscle atrophy stinks, but the babes will be immobile for a time, which allows you to get some endurance back. Your body doesn't have a choice, so I think that helps it step into gear and gain it back quicker. You just wake up (every 3 hours) and do it! Pushing strollers and loading carseat carriers also helps those biceps. =)
God is faithful! He provides what we need when we need it!

Your quad mama cheerleader,

MadtownMom said...


I was on strict bedrest for 16 weeks...and granted it was just 1, but I feel 100% better already...and my baby is only 3 1/2 months old.

I was sooooo out of shape from being on bedrest. I took a walk into town (1 mile each way) when my daughter was 6 weeks old and I thought my lungs were going to explode.

I don't do a lot of physical activity now (outside of chasing around 3 kids), but I do take two 30 minute walks a day(2 miles each) with no problems.

I guess what I'm getting at were in shape prior to bedrest and while your muscles do lose shape...and you do need time to recover from the c-section(I've had three now!) will be amazed at how quickly you are back to fighting form again!

I actually recovered from this c-section better than the 2nd one. I didn't push myself this time though.

Keep up the good work...and I think your stomach still looks great. You should see mine. I had a vertical incision for an emergency c-section and it's crooked...let alone three pregnancies worth of stretch marks.

Still praying for 30 weeks!


lori said...

love the updates, suzanne! you look wonderful! i know the muscle atrophy is hard to take, but you will get it back! i bet with your youth, upbeat spirit/positive attitude, and having been so fit before your pregnancy that you will get your muscle tone back much faster than the experts predict. and, like others have commented, hauling all those baby seats and pushing a stroller full of four babies will help you along, too!

thinking of you every day!
-lori, whom you don't know from eve ;-p

Ryan, Jenny, C&C said...

I too have those lovely silvery stretch marks...which do fade (mostly:), and I had a bit of muscular atrophy from being on strict bed rest for 4 weeks. You will bounce back...probably a lot quicker than you think--especially since you were so active before being pregnant. I LOVE that book. C&C each got a copy in their Easter baskets this year. It's my favorite one to read to them. Hang in there!!!!! Praying for another successful week for those babies to "bake".

Jenny in MS

Anonymous said...

Hello Suzanne! I've been reading your blog for some time now...I'm a friend of a's a Harding thing. Anyway, I'm also a physical therapist and I may have a suggestion for your muscle atrophy. Please ask your doctor first, but you may be able to do some simple exercises in bed that will help speed your recovery. You can do isometric bottom squeezes (hold 5 sec), press the back of your knee down into the bed and hold, ankle pumps (like pressing on a gas pedal), slide your heel up toward your bottom then back down toward the foot of your bed, and slide your leg out to the side and back to the middle (like windshield wipers). There may be a few more too, but check with your MD first. Wouldn't want to induce labor! I'm sure you'll recovery quickly out of necessity and, of course, with all the thousands of prayers you will be receiving. You and your family will continue to be in my prayers. Go HU class of 2025?!
God Bless!

katherine said...

Hi Suzanne! You do know me because we were roommates our freshman year. I heard about your blog through the grapevine, and I want you to know that I'm thinking about you and wishing you all the best as your big day approaches. I think a one-baby, no-complications pregnancy was two person job, not to mention raising Little Miss Demanding now that she's on the outside, but if anyone has enough energy for 4 of them, you do!

Rebecca B. said...

I just became a new grandmother 3 weeks ago and spent time helping my son and daughter-in-law with my new grandson. I forgot how demanding new babies are. I admire you so. You are an inspiration to all. I am enjoying reading about your progress and your wonderful husband. You are so blessed.

littleangelkisses said...

I agree with Anon on checking with your doctor aobut doing isometric exercises. I was only on bedrest for 3 or so weeks but the nurses had me up and walking as soon as possible. They made me walk, pushing a wheelchair to the NICU. When I got too tired I could ride the rest of the way. It was hard but in very little time I was walking the whole way. At U of I, that is a LONG walk!

Leslie said...

That is one positive about the is a good transition before the babies come home. I didn't see it when mine were in the there but I am grateful for it now. I also learned SO much from the NICU nurses. I am also an RN but didn't know a thing about pediatrics. I bet you bounce back quicker than most since you were in great shape before the quads. That has a lot to do with it. Have as good a weekend as possible.

MichelleAnn said...

I was on hospital bed rest for 10 weeks with my twins. I dreamed of jumping out of that bed after I delivered them and walking anywhere my feet would take me!! It was so much harder to walk than I thought it would be! My legs were so skinny (loss of muscle). I don't remember any pain from the delivery, just the pain from my weak muscles-especially the bottoms of my feet and my back!! Luckily Ibuprophen helped with that. Of course nothing was going to stop me from getting to that NICU to see my babies (or going shopping in the big city I was in in between NICU hours)! I'm not sure how your hospital is set up, but during my stay I was in a unit called the antipartum unit. After delivery I was suppose to go to the postpartum unit, but I asked them if I could return to the antipartum unit since it had become my home for so long and I knew all the nurses. They allowed me too. It was so nice to go back to "my room" in between NICU visits. I cried so hard the day I was discharged. Unless someone has been in that situation it's hard to explain. I had been in a quiet hospital room for over 2 months where I was checked on at least every 4 hours (I had to have my temp taken every 4 hours). It was so hard to adjust to the noise and the fast pace of the real world. Congratulations on making it so far into your pregnancy! You are going to have so much fun with 4 babies. Our twins are 20 months now and they crack us up. They are so funny!! I can't imagine how much fun it will be to watch 4 little ones interact. Anyway, I hope your final weeks go by quickly for you and that you have an easy delivery & recovery.

Jamie's Crew said...

Hi Suz,
I remember the atrophy from my 6 weeks in bed with the twins. I think that it will be hard for a couple of weeks until you sort of "get over" the c-section for the most part. But after that, you will be needing to visit the babies at the hospital, go upstairs to check on your oh-so-darling nursery, and so on. Bit by bit you will regain your muscles and your stamina. You already know the best ways to take care of Suzanne - and you will return to those things as you are are able. I know these days are so hard being in the hospital! Many of us at McMoms have endured bed rest. Please feel free to call on us at ANY time. We are willing and able to answer questions or share stories. Aren't you a member of the Yahoo group? You are welcome to post any questions there and I guarantee you will have a bunch of responses! Keep your chin up! You are in the home stretch and so close to having 4 precious faces to love and kiss on! Hang in there!

Jamie - McMoms

Jamie's Crew said...

Oh - I also vote that you continue with the bare belly pictures. I regret that I don't have but 1-2 pictures of my belly pregnant with twins - with clothes or without!


My name is Tammie said...

Look at you! You look amazing! You are doing so great! I will never forget the feeling of the babies dropping. My poor baby A. LOL, little stinker is a fighter today because of it I swear. ;) I was on bedrest for 27weeks with the last 16 being strict (only bathroom breaks) and 5 in the hospital. The muscular atrophy was pretty brutal I will not lie but it does go away much quicker than you think. You will get muscles in other places too, like your arms from holding those sweet babies for hours. The hardest part for me was my feet. From being off of them for so long and then ALL the added weight when I was on them they were sooo painful. That lasted quite a while but was relieved by movement. Movement will not be something that is hard to come by trust me.

As far as the NICU goes I dont know if I ever mentioned to you that I am the founder of my local hospital's NICU support group. So if you have any specific quesions or concerns please dont hesitate to ask me. I have tons and tons of handy information and what I dont have I can get from our Neonatologist. Though you are doing so well I doubt you will have too long of a NICU stay.

Keep it up, whatever you're doing is working!!

Heather said...

Wow! Those babies have dropped! You're still looking good though. Funny thing is I wondered about muscular atrophy when I realized how long you'd be on bed rest. I read on someone's blog that there is a lady that did a video of exercises you can do while on bedrest. I don't know much more, but thought it was something you could look into.

Lolly said...

I have been following your pregnancy and I am anxiously awaiting the birth of your precious babies. Check out the latest post on my blog where I mentioned you. :)

TEXOSE said...

You are doing great and look fabulous for someone that is carrying 4 babies in there. I only carried one at a time but I now look like a silverstriped fish... hehehehe... I would not trade them for anything but it has been a while since my littles were born and here am I with all that weight. I know that you will be able to build your muscule mass back up as well as the rest of your body back in shape too. Hang in there and know that you are loved unconditionally and we all check often for any updates... WITH LOVE,
JoLee and Family

Granna said...

I am a blog hopper and have been following your progress. I am a graduate of Freed Hardeman (MANY years ago- grandma now), so we have the "sister" school thing in common. I am so excited waiting on these babies. Is it weird to know that total strangers are in anticipation of their birth???

Holly said...

Dear Suz - Have been trying to write you, but could not remember my gmail password, had to reset.

You, Joe, the "Four on the Floor" as they will be in 6-8 mos., your Mom and Dad and extended family are always in our prayers, the church prayers and thoughts. Christopher has put you on the prayer list a the A&M CoC. I would love to see the stream of prayers going into the heavens. How cool!!

Sounds like you are doing really well.

Have you seen the photos of the tree and Granny Laman's old house in Brackett? If not, get Stoney to send them to you. They're awesome.

Is your Mom still with you?

Ernie & I were, just a couple of days ago, talking about the effects of muscular atrophy and I was wondering how difficult it is to recover. I had no idea the effects could last as long as you wrote.

My love to all - Holly

The Dixons said...

You are looking so great! Your adoring public loves the belly shots!! :-) You can see that they have dropped. Thanks for keeping us updated, keeping you and your family in prayers.

Jodi said...

Hello! You don't know me, but I found your blog from a friend of mine... and I wanted you to know that you are definitely added to my prayer list!! I am an ACU grad, lots of friends from HU, I have friends who go to North Davis (seems like I read on your blog somewhere that you go there or know people there), so somehow I feel connected to you... all 6 of you! I am a mom of ONE, who is 13 months and all over the place, so I just can't imagine what JOY your house will hold when you have 4 miracles there at once! Sending blessings and prayers your way from Houston...

Holly said...

Dear Suz - Have been emailing your Dad this A.M. and when I closed the email I asked him what he was going to be called - Grandpa, PawPaw, Grandaddy, Gramps, etc. It would be fun to see what your "Viewers" have to say. Your Dad mention Quadpa, which is cute.
What do you think? Put it to a vote? Do a survey?
I love you so much and know that with you sitting or "lying down" as the case may be, in God's hand, that you and your sweet little miracles are going to be great. Holly

The Petersons said...

I found your blog on my friend's blog (Ashley Hogeland...I'm friends with Heath's sister). I just had to post a comment because I felt an instant connection! First off, my name is Suzanne. Second, I went to A&M and I'm assuming either you or your husband did by all of the A&M paraphernalia! Thirdly, I read somewhere on your blog that you go to North Davis?! I grew up in Arlington but went to Woodland West! My grandmother goes to North Davis. And lastly, a friend of mine here in Colorado Springs just gave birth to quads about 3 months ago!!

For some good news...they are all doing great! She is actually working and her husband quit his job to stay home. They have a system down and it works for them. The babies are all sleeping from midnight to 7:00 in the morning...not bad for babies that were almost a month early! I haven't read your blog entirely (you have a very active blog!), so you may have already received a ton of tips, but just in case I'll let you know what they've done to help their situation. He (Aaron) looked online for groups that provide free items to families with multiples. They recieved so many things, from diapers to formula. They found a service here that rents out equipement, such as strollers for two infants (of which they obviously got two). Everytime they go to the doctor he mentions that they need formula and the doctor's office gives them cases of formula...for free! It never hurts to ask!! And, they have hooked up with a community here of families with multiples for support, advice and encouragement.

God has truly blessed you, and I pray that you all will have a safe pregnancy and delivery. I know God's hand is on all five of you!!

God bless, Suz

Meg said...

Hi Suz,

You don't know me, but I went to A&M and knew Joe, and just yesterday randomly a friend of mine sent me a link to your blog and I have been reading through it for almost an hour now! I would love to make a donation for you guys, and my prayers will be with you and Joe and the little ones each and every day! I love the pics -- you look absolutely gorgeous!! Thank you so much for sharing your story and I will look forward to reading more as you get closer to your due date!! Much love and prayers coming your way!
Meg Ayers (Texas A&M class of '01)

Gen said...

SUZ!!! Okay, let me start by saying... no worries about the stretch marks... mine looked quite similar and it's not that bad... ugly... but not the end of the world. I was on bed rest from week 17 to 32 VERY STRICT. The most activity I was allowed was one shower every other day for 5 minutes (and the shower was cold!). I didn't even get wheelchair privs.!!! Anyway, you will be shocked at how fast you bounce back. You were in great shape b4 the pregnancy and that will serve you well. It took me a whole year to get back to pre-pregnancy weight and in the last two months I have finally started to get back some muscle tone (frustrating but you won't have time to worry about it anyway). It's yucky but sooooo worth it. Now I chase my 14months olds all over the place from sun up to sun down. The weight litterally drops off. The best thing you can do for yourself is to get up and start walking as soon as the babies are here. As for the stretch marks.. well... they aren't pretty but hey.. you'll have 4 beautiful babies to show for them.. not many people can say that! Hang in there! We think of you often and keep you in our prayers.

Oh, and to give you a laugh for the day.. something to look forward to...

My kids are EVERYWHERE... I can't keep them contained.. no gate can hold them nor any crib!!!! I went into get them from naps this am and Ally and Libby had torn apart the nursery.. quite as church mice!!! GOD HELP US mothers of multiples!!! :)

The McNulty Quads
ps: Sorry if this is scattered ... Libby and Ally are being VERY helpful with the key board!!

Triplet Mama said...

You are AWESOME!!!!! You've made it to 29 and you're still going at it! WOW! I had my triplets at 28 weeks, well 28w and 6days, and I only had three in there! One day you'll be able to tell all your little kiddos about when they were jammed in your belly! Best of luck to you!
Once you have them (no need to tell you this really, I am sure you have a hunch!) it'll be rough at first, but honestly, once you make it to 6 months of age it becomes FUN! Yes, just pure fun!

Lindsey said...

Hey Suzanne - we got your thank you note and are glad to hear you got the package! I (like the rest of the commenters) hadn't even thought about muscle atrophy...I have never been on bedrest and had no clue muscle atrophy could happen so quickly! I also agree with everyone - keep the belly shots comin'...they're beautiful!

Courtney said...

Hi! I came across your blog through a friends! I just wanted you to know you and your babies are in my thoughts and prayers!

Jeannie said...

My Mason was my Baby A and was on the bottom of his brothers---by the end I called him the "crack baby" b/c he was so low--they would find his heartrate almost on my thigh! I felt bad for him too, but beleive it or not, he was my smallest and did the best with his breathing when first born b/c he was more stressed in the belly. The muscle atrophy is really hard and you really have no idea how bad it is until the pregnancy is all over. Having said that, you will get it back much quicker than a year...I already feel like a totally different person after only 3 months. (BTW, I am using "12 hours of sleep by 12 weeks" for my sleep training.) Hang in there, you are rocking this pregnancy!!!

Anonymous said...

I also found you through a friend of a friend and just want you to know that we are praying for you daily! God is great and has wonderful things in store for you and those babies...and Joe.

Anonymous said...

You are doing awesome! I check on you daily! We are praying for you! Love--Erika in MS

Triple Tchorz said...

Good luck with everything. Love your site!!

Anonymous said...

Suzanne, I am so inspired by how graciously you are enduring the discomforts of this pregnancy. Your body (and your muscles) will "remember" life before this. You are going to beat the diabetes and be back to your old self. So no worries! Also, we (entire internet, it looks like!) are praying for you and Joe and all your beautiful children. Hang in there! :-)

angie said...

I actually thought the NICU was a blessing. My recovery from my C-Section was really rough, probably because of my prolonged bedrest, BUT by the time my boys came home, I was feeling better and more able physically and mentally to "mother" my 5 children. It does take a little time though to feel "strong" again.

Anonymous said...

I was watching tv this morning and thought you would appreciate this mom. She is pregnant with quintuplets and already had 2 children.


Broder Twins 2001 said...

Hi Suzanne,
I've been following along, but don't leave your comments on all your posts. Glad to hear that you are doing so well. I had the entire McMoms group pray for you & your babies at our meeting last Thurs. Keep us posted. I've sent you several e-mails, but don't know if you ever got them.
Cindy Broder, McMoms President

Jamie's Crew said...

Hey Suz-
I was just checking in on the Wilkinson quints and they have video of a hydrotherapy tub that she gets to go in everyday. Have you had any luck getting the Dr. to approve that for you? It sounds heavenly and it sure seems like it would be great to be bouyant for awhile!
Jamie - McMoms

Hailee said...

Hi Suzanne!
I really enjoy reading your blog! I am a fellow HU grad and a Nicu Nurse at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. After your delivery, the Nicu will be your next big adventure! Some things to remember: Breast milk is best for premature babies, but if you supplement, it is OKAY!(Don't let anyone make you feel guilty if you don't). Keep a journal. Write down milestones for each baby (when they come off oxygen, when they start feeds, or when they take their first bottle). You can also use it to write down questions. Sometimes people have so many questions and then when they talk to the doctors, they can't remember what they wanted to ask. The Nicu can be overwhelming and emotional, not to mention those PP hormones in action! Take a deep breath, and enjoy each day as it happens. Your babies won't stay that little for long. Take lots of pictures and save some of those tiny diapers for keepsakes! May God bless you on your journey! Praying for you!

Katie said...

Hang in there, you are doing great!!! I was on hospital bedrest from 20 weeks on, and in all honesty I am still trying to get back in shape.....and my girls will be 3 this fall! Our girls were born in October and we were terrified to take them out and risk getting them sick. So I spent those first few months stuck inside and not doing much at all to get back into shape. My pg weight fell off, but its taken a long time to build up the muscle. Hopefully it will be a little easier to get out with them being summer babies. At least a few walks around the block. :)
Someone else above posted that their bottoms of their feet were sore. That was my biggest issue at first too. It finally got better after a few months. Now my goal for this fall is to really get working on my abs!!
I also had a hard time adjusting after being discharged too. That antepartum unit had become "normal" after so much time there. I missed having those kind supportive people there all the time and they had become my new "family". I still really enjoy going back to visit and chat with them.
You are doing so great!!!
Mom to triplet girls- 2 1/2 years old

Shannel said...

Hey! long time reader of your blog. Im so happy for ya'll and im praying for you and the babies. I cant wait till you have them and we get to see pictures of the beautiful beings that God gave you! Anywho CONGRATS you're in my prayers!

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