Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Wow...30 Weeks....Can't BULEEV it!

I really never thought week 30 would get here! It always seemed SOOOOOOO far away! HUGE milestone today, guys! HUGE! Every day after today, equals 3 days less that the little ones will have to spend in the NICU. Everytime a nurse comments on how "good" I am doing and that they "can't believe it"...I just tell them that we have the most awesome people in the world praying for us! That is the ONLY way we have gotten this far! Seriously! I can't thank you enough for all the encouraging words, support, and prayers! Every night I pray for God to bless all those out there who are praying for US! So, get ready people, yall have some serious blessings coming your way! Ha! ;)

Last week during my sono, my babies are weighing:

Savannah (baby A): 2 lbs, 11 oz.
Benjamin (baby B): 2 lbs, 14 oz.
Twin baby C on the top: 2 lbs, 3 oz.
Twin baby D down below: 2 lbs

The twins are definitely smaller than the other two...but it is expected, seeing as how they are sharing a placenta. Ethan and Andrew might not get over 3 lbs. (but that's okay). They are all growing at the same rate as last time. I think the next set of measurements will be next week. (31 wks) I'm still working on Tabor for a tentative C-section date, but it all depends on how my babies are growing...this morning he said: MAYBE August 15th (my parents anniversary)...but MAYBE not until the last week in August when Tabor gets back from his week long excursion to California (it's not a "fun trip", he is getting his Freshman daughter settled in at college)...so, I dunno, I reeeeeally don't want to chance him leaving for a week (my 33rd wk) when anything could happen, especially that far along in my quadruplet pregnancy (and I know that Tabor is stressed over it as well), BUT, if HE tells me that my babies need to grow some more...then I guess I will wait out that week (but will be sweating BULLETS!) So, please start on THOSE prayers ASAP! We are praying for August 15th!

Funny/sad story: Dr. Tabor starts the sono and always starts with Savannah (baby A). Remember that she is at the VERRRRY bottom of my uterus...and with the babies dropping down recently, she is totally and completely smashed down into my pelvis. Dr. Tabor looks at her, while pushing as hard as he can down into my pelvic bone, and kinda chuckles out loud, "well...don't be alarmed if this baby comes out with a 'not so normal' looking head!"....awesome, neato...Savannah is going to be a "FISH HEAD" for a while after birth b/c her mean 'ole brothers are squishing her like crazy! Poor baby! ;) It will all even out eventually...so, just be warned! I told everyone in the room, "well, remind me to tell the dad or he will FREAK OUT on delivery day!" (seriously..poor, sweet, non-medical whatsoever, Joe)

Yesterday was my brother, Collin's, 31st birthday. Lucky him, he got to eat his birthday cake and open his presents in MY hospital room! How fun, right??!! I'll get my dad to send me the pics, but this is all I have for now:

Col showing me how to use our new digital video camera (a HUUUUUUGE thanks to mom and dad, and my Aunt Judy and Uncle Stoney! SUPER excited!)

Oh, and I MUST throw in that this weekend was the BIG FANTASY FOOTBALL DRAFT for my hubby and all of his friends. They met in Dallas/Fort Worth this year so Joe could be close to me (just in case anything happened). They are CRAZY and go all out with a draftboard and trophy and such...they look forward to it all year! So, it was REALLY nice to see some of our friends that I hadn't seen in a WHILE (even though I resemble a beached whale at the present time) ;)

So, here's Joe, Sunday...the day after all of the boy-ish festivities...(this is WHILE my brother and friends and family are all in my room talking and laughing together...being loud)

...in a word: WORTHLESS ;) and he didn't even wake up after I took SEVERAL pictures of the sleeping beauty...he slept for hours like this! Trust me when I tell you that this man can sleep ANYwhere, ANYtime, ANY situation! He's so precious, though...love him.

Oh, and I got to see my sweet baby girl dog for the first time in FOREVER on Sunday evening! It was AWESOME!! That will be my next blog! Stay tuned!...(and btw, once again, I have lost all of my "favorites" on my internet favorites list and therefore I have lost the addresses to many of your websites. please comment and leave your web addresses for me again, so I can start checking your sites again! especially those of you who are quad parents or just found out you are having quads! I greatly appreciate it!!)


megann said...


YOU GO GIRL!!! This is HUGGGGEEEE!!! We are praying hard in Birmingham, AL:) I know that you will pull through with flying colors. A little success story to pass on to you-to show that you strong moms can do this!!! We have a friend that just had triplets-one less than you yes, but still an awesome story. She carried them for 37 1/2 weeks!!! They had to induce labor!!!!! AND the all came home after only 4 days in the hospital, no NICU, and they weighed, 6 lbs, 5lbs, and 4lbs. SO-that just goes to show with strong mamas and lots of prayers, God can provide and get you through ANYTHING!!! You keep hanging in there and you look FABULOUS.

Megann Cain (friend of a friend of a friend in Birmingham, AL)

Anonymous said...

Suzanne -

Congratulations!!!! You don't know me, but I've been following your blog for sometime - I'm a BOL (Bankers Online) user - so thanks to your papa all of us BOLers are keeping tabs on ya. :-) I've been holding my breath for you to make it to 30 weeks...SO AWESOME!!

Keep cookin' those precious angels!! Heaven on Earth for you and Joe! I'm praying each and everyday for another day in belly to get them stronger and stronger!

lauren said...

Happy 30 weeks!!! It's so amazing to see a 3 up there! www.lazislife.blogspot.com
Love you!

The Mannings said...

30 WEEKS! WOW! Way to go, Mama! I check in on you everyday to see if you have any news. I am so happy that things are going so well for you and the babies. I think about you a lot during the day and pray for your health and that of the babies, too. God has truly blessed you.

And, those lil' ol' boys better enjoy this time that they've got Savannah pinned down. When they're here, she will most definitely be the princess and they wonder where the good ol' days went! :)

Take care!

Brooke in MS

Jessica said...

Not sure if you read my blog or not...But I sure do read yours!! :) I was so happy to see the 30th week come for you and Joe!! How happy YOU must be!! Congrats girlie...
I don't have quads, but I've got triplets and twins... Not sure if that counts for anything out there :)
Keep up the AWESOME work!!

Sara said...

Yay for making it to 30!!!!! I'll keep you in my thoughts!!!!


Bethany said...

I am so happy to hear that you made it to 30 weeks! Sounds like the kids are doing awesome! Poor Savannah! But she will get those boys back later on in life!
I am so happy for you guys!!
We are praying for you out here in AZ!

kristin said...

Yay on 30 weeks!! I couldn't help but laugh out loud when you were talking about poor little Savannah'a "fish head". She will be beautiful regardless :) You sound great!! Praying for all 6 of you and for August 15th!!

~Denise~ said...

YAY for 30 weeks!!! What a huge milestone! Thoughts continuing to come your way, and hoping for that Aug 15th date!

I had to laugh on Joe's draft day, my DH's is next Tues. ;) It's all out craziness.

The Mellos said...

Another "you don't know me" poster, but wanted to send my huge CONGRATS on making it to 30 weeks. You are so awesome. Lots of prayers coming from California.
And if Dr. Tabor is out here (CA)when you go in to labor, I'll be sure to kick his behind back to TX from California, even if it means settling his daughter in to dorms for him!

Amy (mommy to two singletons)

Mrs. Qball said...

Hello Suz,

Congrats on the 30 weeks. I dont have a blog, but I thought you might like to know that the Wilkinson quints are being born today.


I have faith that you can make it another month, she made it to 34 weeks!!!

Congrats to everyone!


Page said...

Happy 30 weeks to you!! And many more! Hey, you're due right around when my hubby leaves!! So, anything you need, Suz, just let me know...I'll have PLENTY of time!

Kim said...

I thought I would finally comment. I have been reading your blog daily and praying for you, your family and those sweet babies. I worked with Adam Hall at the VA Medical Center in Jackson, MS. I read Kim's blog and found you that way. It has been amazing watching things progress over the last few months. You are doing great! Keep up the good work and I can't wait to see pics of those babies. By the way I had to be on clomid to conceive our little boy and now after showing my husband your blog he is a little leary of us using it a second time around, but guess what we will if we have to. Ha! Anyway take care of yourself!
Jackson, MS

TEXOSE said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend and honesty of life. I can now breathe a sigh of relief, and start some additional praying for Savannah and the rest of the crew. Aren't Hubby just amazing how they are so driven by things so different from our interests? Mine continues to amaze and bless me everyday with new insight to who he is...Site address: www.texose.blogspot.com

JoLee and Family

Tashie said...

My Baby A was at the bottom too...he does have slightly crooked/offset head/ears. But honestly, who cares? He's healthy, happy and with a full head of hair it's hardly noticeable!

Murray Crew said...

Suz....I'm thinking you have my blog (through your link on the last post), but just in case:


Girl, if you beat my 32 weeks, I'm gonna have to come down there and throw a party. You're only 2 weeks away - unreal! This quad mama is quite proud of you!
Don't worry, Brooks had a "comma shaped" head when he came out, thanks to his "twin" brother Clark and it's beautiful now. Hey, they wear the cute little caps for a reason, you know? =)

Ethel said...

What an AWESOME task the LORD has given you. What an AWESOME job YOU are doing. I am a Granny who is praying for you, your babies, your husband, your parents and all those who love and support you.
Blessings,I can't wait till we all see those precious little faces your body has been nourishing all these months.

Julie said...

I came across your site through one of my friends who is a NICU nurse. Just wanted you to know that we are praying for you and your little ones!! Thank you for sharing your story with me. I look forward to it so much. You are doing so great. And if it gets to much, break it down into smaller steps like 1 hour=3 hours. Lots of Prayers!!

Anonymous said...


that totally rocks.

Nate, Maurine, & Hannah said...

Suz, Awesome job on 30 weeks- Hang in there another two! Happy Birthday to Colin. Nate's draft is next week. Fun times! Need to post on our blog but can't find the camera in midst of the boxes. Moving in less than 2 weeks so excited. Love you- thinking of you everyday!! -- Mo

MB said...

Congrats on 30 weeks!!!! yippee!!!! i have been following your journey since you and joe found out you were pregnant and i think it is amazing! goood luck!!!!!

Laura said...

Congrats! I am over the moon for you on hitting 30 weeks! It's really WONDERFUL!!! You are a trooper. Oh and August 15th is my anniversary too, and my mom's birthday. Great day! Keep us posted. I love reading updates.

The Brandes Family said...

CONGRATULATIONS on 30 weeks! You are awesome! Keep cookin' those babies.

SG said...

WOOO WHOOOOO! 30 Weeks! That is just awsome! Praying for 32 and an in-state Dr.Tabor for the delivery!

Is it starting to feel real? With all three of mine I was so wrapped up in my pregnancies and just being pregnant that the thought of actually having and holding a brand new tiny little person seemed like a far off fantasy instead of a reality that was just weeks or days away. For some reason I could not visulaize having and holding my babies before it happened. Truthfully, that worried me a bit. BUT they all three were born and by the next day, I could not imagine life without them. Three times I delivered babies, and it was the same excited/anxious anticipation everytime. I don't think having a baby, or babies, would ever feel routine! I'm so excited for you and your families!
I had to laugh about telling Joe about Savannah's smooshed head before delivery. After my first was born, the nurse handed her to me and all I could think was "Wow! She has a big nose!" Not at all what I had invisioned thinking the first time I saw my newborn! I wondered if something was wrong with me or maybe her. But then they cleaned her up and brought her back and she was just beautiful! Her nose had just been flattened and swollen from the harsh trip down the birth canal. I was so relieved, and even a bit ashamed that I had ever thought any thing was wrong with my sweet baby girl! I like to warn brand new moms and dads that their little ones may look a bit funny when they first come out! :) Keep hanging in there!!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 30 weeks to you!
Happy 30 weeks to you!
Happy 30 weeks dear, Suz, Ben, Ethan, Andrew & Savannah!
Happy 30 weeks to you!

Everyone in the oven is cooking along so well. Just a few to go! Can't wait til due date to see those sweet faces.

Take care and let me know if I can bring you anything!

triplet mama said...

Happy 30th week Suz! HUGE Congrats to you and your family. So happy to read that you had lots of friends and family AND Shiloh come to visit this weekend. I bet she was so happy...and I bet your brother enjoyed his birthday even in your hospital room. It will be one that he will never forget right?
I'm laughing at this pic and story of Joe. I'm sure there will be many more pics of him fast asleep, although it will probably be with one or more babies on his chest!
Both me and my husband nodded off a time or two during the early days while feeding one of girls a bottle. Thankfully, we dropped the bottle and not the baby:O
For sweet little Savannah, she may just have to wear a cute little hat on her head for the first couple of weeks until the noggin rounds out:)
My husband lovingly called one of our girls "toaster head" until her head rounded out-HA!

Karen said...

30 weeks, holy hannah! Go you! I'm at 26 weeks tomorrow with these triplets and can't conceive of 30 weeks yet! :)

Sounds like you're doing REALLY well!! I'm so happy for you!


Anonymous said...



Chuck, Elizabeth, & Carter said...

Just wanted to let you know I continue to check your blog daily and love reading your updates. Some friends of mine that I used to work with in the NICU also check it and we always comment on how amazed we are that you are still hanging in there at 30 weeks. Way to go!!!
Praying for you and those 4 sweet babies. Take care.

Kristen said...

I always think of your brother on my birthday -- we turned 31 together! Hope he was able to enjoy the special day with you, presents, and some fun times in a hospital room!

Glad you are doing so wonderfully...30 weeks is quite an accomplishment. We will be praying for them to keep up the growing in the next few weeks -- can you believe you are going to be a mom to 4 in less than a month!?!?!

Do you watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 on Discovery Health? It is my new fav show and I always think about you (they have twins and then a set of sextuplets). You should definitely try watching...it is so fun!

Sorry for the LONG comment!

Lindsey said...

Our blog is www.shepandraulyeason.blogspot.com/

congratulations on making it so far - can't believe you only have a few more weeks to go!! enjoy that new video camera!!

Emma Cate said...

Hey Suzanne, Amanda (Shores)Adams from Harding. I have been keeping up with your blog and keeping you all in our prayers. Congrats on 30 weeks that is awesome!! You will continue to be in our prayers as your pregnancy phase ends and your beautiful babies arrive!


Dallas said...

Definitely NOT a quad mama, but a mama just the same :). You look beautiful and I am so happy that you made it to 30 weeks! That is awesome! I will be praying for the 15th! I'm glad your babies are doing so well. I guess you will have to keep your little girl in bows for a while to disguise the shape of her head :).

Carrie said...

Congrats on making it to 30 weeks! That *is* a huge milestone!

And it's funny you mentioned losing your favorites. I was forever doing that and it drove me crazy... and then I found this website: www.savethis.com. You can export your favorites from your computer to this website so not only will you not lose them all again, but you can access them from any computer! Totally awesome.


Amanda's News said...

HOORAY week 30!!!! That is great Suz:) You guys are constantly in our prayers! I can't believe we will get to see those sweet babies soon!

Quad Squad! said...

I'm so happy that the babies are doing so well. My poor Reagan was on the bottom too! She was also baby A, so it really threw us off when the babies were born and the first one out, and therefore the NEW baby A, was a BOY! My first thought was, "No, put him back, you got the wrong baby!" Instead, Reagan came out third!

The Emersons said...

Ok, so now that you have a digital video camera does that mean we'll get to see a video of one of those "crazy kids in stomach" action? Congrats on 30 weeks!!!

laura said...

What an awesome God we pray to!!!! I am praising Him for 30 weeks, and asking him for more. You look wonderful, and sound upbeat. These children are so blessed to have a mother with such faith and trust in God. I love the picture of Joe sleeping--wish I could fall asleep anywhere! Adam seems to have that talent, as well. I think it is pretty cute!
I will be praying for your physical comfort and health, and for good health for the babies as well. And hey, why not go ahead and start praying for the recovery? I think I'll add that one to the list, too. Thanks for keeping all of us updated!


Max's Family said...

I've stalked your blog since I found out about you. I think I've commented once before. I went to Harding and was a year older than you. We've prayed for you throughout your pregnancy and are so glad to hear that you've made it to 30 weeks! Congratulations!!
Kelly (Stewart) Julian

Hope said...

Happy 30 weeks!!! What an amazing accomplishment. I will continue to pray for you guys and your new family. Hang in there- you have done such a great job!
-Hope Huckeba

Joy said...

Congratulations on reaching the 30 week mark!!! I'm SO excited for you!!! You are getting there! I will keep you, your husband and those little ones in my prayers...especially during that 33rd week when your doctor is gone! Amazing how much we depend/lean on our doctors, isn't it? Gotta love them! You are doing great and all of your cyber friends are so proud of you!

Andria said...

Suz and Joe,
This is what I do at work everyday, constantly refreshing your page (as if you have time or energy to update the blog world) and "refresh" every chance I get to see what wonderful people are praying for you and watching you go through this journey. I'm so glad that "blogging" has become a way for us to share these sometimes personal moments in our lives. And you do it so well! You do everything well! You are such an inspiration!
Cyberhugs from Sacramento!

Jamie's Crew said...

Congrats on 30 weeks Suz! I check your blog multiple times during the day and I was oh so pleasantly surprised to find a post this morning!
Take care!


Collins Family said...

Hang in there, Happy week 30!

Wade, Melanie, & kids said...

Hey Suz! Not a quad mommy but a mommy of three. I LOVE your site!!! Thank you for sharing your story with everyone!!! We are praying for you here in Brandon, MS!!!! You are doing GREAT!!!!!!! HOORAY FOR 30 WEEKS!!!!
Melanie Smith


angie said...

Congratulations on making it to 30 weeks. That's HUGE!

Burkett Quad Squad said...

Congrats! We're at 30 also, and just hoping to keep on for a couple of more weeks!!!! Hope we both make it... God bless!!!

Sasha in NC said...

30 Weeks! 30 Weeks! You are doing an amazing job there Momma! God Bless You!

Misty said...

I was so excited to see your post and that everything is going great!! You must be so proud of yourself for getting so far! I know all of us out here in blog world sure are!! I don't know about anyone else but I look forward to your blogs I check every day!! (I know I need a life hu?) :-)

What a beautiful baby book that is!! I so wish I could do stuff like that!!

Praying like crazy for you and the kiddos!

Malone Quads said...

Way to go Suz & Joe!! We are at 31.1 today! (all Boys!)Your site has given us tremendous motivation. We continue to keep ya'll in our prayers.

Michael and Kelly

Andria and Co. said...

Oh my goodness! It's so close!!! I can't wait!!!

Andria and Co. said...

Oh, and megann gave you a great story above about birthing one less, how about one more? Do you follow the wilkinsonquints.com? They had their 5 today, and all were healthy, and one was 5 lbs, and in the nursery already! Totally skipped NICU!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you!!!

Anonymous said...

Yea for week 30! You're doing awesome girl! Just a couple more weeks and then you'll be able to hold those precious bundles of joy! Take it easy and seriously, try to enjoy the quiet time you have before those babies get here. :) Love, Shauri

Melissa said...

30 weeks!!! I can't believe it! I feel like we were all just finding out that you were having 4 babies! Your doing great and tell poor Joe to sleep while he can. Did you see the girls blog that posted with quints? She went 34 weeks...that's insane...and her kids weighed more than just my two! Supermomma! Hang in there because your next. Can't wait to see those babies, squished heads and all!
Mel (http://thelifeofmelhalford.blogspot.com)

Jaimie said...

Congratulations on making it 30 weeks! That is so wonderful for you and the babies! Hang in there! Living in the hospital has to be driving you nuts, but you seem to be handling it far better than most of us could. Good luck to you and your babies!

I'm only pregnant with one and am not high risk. I have still been extremely nervous each time my doctor has been gone this summer. I really wish I could have his vacation schedule!!! Besides, I am at the mercy of which ever doctor is on call if I go into labor on my own! Any, congratulations and God bless you all!

Anonymous said...

Awesome news and wonderful weights on the babies! I will be praying for you to keep brewing them as long as is healthy for you all. I know you are uncomfortable and "done" but, as you know, the more time they spend inside the healthier they will be when they are finally outside. You are an amazingly strong woman and I am praying for you daily! -Jen

Heather said...

Congratulations on reaching 30 weeks!

Corrie said...

Those babes are blessed FOR SURE! 30 weeks deserves a a BIG-OLE' WHOOP!!!!!

Deanna said...

Joes reminds me of my husband! Can sleep anywhere anytime!!LOL!! I think it must be a dad of quads thing!!LOL!! Congrats on hitting the 30 week marks!! You guys have been blessed and I am so glad you made it this far.

Deanna Turner

Sonya said...

Congratuations! I've been keeping up with your story, and I'm in awe of God's handiwork in your life! Prayers continued for all of you!

karen said...

You made it to 30 weeks! yea! I'm so happ for you!

(ok, I know it's an odd comment, and you've actually had your babies ... but this is exciting reading for this (obviously) odd person)

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