Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Lets Finish This Already, eh??

Okay guys...and now...the rest, of the story... (ah ha...cheezy...anyone? Paul Harvey? anyone?)

Sav, Born 2nd...2 lb 14 oz...of course she was the most vocal! of course! My little Diva!

Ethan, 3rd...Breech...my smallest little man, weighing in at a whopping 2 lb 7 oz!

Baby Ben...Big Ben weighing in at 3 lb 4 oz!! What a big boy! ;)

Okay, more excerpts from my journal:

I continued to lay there...weeping, while Joe got up and watched the doctors and nurses work on Ben to get him ready for transport. I never got to see Andrew & Savannah. However, when Ben & Ethan were about to leave the OR for their journey to the NICU, the nurses stopped the isolette to where I could see one tiny foot pressed against the side.

The nurses asked Joe if he wanted to go with the babies or stay with me and he stayed with me. (He was a little freaked out at the thought of watching them work on the babies in the NICU). When the babies were out, Dr. Tabor asks Dr. Thigpen very loudly: "Hey Dr. Thigpen...where did you go to school again?" He replied proudly: "the UNIVERSITY of TEXAS!" Tabor then says: "ME TOO!", leans over the drape and says: "I just wanted yall to know that the first people to touch your children were longhorns!" (hisssssss) ;) We LOVE Dr. Tabor!

Then Tabor walked around the table, shook Joe's hand and said: "Congratulations!" He then put his hand on mine and I remember looking deep into his eyes and said: "Thank you SO much." I have never appreciated any one person more in my life then at that very moment as I looked at the man who had helped us every step of the way and who had just brought our beautiful babies into this world. I felt that I owed him my life.

The scrub tech began washing me off and began thrusting all her weight onto my stomach to expel massive blood clots...(okay, now, I'll spare you some gory details of the rest of the evening and continuous blood clot expulsions...but know that it happened every 15 minutes for HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS....worst pain in my life!) Multiple births have a tendency to be VERY bloody and the uterus stretches so much that the body has a hard time contracting the uterus back to a normal state (henceforth, all the bleeding and blood clots!)

Back to the journal:
The next couple of hours are very hazy. I just remember lots of nurses around me as they all pushed on my stomach. (skip several paragraphs...) They set me up with a Morphine pain pump...I spent the rest of the night extremely "doped up!"

It was hours before we were able to go see our babies...I got VERY, VERY sick and could barely look at the kiddos...I thought I was about to vomit! The nurse pumped me full of Phenergan and I was OUT in no time. (I remember being SOOOO sad that the first time I was able to see my babies, I was SOOOO sick and can't really remember it!)...

and there you have it...the end of the birth story...Remember the infamous picture of my pasty white cadaverous arm??? I had lost about 50% of my blood volume and had to have 3 pints!! Here's that pic!

Here is a video of me doped up the day after delivery, pushing my Morphine pump! My voice was so scratchy...I felt like I had been through hell and back! You'll love the awkward pause with Joe trying to figure out how to work the camera...all I wanted to do was eat my cookie!

It is so funny going back and watching these videos and seeing pictures of myself!!! Such a different person! Hilarious! I remember Joe and I would laugh at how HUGE I was and how bloated my face was! Too funny! What else could I do but laugh? ;) Cry? I guess...but laughing was so much more therapeutic for me...hee hee. Speaking of...here is a pic of me getting to see Shiloh for the first time in months...it just happened to be the last pic of me before I delivered (2 days before the birth)

I am trying to decide if I want to type the word: "YIKES!" or go with my go-to favorite: "HOLY COW!".....I think I'll go with "HOLY COW!"...seems more fitting! hahaha ;)

More updates soon...so little time!


Amy said...

I'm the first, I'm the first! I'm never the first to comment! WHOA and WHOA with all the pushing on your belly for the clotting?? I didn't have any of that fun, I don't think? I know what you mean about being sad about your state at the first sight of your little ones... I,too, was not so hot. I'm so glad you managed to hang in there and bring 4 healthy babies into the world! Congratulations, again!! And I am assuming that they are just about to start getting wild on you- giggly and rolling? It's the best!

Casey's trio said...

All I can say is thank God I don't remember the nurses pushing on my stomach to get my uterus contracting..I was put all the way under for my c-section, but I do remember pushing away on my morphine pump when I was coherent! It's so great that you have the video from their birth and all the pictures to document your miraculous journey!

Courtney said...

awesome. so glad i get to be able to "hear" your story. I love stories and yours is good...:) (it ends well)

Star Molegraaf said...

I found your blog through some friends who had you on their fav. list. I have pretty much been stalking it regularly. I just wanted to tell you that your joy is contagious! I am a mama to six ranging in ages 13-4mon. I can't imagine four all at the same time!! I have to tell you and hope I don't sound to cheesy, but you are one of the most beautiful women. I know it has to be crazy at your house, but it is obvious you are truly thankful. Thank you for sharing your life.

Wade, Melanie, & kids said...

Awesome story!!! Thanks again to you and Joe for sharing your journey with the world!!! LOVE IT!!! Hope all 6 of you have a HAPPY 1ST THANKSGIVING!!!!!
Love, Melanie (Brandon, MS)

JO said...

Love your blog. It was so nice to see the "rest of the story" and yes, I do know who Paul Harvey is- lol. Your babies are beautiful by the way.

When I had my triplets, my husband said I pushed that morphine button every 2 minutes - love that drip!

So from one Aggie to another - good job!




Nicole McIntyre said...

I'm so glad that everyone arrived safely! I had lots of nurses pushing before I had my guy and it about killed me, so I totally understand the much needed morphine!

JAMIE'S CREW said...

Great finish to the birth story Suzanne! Such a remarkable story! I looked at the picture of you greeting Shiloh and thought WOW! That is Suzanne going home from the hospital - her tummy is all deflated! And then I read that the description of the picture it was actually taken 2 days before delivery of the quads! Phenominal! And, when I look at recent pictures of you - you hardly look as if you recently gave birth to one baby much less four!

You are one awesome person! Many, many blessings to you and Joe and your 4-pack of Love.

love ya!

laura said...

I actually started crying just watching the videos! What a God of miracles we serve...I am still amazed at their perfect little tiny bodies, their precious cries, your good health in the midst of a risky pregnancy and delivery, your beautiful marriage that glorifies God, your positive outlook through it all...God is so good, and that shows in this journey of yours!

SG said...

Amazing! The whole thing. Amazing!

Anonymous said...

Although, i am completely terrified, i am glad i got to read all of it :)
You did great!
Casey (20 weeks and counting with my quads)

Jody and Janell said...

Love Paul Harvey! This was just a great ending to a perfect story! God is good. We are praying for a very fast and successful RSV season. Lots of prayers coming your way.

Amanda's News said...

You are so funny! I love how you tell your stories. I can just picture everything happening. I thought you looked great pregnant! I can empathize with you on the blood clots, after Charlie I thought it was really bad, I can only imagine having to go through what you did. Now just look at you are your four precious peas! God is so good. There is so much to be thankful for this Thanksgiving:)

Krissy said...

What a great story!

I too had the horrible clotting...I didn't know what it was at the time, but after my c-section I heard these odd thuds and later realized, that as they were massaging my distended uterus, the clots were hitting something... I guess the table. There was one male med student standing there with this horrified look on his face. The next day, when I was yellow and bruised and hurting so badly, the resident told me that she wrenched her shoulder, pushing on me, as she never had to physically work so hard to get someone to stop bleeding. I can only imagine how bad yours was, as I didn't need any transfusions.

Your story is really a remarkable one. It is great to read about your family and your perspective on life. So glad you little ones are well...by the way, my two also have DDH (developmental dysplasia of the hip). I assume that is what your little girl is wearing the pavlik for? Mine are just in a flexion abduction orthosis at night. Hoping her little joints grow nice and snuggly in socket!

.......................Honeycutt Family said...

Thank you for sharing your amazing story, Suz! Your attitude and faith is inspiring!
In Him,
Jen (UT fan)

Sandi said...

I found your blog yesterday and through a friend and your story is truely amazing and a testament to God's goodness. I read every entry from the time you found out you were pregnant and will continue to read it.

Deana Nall said...

Ugh -- the mashing on the tummy -- they only did that once with my first C-section. You are right about the worst pain ever. That was almost nine years ago and I still shudder when I think about it.

I was reading your blog for a while when I realized you are related to Connie Johnson. We went to their church in Baytown for six years -- super sweet people!

Jen said...

wow. such an amazing story. makes a singleton pregnancy/birth seem like a walk in the park!

Tripletblessed said...

Such a great story and video thank you so much for sharing it with us. I was so out of it the day of my c-section from the mag and pain meds I have no recollection of anyone pushing on my belly thank goodness!

Audrey T said...

I hope you guys are doing well...I hear that Corrie is having coffee with you and Lauren tomorrow, and I have to admit, I'm so jealous! :?)

Too funny about the longhorn comment!

Rhonda J said...

Wow! I loved reading your story. You are amazing. God Bless you and your wonderful family. I, too am a member of the church. It is nice to see such a wonderful young christian family. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Anonymous said...

Howdy! I was googling to find out what class my friend's baby would be from Texas A&M and ran into your blog.

I figured I should start at the beginning of the story so over an hour ago I started at the pregnancy test.

I just wanted to congratulate you on your beautiful babies and share your joy in the amazing gift God has given you. I pray that your little boys and girl will enjoy continued health and hapiness and that God will give you the strength and rest you need to keep up with them!

I'll be checking back to see how fast those little cuties grow! :)

Fightin' Texas Aggie Class of 2004

Deanna said...

Your story sounds so familiar to mine. I remember the pushing it did not bother me to much until that spinal started to go away. Then the morphine pump started getting pushed as often as it would let me. The first time I saw the girls I am remember being in a daze and then they took me over to Cook's to see the boys by they time I had some morphine in my system. Dr. Tabor and Dr. Howard are both awesome doctors. I felt very fortunate to have them taking care of me. Enjoy your first Christmas with those precious babies.


wendy said...

Hey Suz and Hubby
Just reading your blog Here in Canberra Australia and i have to say wow. I think both of you are very brave - my daughter Courteney showed me your sight as it is being emailed around here and she came across it in an email.
I want to say again WOW - what a wonderful joy you have. How old are they now and are they as adorable as the photos. i intend to watch your blog and see how they grow.
Prayers and best wishes to you all over the holiday period from down under.

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