Thursday, January 03, 2008


A HUGE THANKS TO MY PARENTS AND AUNT AND UNCLE for spending the night at our house over new years eve and taking care of the babies!!! Joe and I were able to get a weekend away...TOGETHER! We went to Austin and stayed with some good friends of ours: Jason and Molly and got to see their new and beautiful house (that they got like back in July! been a little busy this year!) It was so nice! You know you are getting old when all you want to do is stay home in your PJ's for New Years! However, we went out to eat with a bunch of friends at a nice restaraunt and then went back and played catch phrase for hours...(yes...I know...we are OLD!) But the BEST part was getting to sleep in. HOLY COW! I haven't had sleep like that in a LOOOOONG time! Joe and I woke up so relaxed and revitalized..around 11am! woo hoo!!

The Steece Fam at Ciola's...btw, if you are ever in Lakeway/Lake Travis, MUST go eat at Ciola's! Great family, GREAT food! ;)

Molly, Suz, and Dani...gotta LOVE putting on those New Years hats! I know I DO! ;)
Dan, Joe, & Jason...aren't they the cutest???
Parents of four 5-month old quad! Still can't believe it! We say it EVERYDAY!! "Can't believe we have four babies!"

And more importantly, SAVANNAH LEIGH's best friend was brought into this world last night!!! Savannah was so excited and told me that I HAD to post a picture of baby EMORY!

Adriane (the mastermind behind my awesome nursery designs and best friend since birth) was amazing! She made child bearing look like a cinch! She is going to be such a wonderful mommy and I couldn't be happier for Emory and her parents! So honored to have been a part of such a special night!

(And btw, it was amazing to see what a beautiful, healthy, plump, perfect little full-term baby looks like..Emory has perfect little hands and a perfect nose and the cutest lips! Looking back, now, my poor quads looked so sick and skinny, but beautiful nonetheless! was just so different! VERY NEAT!)

And I'll leave you with this: I've thought long and hard about it, but I think I'm going to allow Ads on my website (Google AdSense and BlogHer, guys are awesome and there is like thousands of you a day who check up on the Steece fam and we are SOOOO appreciative of that!).

Joe and I purchased a new vehicle last Friday (or the monetary equivalent of one!) in paying for all four of our babies to get cranial bands! No, insurance is not going to pay a dime, but we are still going to fight and appeal it! To read more about these bands, you can go to their website @
(And yes, it is controversial...I KNOW THIS! Everyone is going to have an opinion. So, please be gentle in your commenting...thanks!)


The Murray Crew said...

emailing you now about adsense....thanks for the reminder

Anonymous said...

The pics are great!

Wow, the cranial bands are very interesting! It's amazing what modern medicine can do! Whatever is best for you and the kiddos, and you as the parents would know best! :)

Laura said...

One of my twins had a helmet. I was denied two times by the insurance and took it to grievience stage. I eventually won and they paid. I would highly recommend you appealing it. Focus on mulitple birth, preemie issues, nothing cosmetic, eye sight, etc.. Good luck! Best thing I ever did. My daughters head is perfect and that matters!

molly b said...

We did the Doc Band. It went SO smoothly and we got it off early! Once it's off it was like it was never's truly such a short moment to have them. Our therapist was Amy! She was GREAT! Everyone was so sweet and nice, I'm assuming you'll be at the Dallas office as well. Our daughter had it from 8 months to 10 months. We went back and forth on whether to get one for her or not, her flattening was only minimal. In the end, SO glad we did! It truly was an easy thing.

Anonymous said...

I read your blog just about everyday. I am fascinated by multiples although I only have one child and that is all I plan to have. Anyways, I wanted to give you my support about banding. My son's father was a preemie and many years ago this technology was not available. I think that it is a wonderful idea and in the long run it will be great for the children. Just wanted to let you know that I pray for your family often and hope that God blesses ya'll both spiritually and financially. I know that it must be hard.

Heather (Euless, TX)

Andria said...

Suz, you have the MOST supportive family to allow you to spend some quality time with your husband and just get away. That is SO important and I hope that you get these special times in the future as well. (Wish I practiced that!) You are an inspiration to me (as I get ready for my #3 to arrive in a couple months). I look forward to reading about the cranial bands and wouldn't mind one bit if your site had ads displayed (as it'll help you in the long run!)

I love reading your blog, as always. Hugs from Sacramento!

Emily & Jaxon said...

Steece 6 - I am one of your biggest blog fans and don't even know you, so I just wanted to tell you that if adding ads will help contribute monetarily... then hurry up and paste them everywhere on your site :)
And, parents know what is best for their babies, don't you worry about what anyone says.
THANK YOU for sharing your experience with us! We LOVE checking your page.
Lisa & crew from Alabama

Elvis said...

I agree with the comment from Lisa & crew from Alabama- get those ads on here and get the money rolling in! Don't worry about what anyone thinks!

And I love checking in on your family. Thank you so much for sharing!!

Heather said...

I'm fine with you adding AdSense too! Believe it or not sometimes I click on the ads if they look interesting! Lots of luck with the bands. I always think parents should go with their gut feelings on how to raise their children. You are the only ones that know your babies and what they need!

.......................Honeycutt Family said...

It is so awesome that you and Joe were able to have some time alone away together! YAY!
I think it is a great idea to get some ads on here to help y'all out financially!
Thanks for always sharing with us and being honest and real. You and Joe are doing a FABULOUS job of parenting those 4 precious little ones!
In Him,

Mrs. Wilson said...

I think that you're the parents of those little babies and you have to do what is best for them! Don't let any uneducated person tell you what to do!

A little warning about google ads though - they sometimes post some questionable material and I recently had to delete mine. BlogHer though is awesome!!

lauren said...

Congrats to Adriane!! Her baby girl is BEAUTIFUL! How neat that you were able to be a part of it! I would do the same thing about the helmets if I were you. I hope you can get that appealed! Glad you had a great New Years, too! Love you and miss you tons! Now that the holidays are over, I want to plan a trip up there asap!!

Linda said...

I second what everyone else has and Joe are the parents and you know what's best for your precious children. Loved all the pictures of the quads the last few days. You truly are a blessed couple!
Linda L.

JAMIE'S CREW said...

I positively agree about the bands. Do it! It seems to me that you are both educated and full of commont sense. The head bands are a GOOD thing! Fight the insurance! You can do this. I won't mind seeing the ads either. In fact, I would love it if you would send me a message off list and tell me more about it! You are both doing an awesome job of parenting. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. Remember, God chose you and Joe (and your amazing families) to raise these 4 babies. HE knew what he was doing. I know that you have prayfully considered the bands. What more could anyone ask?

asplashofsunshine said...

Have fun with your site, after all, it's YOURS! Don't let any comments get you down or make you second guess your decisions. You are doing the right thing and Lord knows, I'll be visiting just as much as I always do, even as a total stranger. Your New Years getaway looks like a blast... you deserve it!

Collegegirl said...

I can not believe that the quads are 5 months. I wanted to let you know that the LORD will be with you every step of the way and there will be a way for the babies to get their helmets!!

God Bless and have a great 2008!!!

Amy said...

Our friend in Vegas did the helmet thing, and her daughter is no worse for the wear! Don't worry about everyone else- just follow your mother's intuition! You're doing great! Can you believe what all has happened in the past 5 months? And just wait until you see what they can do in 5 MORE months!

Courtney Connelly said...

I have been checking your website for months, but have never posted before. Your updates always brighten my day and I admire you and Joe for doing what is best for your family. I am excited that once the ads are up on your site each time I come to visit it will help your family a little! :)
Courtney in Oklahoma

Jodi said...

I too don't know you, but feel like I do!! How does it feel to be a celeb!?!? :) My cousin even sent you bows! :) So we are practically family. All that to say, I check your blog all the time and am thrilled you are finding ways to help out with the money thing. What WONDERFUL parents you are to make the money sacrifice in any way possible for the benefit of your kiddos. I have only ONE kid, and it seems she sucks from our bank account. So I can only imagine the day to day expense you have, much less a direct hit like 4 bands!! So you go girl, do WHATEVER you need to do! Continually praying in Friendswood.... :)

Anonymous said...

I stumbled onto your blog months ago and wanted to let you know that even though I don't know you I really respect your decision of placing ads on your blog. In fact I'll stop by even more knowing that it will help your sweet and precious babies! One thing I also have wanted to say is that your blog is a real testament of faith and the goodness of God and of his people. I was touched reading how your congregation has stepped in to help take care of your babies. I have been reminded of that saying “seeing faith builds faith” anyone reading your blog must see the faithfulness and loving care Christians have shown and benefited themselves from seeing such Christian love for one another. Thanks for sharing this testament to others. I’m not sure if you have ever thought about your blog in that way but if not I wanted you to know this.

By the way… I too am a Harding grad that spent a semester at HUF. I could talk about my HUF experience for days!

Wende from Dallas

Megann Cain said...

Suz and Joe--

I see the Alabama crew--whom I don't know--has already left a message supporting you guys--and I do too--not that it matters one bit. I think you all are so awesome and do such a wonderful job of taking care of your children. It is your decision and the ads will generate money that will go for improving their lives. What better way is there?? I applaud you all for the fantastic walk you walk--God certainly will provide what you all need and I'll be clicking by more just knowing I'm helping!


Megann, just another fan in Birmingham, AL

Anonymous said...

Joe and Suz:

Long time reader - first time blogger - your kids are soo lucky to have such great parents!

The band is AWESOME! My son (J.D.) wore his from Feb. '96 to May '96 (from 5 to 8 months). Luckily, we were in Phoenix (the only office at the time) - some were flying in from Maryland every 2 weeks for adjustment. His ears were 8 millimeters off (like the pic on the website main page). All of our family wears glasses - can you imagine how hard it would have been to fit him? The doc. also said they think that TMJ may be related to this although they can't prove it. I got Cranial Tech to give me his before 'head on a stick'. People are amazed at how 'off' his head was.

As for wearing the helmet, it was like J.D. didn't even know it was on - sleeping wasn't an issue at all! The biggest problem for him was making the paper machie mold. Wish we had taken pics of that!

He is 12 now and gets his head shaved every summer. I appreciate his 'round' head even more!

As for insurance, FIGHT, FIGHT, FIGHT!!! J.D. wore the helmet for 3 months and it took 10 months to get the money, but I did! It's not cosmetic - don't let them try to tell you it is! In '96, there had been a couple of kids who had brain surgery to repair 'premature head fusing' when really all they needed was a helmet. As you can imagine, a couple of these surgeries didn't go so well!!

I see so many babies with shapes that really need the helmet. It kinda breaks my heart! Do this for your peace of mind and their future health. Can't wait to see how you decorate thier helmets!!

Diane from STL

Anonymous said...

I personally don't think many people click on those ads so I'm not sure how much $$ you will get, but it doesn't hurt to try!

Have you thought about maybe selling a family cookbook? (As if you have time to put one together!) Or selling something else? Just a thought!

Deanna said...

Suz and Joe,
That is great that you got to get away for the weekend. You deserve a break! Fight the insurance on those bands. I have had to take our insurance on a couple of times so if you need help let me know!!LOL!! You guys are doing great and don't let anyone tell you otherwise.


Anonymous said...

Hi from another lurker friend,

Bring on the ads....I have a friend who's baby wore a cranial helmet and the change was amazing.

Good luck to you and your family.

Julie and family
Colchester, VT

The Petro's said...

Hello Steece Fam!

You don't know me either, but I am a long time follower of your blog. Our little ones were born just a couple of weeks apart, so it's great to see how fast they all grow. Visit our blog sometime! I have such respect for you and Joe and I really don't know how you keep your sanity, well yes I do, GOD! He is so good!

Bring on the ads!! You can also add and each time someone buys a book following the link on your site, you get a cut.

As for the bands, like another blogger said, follow your maternal instincts. You and Joe know what's best for those precious children!

God Bless and Happy 2008.

Leslie from Mississippi


Happy New year.Just wanted to comment and say do WHATEVER you thnk is best for your babies.Ads won't stop me from coming and looking!I do have a question though....Do you get $ from us just visiting your site or do we have to click on the ads?Just wondering...A-team in Indiana

~aj~ said...

Bring on the ads, baby! I don't see why it should be controversial at all. It's your blog, you are entitled to put anything you want on it!

I just love coming here, reading your stories and seeing your beautiful family. There's no way ads would keep me from doing that.

And your New Year sounded PERFECT!!!

Crystal said...

I have been following your blog for probably a month now! I love seeing your updates! You babies are precious!!
So nice you got to get away for the weekend. You and Joe deserve it!
I think it is a great idea to put the ads on your page. With all the visitors you get, I hope it helps your family! I couldn't imagine the costs of raising 4 children at the same time!! Good luck!

Emily said...

I am a lurker on your site, but I LOVE IT. I fully support the ads. I am not yet a parent (pray that God will bless me as he has you) so I can't comment on the cranial bands, but I am an attorney so I can comment on insurance. I am almost positive that you can get pro bono legal coverage to fight your insurance company. It is worth a shot to call over to the big Dallas firms (Baker Botts, Thompson & Knight, etc., there are a hundred) and ask for their Pro Bono Partner/Lead Attorney. Ask if they'll take your case. Some will have a conflict so you might have to try more than one, but the ABA now practically requires 50 hours per year per attorney of pro bono work. They would LOVE to take on a case like yours. Let's be honest here--it would be good publicity for the firm as well (and the Dallas firms need it these days).
Then someone can do the fighting for you while you take care of those sweet, sweet babies!!
Emily in NC

Amanda said...

I heard of your blog through a friend. I have a daughter who recently went through helmet therapy. We went through the battle with insurance as well and were so excited that we eventually got 100% coverage! If you need any advice on steps we took to help with coverage we would be happy to share our journey with you. You can email me at or check out the blog we made about our journey at It was a long journey but a very successful one and we are so glad we made the choice to go forward with her helmet. Your kids will do great. It will be harder on you guys than them. Good luck and know someone in TN. will be praying for 100% coverage for your family.

~Amber~ said...

I will hit those ads every single day as i check up on you and your BEAUTIFUL family! :)

Anonymous said...

I am a long time lurker as well, and I say bring on the ads!! I'll click on them every day in support of your four beautiful babies! So glad you guys were able to get away for NYE! Hugs from Dallas!

Shauna said...

I put adsense on my blog about a month ago and I have made about 10 bucks. I dont get nearly as many visitors as you do, and $10 isn't much but every little bit helps! I say - good for you!

Yay for you on getting a weekend away - we love making the trip down to Austin!

Happy New Year!

Aimee said...

I read your blog all the time - always eager to see new updates! :) I'm intrigued by mothers of multiples! How on earth do you do it?!?! :) I say, if you put the ads on - that's great! Why not make money for those bands that the babies need!

Emily said...

Controversy schmontroversy. You do whatever you think is best for your children. You care about them much more than any bystander ever could so of all people, you are not going to be the one to do anything that would be insanely damaging to them. On top of all of that, you're a nurse! If it were terrible you wouldnt be considering it. Go for it and bring on the ads! I have no problem with it. If I had thousands of readers I'd do it too! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Suzanne! I too am a fan of your blog and want to support your sweet quads! Will you please post how to help with the ads. Do I need to click on a certain ad or just by viewing you blog will you get $$$?

Keep the post coming! Love reading about your awesome adventure!

Courtney said...

Glad you had that time away with Joe. That is so a need for us and them. Your parents are wonderful for giving you that time.

I hope you can find time to do it often or atleast a couple times a year. I know it must be hard with 4 babies, but it'll get easier as they get older to have others watch them I bet.

NLWilliams said...

Your blog is such fun. I have read the entire thing, even though I don't know you at all. I hope you feel supported and encouraged by people, even the complete strangers like me, who visit and get so blessed watching your amazing journey. Isn't God good to us!?

Krystyn said...

YAY for a get-away! It seems much deserved!

I've known kids with the bands that had great success, too! Fight, fight, fight!

Good for you for doing the ads. Make sure you tell us how we can help you get the most money.

Jillian Gibson said...

good for you!!!! love all the pics. your precious babies are getting so big.

Julie said...

Let the ads begin! I can't imagine your expenses. Parents always know best, so don't worry what other people think! I always love reading your blog!! You should write a book in your spare time! Julie (Hunter) Tanner (Harding Kojie '00)

Jules said...

I am delurking to say that I have always wished there was someway I could help support your precious family. I don't know you, I live far away and my monetary situation is a bit, uhm..."challenged" :-). So I have to say I am thrilled that you are going to be earning money everytime I check up on you and your cuties.

I will be sure to click on ads everytime I visit! Great idea!!


Nancy Hood said...

hey, the good Lord says to take care of your own!! you go, girl~Nancy Hood

beth ewing said...

i'm so glad you see you and joe are learning how to balance having children and still being a couple. your love for each other is very important for your children's growth and happiness. and that is something even us couples of one struggle with so kuddos. it's nice that you have family close by to help with that.
i also say go for the ads. if it makes you money then we're all for it. and i didn't read about the cranial thing but i don't have to. they're not my kids. you need to do what you and your husband feel is right and i'm sure you've prayed about this and feel confident or you wouldn't do it. trust your instincts. i've learned the hard way that is the best thing you can do as a mother. happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I had to have crainal facial surgery when I was 11months old. It was the best thing that could ever happen to me and my head hahaha. I never had to wear a healmet though.

Melissa said...

Aren't get aways great? Yall deserve the much needed break. I know I say this every time I comment by those little kiddos are the cutest things I have ever seen! How cubby are they already? Yall are doing so great at fattening those babies up!

Kelly said...

Suzanne and Joe,

You are such a remarkable God Fearing couple that are doing a Fantastic Job of raising 4 babies at once. I too do not know you, however I feel as if we are best of friends.

You and Joe are the only people who know what is best for your babies(except God) and you have to do what you think is the best for them. Please dont let the uneducated tell you what they think or how they feel. Only when they are parents can they decide what is best for their children.

I hope that you and Joe get to do the "getaway" more often. I know that you probably need it and want it.

Hope that you all had a great Holiday and will have many more great memories to share with us.

In Him,

Anonymous said...

wait before you use cranial tech there is another place in the DFW area that does the helmets. My daughter had to wear a helmet and I love cranial tech but a friends son just had to wear a helmet and they went to another place and the inusrance covered it. His helmet looked just like my daughters and instead of doing a cast of the head they take pictures. I cannot call her this late but will get with her and pass on that info to you. Good luck! I love Crainal tech but if you could get it covered it would be even better! And my friend loved this place.

Chelle said...

Don't worry about how controversial the ad thing is. You gotta do whatcha gotta do when it comes to takin' care of those beautiful babies!

Big LO said...

Love ya Suz, do what you have to do for your babies! I'll even read some of the ads!!!
Love always Big Lo.

Misty said...

I have been reading your blog for a long long while and LOVE getting the updates on the kiddos!! They are all just so cute. I am currently pregnant with twins and can't imagine how you did it with four, two is hard enough!!

I have no clue what google ads and blogher is but if its going to bring some money into the house for you to help those beautiful babies then you do whatever you need to do!! All the power to you girlfriend!!

Anonymous said...

Try this place and see if your insurance will pay. Star Cranial Center of Excellence,

They use a scanner instead of the cast which will make it so much easier. Like I said in an earlier post I used Cranial tech but was never able to get my insurance to pay. My friend went to cranial tech still their insurance would not pay for it either but then went to Star Cranial and for some reason the insurance would pay there. Hope this helps you.

The helmets are not that bad. Well it least on one child! Cannot imagine 4 at one time. First night of sleeping will be the hardest. If you go with Cranial the casting is the hardest part. You cannot do anything for them and they have to sit still for 10-15 minutes and cannot really see anything. Good luck.

Jennifer said...

I stumbled upon your blog recently...also saw your article in the Christian Chronicle. I'm a 94 grad of Harding. Lots of great memories!! Your blog is one of my favorite reads. Your family is absolutely precious. Thanks for sharing with all of us readers!


Stef~ said...

you guys look fab, as always..

i wanted you to know that i'm working on your illustration..

just haven't had time to shoot you an e-mail.!!


Kendra said...

Steece family blog lurker reporting in . . .I've been checking in on you guys since the little one's birth, and have enjoyed every post! I'm a speech therapist and work with PT's who are VERY passionate about helping the little ones get bands to help them out - you are doing the right thing for sure, and I'll be praying that insurance pays out for you. I know how much they cost - ouch. Your family is beautiful, so very blessed, and you and Joe are doing a fabulous job parenting 4 babies! Wow. May you feel the blessing of the Lord each and every day as you walk this road!

Laura said...

Hi, my name is Laura, my aunt works with your Aunt at the elementary school in Brackettville. She told me about you and the quads and I have been visiting your sight since before the quads were born! Just wanted to commend you and Joe on how great yall seem to manage with all four of your little ones! Keep up the great work!

Tommy, Suzanne, and Mary Peyton said...

i try to keep up with you regularly. i think the title caught my eye originally because my name is also suzanne - and we don't have a common name!

then the fact that you were having quads peaked my interest and i had to keep coming back. this is my 1st time to comment, though.

add the ads. i'll make a point to check the blog even more often to help you out!

God bless! i've had you in my prayers...

Carly said...

I just recently discovered your site through Jessica (5 little monkeys. My cousin had one of the cranial band things when he was a baby! His parents painted it and decorated it very cute, anyway, he just turned 2 and is normal as can be!

Misty said...

After reading your post about the ads I went and read about it and ended up adding it to my blog as well. Its just a little box to the side of my blog, totally nonintrusive to anyone reading my blog. Nobody should have a problem with you adding those. Good luck raising the money I hope you have LOTS!!!

Jennifer Walker said...

Adding the ads is a great idea! I don't think it will take away from the "personal" site at all. The personal part is the blogging and with your humorous storytelling, nothing will change that.


Anonymous said...

I am a RN in the 5th largest NICU in the US, and I have seen these used on our unit for some of our chronic patients. What is so controversial about it?

Anonymous said...

Complete stranger here from the upper midwest but I stumbled on your blog from IndigoGirl and was completely taken with your story and adorable babies. I usually just lurk but wanted to add in another great experience with the DOC Band. Our youngest had his from 7-11 months and I'm so glad we did it. Our insurance didn't pay and I can't even imagine 4 of them at once! I just wanted to wish you well with the Bands and also fighting your insurance company.


Anonymous said...

I have been keeping up with your blog since the babies where a few months old. You are so blessed.

My 3 year old had a Cranial Helmet from about 6-9 months and his head looks much better now. He adjusted better than we did. It was worth it I am so glad we did it. I wish you luck with the insurance fight. We ended up having to pay out of pocket. They are expensive so push those ads you have 4 to buy.Don't think twice about it.

Anonymous said...

not trying to be rude.. just curious.. what is wrong with the babies' heads? are they mis-shaped or are the measurements of the ears off? just trying to learn... have never known anyone who's needed helmets.

Amy's Gang said...

I sure hope you get your comments emailed to you or you may never receive this. Anyhow, my husband and I used to go to North Davis a few years back and that is what spurred me on to start reading your story. I've been keeping up since you found out you were preggo...yes, I have finally de-lurked!! I just wanted to tell you a funny story. While I was reading and catching up on your New Years happenings, my 3 year old daughter was sitting next to me AMAZED by the quads. But the funny part was when I clicked to learn more about the cranial bands she saw the picture on the page that comes up and said..."oh, momma, buy me THAT for my birthday!!" SO there you have it....good enough for a 3 year olds birthday present!LOL! They are all beautiful babies!

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